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Chef Fashionista

I own a blogshop with 'food' themed clothes.
That's obviously just a playful concept, not meant to be taken seriously.
But it turns out that some people just take everything too literally.

Buyer: hey, I wanna order item X.
Me: sure thing dear, postage or COD?
Buyer: umm COD of course. I'm scared the food spoil if by post.
Me: errr food? What do you mean dear?
Buyer: the apple pie. If send by post it will spoil.
Me: actually, I'm only selling clothes not food. The food featured with my clothes are just for display.
Buyer: so I won't get the apple pie?
Me: urm, no. Just the clothes.
Buyer: oh I thought it's a two for one thing. Can I cancel my order? I actually order it for the apple pie.
Me: urm sure thing.

I don't understand which part of my description says 'apple pie included'.

Dear Jobless

I don't understand why some people likes to be rude on our chatbox. If you got something to say, email us your problem and we'll solve it together instead of making a big scene on our chatbox.

So jobless ah you? If you don't like what we sell, we never asked you to buy from us also? We are not that desperate, seriously. And if you think what we sell is expensive, go buy from pasar malam lah.

I'm just annoyed.

It is no inspiration

"Chanel inspired"
"Gucci inspired"
"Christian Louboutin inspired"

Sellers, do you even know what "inspired" means? You don't call an exact replica of these off-the-runway stuff as that. It's not friggin' inspired, it's friggin FAKE.

Please stop saying it's inspired by these timeless masterpieces from legendary designers.

You don't even have to say it's "fake". Just give the bag a name and describe it properly.

Booming lot

Is anyone else getting tired of all the new reviewers popping up? Its getting a little ridiculous.

That aint my drift sista

I once bought a pair of cute owl earrings from an accessories only blogshop. It was a fairly new blogshop back then. Another accessories blogshop was selling them too but when I enquired, she told me that the only available colour she had left was silver and I had wanted gold. So I was pretty pleased to see that the new blogshop had them in stock. I had specifically asked whether the one she had was the exact some piece pictured in her blog (which was gold) and she replied in the affirmative. However, I got a rude shock when I received it because it was SILVER. I sent her a polite email hinting that I had expected to receive the gold coloured one, but instead of picking up on the hint, she said: 'Glad you liked it'.

I didn't want to make a big fuss so I left it at just that and it wasn't much of a loss.

Stay in your Zone

It kinda bugs me when I visit a PRELOVED blogshop and what I find instead is PREORDER items. If you are preloved blogshop, then sell only preloved items. Don't add your preorder items together, it's easier for customers to view your only PRELOVED items. Please?

Asking for TROUBLE

I once placed an order on an accessories webshop with full intention of not paying for the order. I created a new account on her online store with a fake address, numbers etc.

I browsed through her site and added items that I would truly liked and after checking out, I think the total of the order plus shipping was close to RM50. I went silent after I placed the order. The seller did try to contact several times but I just ignored.

Few days after, I got a system generated thank you and confirmation that the items I 'ordered' have been delivered. I was puzzled at first, but didn't think much of it until the seller tried to contact me again. Turns out the order was delivered to a valid address and a lady living there had contacted the seller of the error.

I think that some other buyer must have banked in that same amount and seller thought that it was me. Shrugs!

Slap buyer!

Super Marked Up

I know its not my business to care about how preloved seller set their price. But what irks me most is that they try to cheat unknowing customers. One seller was selling a well known brand clutch with the tag still intact. The original price on the tag is RM130 but there was sticker on it, which means that it was 50% off. So the price she bought it would be RM65. But she sold it for RM100. And when someone in her cbox that she's cheating other buyers she cursed at her and told her to not be a busy body because someone is interested in it. Maybe i'm a busy body too but i told her that its ok to price it however u want but please dont lie/hide about it when someone finds out the truth, then she simply deleted the cbox.

I dont care how you want to price your preloved things whether brand new or used but please dont lie about it. Half of us can or may have seen the item u're selling at the real boutique and when we find out u lied about the price u bought it, dont it hurt ur reputation? Being known as a liar?

Another blog is selling t-shirts that she claim the original price is RM150 and above. One is from topshop, the plain one which cost less than RM100, she said the original price is RM180, and states that she is selling it at a super cheap price of RM90, what a bargain! Some may not know the real price but for those who knows, the seller will only be seen as some lying and dishonest person and obviously we wont want to buy from u.

I know preloved sellers want to make money too but i do hope not in this way.

Let's play Multiple questions

I know that is it normal for buyer asking question like discount or details about item, I have a case that same buyer asking me same question to almost every bag that i m selling for few months.

Case 1
Buyer: Hi, do you give discount for this bag?
Me: Hi, ok, i can give you RM?? discount.
Few hours later, asking question about another bag
Buyer: Hi, how about this one?
Me: Hi, for this one, I can give you RM?? discount.

