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Stinky Partner

OMG. I got cheated by my “friend” and ex-partner. We managed a blog selling perfumes and all this drama started from there. She handles the email, orders and postage. I deal with the supplier. But the thing is, customers are to make payments to my bank account since then it’ll be easier for me to directly transfer the money to the supplier.

I thought everything was going well until my cousin found a blog where my name is posted, apparently I’m a “penyangak”. It seems that she ordered perfumes and she never received the items. Of course I was shocked, since all this while, I checked the email for the perfume blog, there wasn’t a single email from anyone saying they haven’t received anything. I guess she must have deleted them before I had the chance to see them.

So anyway, I confronted her and after a hell of a fight, she admitted that she actually did take a few perfumes from 5 different orders. But get this, some of them she just didn’t post it out because she was too lazy to go to the post office. Ugh, I could just slap her there. If she was so lazy, I can send it out myself!

I found tons of vials on her table, but most of them untouched, just left there, all nicely wrapped. It is really weird, she doesn’t really want it since it’s unopened and unused, but I think she’s plain lazy. It’s not like she cheats customers of their money, since everything is ordered after customers pay, but she just don’t send it out. I already retrieved the vials and a few miniatures, and now I’m on the course to sending it out to the respective owners.

The thing I’m really really angry about this is the fact that it is MY name that is tarnished. Since customers are to pay to my account, of course they would think it’s me cheating them, not this selfish lazy bitch. I’m so tempted to reveal her name here, because her action got my name posted out on people’s blog.

Editor's note : To those who may have bought some perfume lately and have yet to receive them, please do refer back to the blogshop. I will get the blog owner to put up an announcement.

Some people just dont get inquiries...

Dear SMWDY, Its kinda' routine for me to do monthly update with my closets cuz like any other girls out there, I just love shopping but due to hot weather nowadays, I prefer to do it online. And so, few weeks ago I met dis one online blogshop, selling hot dresses which offer lower price compare to other blogshops.

Well, I did bought from her before and as the transaction before ran smoothly and the parcel arrived perfectly on time, there is no where in my mind that dis blogshop gonna trick me. :( like any other buyers, I did leave comment on one of the picture (*just leave your comment and i'll get back to you a.s.a.p* method), as far as i got my self fall in love with the lovely design of one of her dress, Im asking her to give me measurement details of that particular dress. and later she replie! d my comment, together with complete measurement that i asked for.

Well, unfortunate me, the dress only suitable for S size and from the measurement dat she gave me, I perfectly know that dress wont fit my body nicely. So, I ended up my comment saying that the dress is nice but sure as hell wont fit my body. No reply from the blog's owner and I guess our transaction just now comes to an end already.

Last week, I was so surprised to received Poslaju parcel and surprise to the max when I opened the parcel and guess what, the lovely dress that I've found from the blogshop a week before were in it. I was like, ehh, since when plak I confirmed to buy dis dress with the blogshop owner? The dress wasn't my size and our last conversation clearly told her dat i am not gonna buy the dress. Plus, I dont even pay or transfer any payment for dat dress. And so, with confusion filled my head, I browse her blogshop just to get her phone number. as I try to call her, the lines is surely not busy at all but she didnt pick up. So I try to text her, hoping that she read and reply my message.

I've wait about 2-3 hours for her replied. and her replied really shocked me to death. Below was conversation between me and the blogshop owner.

Her :Oh Sori Miss H (me) i dont pick up ur phone call, ive been busy handling new stocks. Well, the parcel u receive is what u had ordered from me last week. You did leave comment on one of my dress and I consider that as confirmed order as u asking for measurement details. So, please bank in the payment of RM50 to my account, xxx xxx xxx within 3 days. Do inform me when you already make the payment. Tq

Me : But I never confirmed with you to buy that dress. Of course Im interested with dat dress at first place, but after knowing the measurement details, Im perfectly sure the size wont fit my body. and I clearly state dat in my last comment on the picture.

Her : Dont you read the T&C? Only for serious buyer. and I consider you as serious buyer the moment you ask for measurement details. so dear, just bank in the payment okay? as the dress is already with you. and mind you, item sold are not returnable or refundable. tq

And that was her last replied. ever since that, I was unable to contact her phone number. I guess she already change it.

Up until now I dont know whether I should just pay for the dress eventhough I know it wont fit me at all!. But keeping the dress with me at the same time makes me feel guilty towards the blogshop owner. sedangkan I never confirmed to buy that dress. Am I the one who did mistakes here just because im asking for measurement details?? :( SMWDY, plz help me!

Grrr... You stepped on my tail

Over the last few days, heaps of comments came in for the post "It's my Mommy's birthday copycat" and while I usually approve all comments in the past, this was one instance where i rejected heaps too. It's sad to say, a lot of the comments came from people who barely understood the meaning of plagiarism and some were even supporting the acts of plagiarism.

I do not condone such acts.

For those who wrote in not knowing what plagiarism means, please read here : DEFINITIONS OF PLAGIARISM

I am in no means trying to insult anyone's vocabulary here but unfortunately, I was insulted by all the comments I received. Nevermind the ones who lost the plot entirely but there were readers who thinks plagiarism is right, some said it was cool and smart to steal some one else's work. One even said, to steal other people's work is not lazy, it is the key to success. And more of such immature comments are still piling in!

I am beyond appalled. For once in these 7 months of running SMWDY, I screamed "WHAT THE *bleep* ARE THESE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT?!" My blood boiled.

To those out there who has yet to see your comments being approved and published, it is highly likely I am talking about you. Yes, those comments have been rejected. I will not allow your comments promoting plagiarism to be immortalized in my website.

But with that said, some earlier comments were approved unfortunately. I wont take those down though. Those will serve as the reason for this post I am writing.

While this blog was started to poke fun at oddities of the online shopping community, it has evolved to helping and hopefully educating this community to grow.  Hence the banner changed from "the place to bitch slap without them knowing it" to "weeding out the bad as gently as we can". Your not so witty comments about plagiarism are "a 2 steps back to caveman land".

Yes, I strongly believe in anonymity but I do make exceptions. Look top right corner. It has not been an 'unethical' thing for me to reveal the culprit's name in the past and it is still not now.

Dear Anis,
I know you have been leaving comments anonymously. If you want to defend yourself in this matter or feel you have been wrongly accused, it is strongly advisable that you write to me directly.

I do not take this as a monetary fraud incident. I do not care who is making what sort of profit. It is how the context of the author's website being copied word for word by the buyer and used without consent that frustrates. I take this as an intellectual robbery. Plagiarism. How many times do I have to repeat that word? In my books, plagiarism is a punishable crime.

And the author was fooled into believing her act of goodwill was all for a filial daughter wanting to buy a present for her mom. An abusive act of manipulation. What is wrong with being transparent of your true intentions?

I sincerely hope everyone can now understand the situation... at least from my point of view. BUT dear Author, do correct me if I'm wrong!


Is this post offensive to you? Have I gone overly stiffy? I just thought if everyone could have a say in the last 7 months, this is where my 2 cents shall be deposited. To that person who commented "Plagiarism is the key to success", congratulations!!! You have successfully won SMWDY's most coveted title "THE SCUM THEY SCRAPE OFF SCUM"

Rawk on!

I am not immortal and neither do I want to be treated like one so you may slap me if you like but spare me all the "criminals are my heroes" comments please. okthxbai!

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