....... Almost everyday same question but different bag. Every time I have new bag listed, she will ask the same question and after few months asking same question, she did not buy any bag.

Case 2
This buyer is asking question about bag color that I CLEARLY stated the color and have photo about the real item too. But still i will answer politely.

Buyer: Hi could u pls describe the colour on the bag? I'm looking for Brown.
Me: No, it is Light Tan. Please read the description, clearly stated the color, thanks.
...... Few hours later, different bag but is about color too
Buyer: Do you have this in brown?
Me: Sorry, we only have this color.
.......then, still keep asking the bag color but different bag. Our email conversation regarding bag color started on January.
While this buyer keep asking, i have new item coming, and finally have brown bag, and question come again. Still the same buyer.
Buyer: Is this Dark Brown?
Me: No, it is Coffee Brown.
...few days later
Same bag again
Buyer: May i know material and any cell phone pocket.
Me: Bla bla bla bout material and explain have zipper pocket can fit cell phone ( even though i already attached the photo of the bag inside, but still asking, listing clearly stated have 1 zipper pocket inside too)
....after 1-2 weeks later
Buyer: Is this bag in Dark Brown or Mahogany Brown, and is there a cell phone pocket?
Me (@#$%^&*): Hi, I have replied your question last few weeks. ( sorry i am totally cannot stand it anymore)
Buyer: But how about the cell phone pocket???
Me: ..............@.@"
Maybe I should just answer I have just burned the bag....pissed @#%&*

You live in Smiley Central?

I'm wondering if people know the importance of a return address when you send out a package. In case of any undelivered items, they send it back to you. Pretty standard.

I recently got a package with the sender address filled in as


That's it... So if the package is undelivered to me for whatever reasons, the postman is suppose to send it back to Tanjung Rambutan is it? What's with the secret of your address?

Did I say keep the change?

I bought a few stuff from a blogshop. The total amount was RM131. I told the buyer that I'll bank in RM130 since it's just a RM1 difference. However, she insisted that I bank in RM140 and she'll return me the change when she sends my stuff. She said if I don't bank in RM140 she wouldn't send my stuff. So, I banked in RM140.

A few days later,

 I got my stuff but there wasn't any change so I sms-ed the seller asking her for my RM9 change. Guess what she replied?

"Only RM9 ma. A little bit also want to count. jin jin ji jiao(means every single cent also wanna count)."

I was like whattheheck?!?! YOU insisted that I pay you RM140 and not RM130!

Hang on while I call Heidi Klum...

On my blogshop my items are modeled.
As in we steam iron, zip on, take pic , zip off a piece.
And I get emails saying

"Can I see the real piece on a real model?"


Lop sided Monster

I once encountered this buyer, she ordered this shoe i'm selling, saying " i want size 4 for right leg, and size 5 for left leg. Because my leg size not the same. "

I thought it was pretty ridiculous and it would be impossible to find someone else who is size 4 AND 5 as well. So I politely explained to her, this is how it goes:

Me: hey there, so sorry but i don't think i can sell it to you like that, how about if you take size 5 and you can add some paddings for the right leg one?
Buyer: *in a demanding way* i don't want size 5 give me size 4!
Me: are you sure? you do know that it can't be exchange ya.
Buyer: *yes, caps lock* YES GIVE ME SIZE 4! ISHH.

So okay loo, I confirm with her and blah. but when she receive the shoes:

Buyer: Size 4 don't fit, i wanna exchange size 5.
Me: sorry, but i've mention before that it's not exchangeable. and size 5 is already pending to other buyer.
Buyer: I don't care! give me size 5 or I talk bad about your shop!
Me: *loses patience* look, I've mention before that it's not exchangeable, and if i exchange for you it wont be fair for the other buyer. you can trash talk about my blog, and i don't care because i know i'm not the one at fault.
Buyer: **** you, *****.

WTF? I'm sure you should know what she said. I was so pissed so I just ignore her. pfft.

Lingo Smingo

Don't get me wrong I do understand BM, after all I live in Malaysia and we learn BM for 12 years of our schooling life.

Sometimes i get these orders or enquiries in BM which i totally don't mind.But some of them come in short forms which i dont get at all!

Once i got this

hai sys. igt me x? btul keh ni dari ovrsea?
nk tnya leh sya dpt disk sbb ku ni nk bli lbh dari 1.
jika xleh sya bik 1 je.klu blh plZz let me know.thanxXX

I wouldnt call my BM bad.But i totally didnt understand this(besides the last sentence) and had to ask a friend to translate it for me! SO embarrassing! blush*

I guess I'm not Malaysian after all :(

Paris Hilton, is that you??

I had this really nice buyer, she enquired about a few of my items and replied me very politely and made super swift payment for all of it.
She didn't even asked for discount for all three items. (a pair of boots, a front zippered bodycon dress, & a bikini)
The 'dream' buyer for most sellers right?

That's what I thought before I found out she's actually psychotic too.

Our conversation after items have been mailed out:

Buyer: Hey dear, I just received my items today and I'm so happy, they're so nice!
Me: Good to hear that, was pleasure doing business with you.
Buyer: Really?
Me: Haha yeap, you're like the dream customer for sellers like me.  XD
Buyer: Ooo.. Gotta look hot this CNY ma. :D
Me: Yup, I bet you will. Happy CNY in advance. :)
Buyer: Awww your so sweet, thanks dear.

That was how our last conversation went, it was 4 days before CNY.
Suddenly, 2 days before CNY, she sent me an email again.
With attachments.

All she wrote was:
" You can bet I would look HOT this CNY *wink wink* "

And attached were images of her, modelling my items.
- Buyer wearing the dress & boots (and some weird head piece)
- Buyer unzipping the dress
- Buyer with unzipped dress & boots, showing the bikini under it
- Buyer with only bikini & boots
- Buyer on bed with bikini (and a sparkly tiara)


Okayyy, I so didn't need to see all that. And her poses were very very provocative.
What is she trying to say?
I didn't reply cos I was so shocked & a little traumatized. I deleted the email right away and emptied my trash.

Then the next day:
Buyer: How did you like it?
Me: *no reply*

The day after:
Buyer: Why aren't you replying? You don't like it?
Me: *no reply*

The day after:
Buyer: It's so rude that you're not replying me.
Me: *fed up* It's rude that you sent me such provocative photos.
Buyer: You said I'd look hot so I just wanted to show you.
Me: I never said so, I was just being polite. Thanks but no thanks. I've deleted them btws.
Buyer: You've just wasted my time & energy posing all of that.
Me: I never requested for you to do so. Please stop replying me.
Buyer: And to think I thought you were a better person.
Me: *blocks buyer's emails*

I seriously don't know what to make of this situation.
What kind of gesture was that? It's so weird in so many degrees and so bizarre on so many levels.
She's either too full of herself, or she's crazy.
I think she's both.

Punctured Souffle

This blog claims to serve clothing like pastry. However they fail to declare that customer service and being honest is not included in their menu. Their clothes are pricey and strictly not negotiable.

So when they went on sale, I jumped at the chance to grab 2 pieces of a similar tunic. As usual, they were pleasant n prompt in reply pre-purchase but as soon as I paid, it was a whole diff story. As if the pastry turning into a putrid pile of garbage. No replies to my several queries on the status of delivery, but most unforgivable was them lying about the feature of the tunic - they did not have side pockets as claimed. For the price I paid (and this is discounted price, mind you), it should be with COVERED with pockets, figuratively speaking!

Anyway after the silent treatment I previously received, I decided not to waste my time pursuing this with the sellers. Instead like any crappy bakery, I will simply not return, and if a review is requested, I'd gladly share my piece of mind.

The doctor's handwriting

I'm a blog owner and an avid online shopper too. Recently i bought a pair of pants from this blog shop. It was light enough to be fitted into a pos ekspress envelope so after payment is made and all, i waited in anticipation for my pants to arrive.

2 days later, i happen to be in front of my house when i bump into the postman. He was not making a stop at my place but rather look like "he saw me so he reverse back" to enquire.

Postman: "Eh Cik, ini you ke? xxxxx (my name)
Me: (Seeing my name on the parcel) Ah, ya, thanks ar!

It was that pants i bought. Thank God the postman was kind enough to reverse and ask me just in case it was mine. The address was written wrongly (missing letters!!) and shabbily (like scribbled with short forms all over!) The only correct thing was my name and she only wrote the first name despite me giving her my full name okay.

When i opened the envelope, i saw even the reference paper was left inside and unfilled. Clearly she didn't intend to keep that copy for reference. For those who have no idea, each pos ekspress envelope comes with a  reference paper which the sender has to keep in case the parcel goes missing and you wanna track and its proof you actually sent it. I was really upset with blog owners like these, they just earn your money and don't bother what happens to your parcel. Assuming that postman felt lazy and don't bother asking me, i would have lost my parcel and totally untraceable since the the seller obviously wasn't interested in the outcome of it anyway!

I never go back to that shop even though reviewer's can't stop highlighting them every time they update. Sad. So beware people.

I have more to love

Can you all count the amount of PLUS SIZE blogshops out there? I feel sooooo deprived.

No, I am not the whale who tore that dress in Rip van Crumple. I have long accepted the fact that I am not UK8.

Not as you advertised

There's one heels that I've bought from a well-known store, and it claimed to be the one in the pictures. And so I believed, and i even double check it with her, and she said "Yes" to it.

When I received the item, the shoes are not the one in the pics, and the quality seriously sucks. I've always hated China's stocks as shoes from there always have one kind of weird, strong smell.

The sole was red, Christian Louboutin inspired. Worn it for the first day and the colour went off and now part of it is black.



Recently i bought two dresses from this preloved blogshop and i almost puke the moment i opened the package. I didn't know why but the stench is unbearable and it smells like cat shit! The dresses is undeniable pretty but the stench is horrible and is a lil damp. I thought that maybe the postman deliver it during rainy day but that day was so bright and sunny. So i emailed the seller and below is our conversation:-

Me: Hi gal, i got ur dresses and it's really pretty. However there is this terrible smell and it's slightly damp. Did you just wash the dresses?

Seller : Hi! I didn't wash before the clothes. Maybe i spill water on it and i need to post your clothes so is wet. Sorry.

Ok, so she wrote on her site that she wore it once for both items and she is telling me she never wash the clothes??? Its so dirty!! And she spill water on the clothes?? How can she do business like this. I know preloved items can't be in superb condition but this is ridiculous. Yuck!

Buy the bag, Not the kitty

There are some blogshops I noticed always have pictures of the models posing with their pet dog/cat/rabbit/hamster.

I'm not an animal hater, but I don't find it appropriate to pose the clothes you're about to sell to your potential buyers with your pet, even though they are awesomely cute.
Because I don't think the seller would wash the clothes after that. What if the potential buyer is allergic to animal's fur? Or what if your potential buyer is a Muslim and you're posing the clothes/handbag with your pet dog?

Sometimes, there are even sellers who would arrange their items on the floor at home, while their pets were 'playing' with the items.

Please be a considerate seller so that we can purchase in peace.

P/S : I'm not a Muslim.

Is this new?

Recently, I've came across this new blogshop, female seller from London, oh well, she is a Malaysian actually, studying in UK.

As far as I know, she started the business of selling clothes and accessories not too long (really NEW). When I read her blog, all the clothings that she advertised, she actually wears on herself to show us, the buyers how nice it is. I mean, I know it's new or maybe not (since it is not stated whether it's BRAND NEW WITH TAGS or even second hand!), you should at least display it on the mannequin itself..and NOT ON UR BODY!!! So what if your body is clean...

I guess this post is similar to 'BRAND NEW...NOT' ..just that I dont know if she actually WEARS it to classes, or if it's been worn before.

On top of that, she also sells lady stockings, and caps, and she literally WORE it on her own FEET and HEAD to show it...

I feel like telling her, babe, please get a mannequin to wear the clothes, NOT YOU yourself or your other female models...but I dare not..

Tagged & Ambushed

Just like the post on: "I'm tagged to a nipple"! Again! I was tagged on their product pictures (Perfumes!) in FB. Many times, I just removed tag for myself, but this I decided to inform the seller. So I posted on her wall and also commented on the tagged photo to ask her to stop tagging me.

On FB wall:
Me: Dear owner! I am not your product!! Please do not tag me on your product!!

Seller: why so rude?if u not interested then u just remove the tag. no need to nag here n there...its not a big problem tho.

On the photo comment, they ganged up and scolded me! :( Am I wrong at the first place?

Me: Please do not tag me on your stock!!!!!!!! tq!!

Seller: Hi Miss xxx,if u want to remove tag u just go ahead. no need to nag all the way like "auntie2" kind of person,ok?

Me (since she called me autie...): okok... thanks nenek!!

Her customer (may be herself!): ah ah betul tuh,,,,just remove jerlah tag tuh,,,tak yah lah nak kecoh2 :)

seller: thanks izan..pelik betul la dgn org mcmni. mengamuk mcm kita tag gambar lucah je.. =P

Her customer (may be herself!): tuh lah,,,,tak berhemah lansung,,,,

Her customer (may be herself!): just carry on dear,,,,business mmg lah camnih,,,macam2 cara tuk nak promote betul tak? Tak salah tuh apa yg u buat,,,dun care lah org macam nih,,,macam maner bisnes nak maju :)

Dear all,
Is this one of the way to do advertisement?

Brand New... NOT!

I think it's really unfair that sellers wear these items they plan to sell. It's not a pre-loved item; it's supposedly brand new.

I came across a popular buyer's personal blog and I saw her wearing the same clothes out for classes, etc. It's all on her Chictopia site. And of course, she'd list down where she "bought" her clothes - biker jacket from [insert blogshop URL here].

She wears them OUT. She wears them to classes. And then she sells them online.

Who knows if she even washes her sweat off the clothes? Imagine her sweat stuck to the pits of the top! GROSS!

But then again, whether she washes it or not, it's still unfair to her buyers. You don't sell brand new clothes that you've worn out before, just 'cause it looks awesome on you.

Stinky Charity

So there was this one bazaar I went to recently which stated that they were selling super cheap clothes for charity. Hmm ok so I was curious and went to check it out. Trust me, I'd rather spend the same amount of money to buy rags to wipe my kitchen counter.

The kind of clothes they were selling were kids clothes at a teen-adult bazaar and some of them had stains and looked super old with some musty smell on it. like HELLO! no need to raise money for charity lah, just give it to charity. If I were them I'd be embarrassed to even give it to charity. It's disgusting.

Put them on Ice

I think all review site should stop featuring blogshops with bad reputation. Also take them off your blog rolls. A lot of us know which to avoid but there are new buyers everyday and giving these bad sellers free publicity is just encouraging them to continue to con people's hard earn money.

Teach them all a lesson they'll never forget. You dont take our money and give crap service!

Privacy Null & Void

Please help me to slap the seller who STEALS and SPAM our emails with their updates.

Its like a disease. Once your email is leaked, more spams will come.

Its a blogshop, not Myspace

Sellers, pretty please make your blogshop lighter. Remove that crappy song playlist, and you know you're putting up bunch of images, don't la make your images damn big for thumbnails. If we're interested, we'll surely enlarge it. And seriously, my scroll bar on right hand side can be as thin as a dental floss, at least limit your posts per page la. Be as minimal as possible, and yes I mean take out that wallpaper. Go replace it with grey color or something, it's easier on the eye. Some of your shops are now even heavier than youtube for god's sake; took too long to open n that's just pissing off.

Yeah go ahead, slap me or slap you, you know it's for your own good.

Famously Bad

I bought a shirt for my bf from a very famous eshop. She's famous for 2 reasons.

1. Her site is popular
2. She's appeared in many threads and has been labeled with "Bad service"

But regardless the shirt was really nice and we arranged for cod. It was fast we met the very next day. I didnt check but when i got home, I realized it was the wrong size.

So I smsed her and she agreed to meet up to change it. On the day we were supposed to meet, she said she was in the movies so she'll only be available after the movie which was pretty late so i said okay lets meet up a different day.

The next day were supposed to meet, it was supposed to be the afternoon but she said she'll be at the mall at 8pm so okay fine I told her i'll meet her then. Naturally, sellers would meet us at the entrance especially since I told her I was not parking and i also told her i was in a rush. Then she said "Oh can we meet at XXX restaurant because I'm having dinner here"


Not only is that unprofessional, it was nowhere near the entrance and it was on the 3rd floor on the other end of the mall. I replied "I'm in a rush. How about I meet you after you're done?"

"Oh okay... sure babe no problem meet you at 9"

At 8.45 I smsed her and said I was on the way.

" Oh okay are you coming now?"
" Yes, i'll be there in 5 minutes"

When I arrived at the entrance i smsed her to tell her that i was there and she told me she was leaving the mall already. That's all. No mention of a meet up and no sorry no nothing. I was so pissed but i already spent the money on the shirt. So i said okay lets meet up tomorrow and she agreed to it. The next day i texted her and asked her when we should meet. No reply. I smsed her the day after and no reply.

Needless to say, I wont be shopping and have not been shopping there since then.

Which shop is this? well take a guess. >:(

I have Big Big T&C

I own a preloved blogshop. What really irritates me is when buyers do not read the terms&conditions before emailing us sellers.

I find it really annoying when it is clearly stated in the sidebar (for example):
1) I don't do COD
2) I don't accept swaps
3) Price are not negotiable
4) I only have X bank

....and things STUPID people will ask:

1) Why cannot COD? I'm a student I don't have transport!
2) Hi do you swap this is my blog :
3) I really love that top yadayadaya SO CAN NEGO???
4) Do you have Y bank ??? cuz I dont have X bank!

Come on. If you're a student and you do not have transport, what makes you think that the seller is not a student and she has a transport as well? -_-"

And when it's clearly stated that we don't accept swaps then STOP asking already cos nobody wants your stupid items!

Also, when a seller states that she only has X bank don't come asking for Y bank. If you do not have X bank acc and you still want to shop, you figure a way out to make payment instead of demanding the seller to get a Y bank acc out of nowhere so you can pay. Stop being so selfish.

Sometimes as a seller I really feel like ignoring their emails hoping that these buyers realize what happened. But when you do not reply, they scold you at your tagboard, email you twice. Email you til you reply.

Seriously. Read up the T&C before you happily email people and annoy the heck out of them with stupid questions.

I'll kill you

One day, a buyer inquired about a tee at my site. This is how the convo goes :

BUYER : Hey is tee XXX available? Sorry i can't speak fluent english.
ME : Hi, yes its still available. are you interested? Haha its okay, i can speak malay.
BUYER : Why is the tee so cheap?
ME : Because it has been worn quite a couple of times though. Don't worry, its still in good condition and if i sell it at a higher price, no one will think its reasonable.
BUYER : Haha good point. you got me! I'll kill you one day!
ME : (taking it only as a joke, feels damn scared)
BUYER : Can we hand to hand? In case its in bad condition, I can just kick you! hehe
ME : Do you mean COD?
BUYER : What is COD?
ME : Its cash on delivery. We'll meet up at a place, you pay and i'll give you the tee.
BUYER : Oh. Too much English. Stop showing off.

*the above conversation is edited in English so everyone can understand it*

She can't really speak in english (she told me that). So i communicate with her in bahasa but she insisted to reply in English. Don't mind about that lah. I tried to understand what she said anyway.

She's from perak and I'm from kl so i told her i can't make it for COD. So she said she'll take the tee but will only bank in once her salary is in on Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, i reminded her about the payment. Few minutes later, she replied.

BUYER : I banked in RM** to your account.
ME : Thank you. i'll check and send out your item asap!

A few minutes later, she texted me again.

BUYER : Hey is your account Maybank or CIMB?
ME : LOL, you said you banked in already. Its Maybank.
BUYER : Oh I was so confident that your account is CIMB. I drove to CIMB. Its okay, give me another 10 minutes.

*waited, waited* then she texted me :

BUYER : Hey, I'm so sorry i cannot buy the tee! The BOY who wants it is actually using me. If you have anymore tees for GUYS then please inform me yeah.
ME : *pissed, didn't reply*

First, its clearly a girl's tee and its none of my problem the BOY is using her. wth!? She had confirmed her order, been so rude *trying to joke around in a sarcastic way* and oh my, she's a total weirdo!!!!

I'm really scared if something might happen cuz i feel like i'm dealing with a freak! She said she's going to kill me!!! LOL. i think she's just fooling around. I think she's trying to be friendly. But it just seems so wrong!!!

It was one hell of an experience which i would never want to face again. I was just, so, so scared...

I'm celebrating. You wait la

I purchased a dress from an online blogshop. Banked in on Tuesday. So I text seller ask her is it possible for me to get it before CNY as she is charging me Pos Ekspres.

Seller : Don't think so. It takes 3-4 days to arrive. Plus I'm going back hometown tomorrow (Wed). Will send out on Thursday.
Me : OK thanks, but Pos Ekspres should arrive within 2 days rights?
No reply to my text.

I understand that some might be very busy over CNY and many will return hometown.I'm fine if she told me about this but she didn't.So I waited patiently for the week after CNY.

Since Monday & Tuesday are public holidays. Wednesday passed, Thursday passed, Friday passed and no signs of my parcel. The other dress I bought 2 days after hers has already arrived. So on Friday evening I text her again about my tracking number fearing my parcel might get lost.

Me: Can I have the tracking number? I should be receiving my parcel by now as its more than a week.
Seller: Sorry CNY very busy. Will send out tomorrow. Happy CNY.

So I waited till today. No tracking number given and if the parcel was send out on Saturday, I should be receiving by now; of which I didn't.

I text her again about tracking number and there was no reply.

Cough it up

I once bought an item from this very popular blogshop . Her items are sold out incredibly fast. My total was RM62 and I banked in RM70 via bank transfer.And I emailed her that I've bank in RM70 and she say she will give me back my change. So when the seller post me my item, I did not get back my RM8 change. I emailed her and she said she was busy as she needed to pack up many parcels a day. Okay I understand that you're busy and you will forget things. Then, she ask me to give her my account number so she can transfer to me, and I did, but apparently, its been a month already and I still haven get my RM8. I send her email but she never reply. Okay maybe RM8 is little for some people out there, but what I care foremost is the seller's honesty, attitude, and services!

Help needed Oh wise ones!

Just a question to other buyers. If u bought something from a blogshop and the seller made a mistake and sent u a wrong item, do u ask for refund or exchange or do nothing? If u ask for refund, do u ask postage to be refunded too? Since u also have to post back the item to them? Meaning u pay for postage first time to get it send to u, then another time to send the item back.

Sorry, i just want to know the right way of doing this. I'm sorta new.

Featured... So What?

The one thing i hate about visiting certain blogshops is when i turn into their blog, I see 3-10 post about them being featured by diary addictions, ashopaholicsden, fashionista 1001, mybasicfashion folder and the list goes on!

Hello! I'm here to view your products! NOT to see Who featured You!
SO WHAT if they feature you?! Are you winning an Award or Oscars?!

Waste of my time!

Someone hand me a baseball bat

I have a shopping cart website which you all know has all options for postage during checkout. I received an order in my email from a buyer in Sarawak. I'm in PJ by the way. She opted for COD which I have stated is free within my hotspot in PJ.

I wrote to her immediately nicely explaining that she may have made a mistake on the postage and to opt for Poslaju or Pos Ekspress instead. Here's the following convo :

Me : Hi, I think you made a mistake on the postage. You're in Sarawak so you have to opt for postage.
Buyer : No, no, I want to COD.
Me : Oh, are you coming to PJ soon?
Buyer : No
Me : Then you can't opt for COD. You have someone in PJ to pick the item up for you?
Buyer : No
Me : Then how do you want to COD?
Buyer : I dont know, can you figure it out please? I just dont want to spend so much on postage and I want COD cos it free.
Me : But we're in 2 different states separated by an ocean. We really cannot COD unless you're coming to PJ.


Buyer : What's COD?

After my eyeballs finished bleeding, i took time to laugh though.

I'm growing old just waiting

I saw this maxi dress in a blogshop that seemed active. The dress was available. So I emailed to ask about the measurements of the dress. No reply. So I thought she must be busy. So I better reserve the item, just in case. So I sent another email asking to reserve. No reply. So I waited and waited and waited. Still no reply. So I emailed again, telling them that I was still waiting for their reply. No reply.

Weeks later, I received a reply saying that she's been busy and blablabla. She said that she will get back to me with the measurements. At that time, I was so happy.I was thinking what a long wait for a dress, but finally!

But weeks passed by and months... AND THERE WAS NO REPLY ABOUT MEASUREMENTS!

WTH? If you're busy and is unable to attend to your customers anymore, WRITE A POST about it! Announce about your inactivity. At least your customers don't wait for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG for your reply, and only to realise that there is no hope or chance to buy your products! GRR..


Hey there u wrote this --> If anyone wants to know the identity of the said seller or buyer, please leave your email add in the comment box and wait for the private message.

No more people will run online store already in future cause see your topic most is facing seller.

Bye Bye Deposit

Omg. I tell you, I rarely buy pre-order especially shoes but I came across this pre order site and the shoes are pretty reasonable and pretty. Therefore I decided to order a few of my size. So, as usual, we buyer has to pay deposit/ full payment must be made. You can call that lucky, I didn't want to pay full since I can COD with the seller later on. So I paid RM100 for it as the seller asked for. Total is about RM400+. After banking in and all, the seller didn't reply me. I tried calling her but no pick up. And I decided to use my bf's number to call her.

She did reply: Who is this?
But not picking up my call. And every time I reply her asking about my shoes, she ignores it. My my. If you as a seller are so irresponsible, then do not do online shopping. It hurts me a lot :( Although RM100 is not much but for me it is.

Boo Hoo


Shoes should be measured from the inside, not just the soles. I shall have to suffer a purchase that's one size too big now :(

Reservation Denied

It's so ridiculous how some blogshop (mostly all the "popular" ones) do not let us reserve. With the statement "priority will be given to those who can bank in the fastest". I understand that you sellers may often encounter people who will reserve and eventually run off but don't you think you should be a little more considerate to those of us who do not stay near a Maybank deposit machine or have the Maybank2u account?

I mean, give and take. Atleast give buyers a 12 to 24 hours reservation. It's only fair to the rest of us, right?

Is it for Sale?

I bumped into this NEW blogshop, I was really really keen on buying their vintage blazer and I was afraid that it will be reserved for someone else. So naturally, I sms-ed the seller enquiring about the item. NO REPLY. So i sent an email, STILL NO REPLY.

2 weeks later, I went back into the site again. The blazer that I wanted was STILL AVAILABLE and they even updated their items.


But it's not what I saw

I once ordered this blouse from a pre-order blog. It's name is LACEY BLOUSE, and the photo also looks like it's laced. And it cost RM80.

It's really expensive for a blouse, but it was really pretty, so heck, after payment and all, I waited patiently for 1 MONTH for it to arrive.

Once I've gotten the blouse, I was so shocked. It wasn't even lace! It's just a plain ol' white blouse. So I emailed the seller and all she say is


WTF? Then she don't reply my mails anymore. So RM80 gone like that. :(

Rip Van Crumple

At this particular bazaar, a girl asked if she could try on a dress. The dress was clearly too small for her so I was hesitant. She begged, she pleaded. I didnt tell her she wont fit in it but figured sensibly if it cant get pass her shoulder, she wouldnt force it and just return it to me.

A long time passed and she didnt come back. I got worried. The designated changing area was very nearby so I went over to check.


I saw the dress on a sink, crumpled and ripped to shreds! The entire front portion was ripped all the way to the waist downwards and sideways (A huge inverse T rip) and the zipper was broken all the way thru. That whale was nowhere to be seen. I wouldnt be so mad if she gave it back to me and offered to pay the cost of it. I should have just told her it wouldnt fit!

I am clearly puking blood

I have this blogshop, and what irritates me is that my friends and I have took many CLEAR photos of the details of the clothes, and tried our BEST to explain them all in the posts, as in, if there's 5 buttons on the top, we will state there "5 buttons".

What irritated me so much was when our customers email us, they will ASK us things that are already STATED IN THE BLOG. I mean, HELLO?!? ARE YOU BLIND?!?!
For example, Top A. We stated in the blog post that Top A is 50cm in length, 40cm width. One day, BLIND Customer I emailed us, saying, "Hey can you give me the measurements (height and width) for Top A?"

I mean, I am FINE if they ask me stuff that are not stated in our blog posts, but HELLO!? It's already stated! Are they BLIND?!?! We also receive emails asking for clear pictures WHEN we already did post them up in our blog. What MORE do they want?!?!?

Next, my friends and I will state in our blog if the item is restockable or NOT. And NOT surprisingly, we have a lot of BLIND customers emailing us for an item that is SOLD OUT AND NOT RESTOCKABLE! We have stated clearly in our "Terms and Conditions" that once an item is non-restockable, it is therefore, NON-RESTOCKABLE. What in English do they NOT understand?!?!
We have already did our best in describing our clothes and these idiots are really, blind.

No air... air

This one's for the bazaar organizers... well, not all but I'm sure most of you bazaar goers will know which ones.
You allocate a space for us to place our table and 2 racks but you keep forgetting one thing.
You organizers are so greedy, you pack a venue to the brim! So much so, even before any customers can get in, the place is already bumper to bumper with vendors only.

How the hell are we suppose to do business when my shop is being blocked by another vendor?

Seller = Organizer
Buyer = Vendors

Slap away...

Shock Tactic?


"I've spotted this dress for RMxx in this blog. It's the same one you're selling, but much cheaper."


Someone leaves a comment in the reviewer's site saying that she saw this dress retailing at this physical shop for much lower than the exact one sold online.

As a buyer, if I've seen something I really like going for a  cheaper price in another blog, I wouldn't wait to place an order. And for the ones selling at a higher price, I'll tell myself, oh.. so their markup for this dress is higher than the others. but i'll keep in mind that they are having the same piece, just in case if I cannot get it any cheaper, and if I really like it, I'll get it from them instead. Well, probably gotta go through a little negotiation, get some discounts.

(But I must admit that after experiencing online shopping as a seller, I sort of know what the other party is faced with, and sometimes I wouldn't mind making things easier for the seller if it's not too much.)

As a seller, I don't know what reaction should I give. It's because they like to say the above sentence, and wait for my reaction. Just wondering if these buyers are actually hoping that sellers would reduce their price right away because there's something similar available at a lower price. I never reacted like that.

In fact, all I said was oh ok.
And the buyers dont usually say whether they want to get the dress or not.
Some don't respond. And some proceeded with buying another item.

So actually what are buyers trying to say when they tell sellers this?


I just started my preloved blogshop a few weeks back and I was super elated when people started inquiring about my items. I  gladly took the time to measure everything, taking extra pictures, modeled ones on request and emailed them. After that - no reply.

No saying whether they wanted it. No saying whether it didn't fit them. No saying whether they don't want it anymore. Emailed them a few times saying "hi are you still interested in the items?" but still nada.

It takes less than a minute to reply "Sorry I don't want them anymore thanks".

And there was another case where the girl wanted a few items and I tried to push down the prices for her since I mentioned prices were negotiable. She kept asking for very, very low prices, and I'd be making a huge loss. Told her that and she said "Oh I thought you were very desperate".

Yeah I was.. but not THAT desperate. In the end, she didn't want everything. Shrugs

Not your baby

I am a preloved blogshop owner and what I don't like are buyers who respond saying "Hey Babe" or "Darling" or the annoying "Thanks babe xoxoxo".

Just because I run a blogshop and sell you women accessories, it doesn't mean that I am your BFF or you should start calling me your babe! Sheesh!

Where is the professionalism? A simple thank you or a "Dear Miss" would be fine!


Ready at all times?

I'm a seller as well but in this case i'm the buyer. I wanted to buy a pair of jeans from a blogshop and i told her that i really want it. She posted the item at about 2.00 pm, i emailed her around 2.30 pm and she replied around 3.00 pm telling me its still available and asked do i want to confirm.

I replied yes and i want her account number so that i can pay immediately but until 3.45 pm she didnt reply which is no problem since i know sellers are not glued to the computer. But i have class 4.00 pm -6.00 pm and i'm afraid if i dont reply her email she might sell it to someone else because there is only one pair.

So i emailed her again and told her i have class at 4.00 pm so i wont be able to reply her email until class finishes which is at 6.00 pm but she can contact me through my phone if there is anything.

When i got back i got an email from her saying she already sold it to someone else because i didnt reply her other email and that other girl can pay faster. I was pissed since i already told her i'll be in class and she should have texted me or something. She said she doesn't text buyers and "next time if u want to buy something be ready all the time".

What pisses me off is that she has bought from me and even asked me to reserve for 2 days and now when i want to buy something from her she can easily brush me off because i'm late for 2 hours. Even after i told her i really want it. How selfish is that?

Its not like i want special treatment just because she's bought from me but at least treat people equally. U can ask people to reserve for u for days how come u cant wait for just a few hours? And i gave my freaking number! She could have texted me for confirmation.

What a selfish seller.

The annoying WANNABE model's portfolio

I personally think 3 pix maximum. Front, side & back. Better still, 1 collage of the 3 angles.
Dont you just hate it when blogshops place up to 8 pix of the same things.

~ How it looks like if my butt swings to the left
~ How it looks like if you see my armpits
~ How it looks like if one leg is on the chair
~ How it looks like if I look at the ceiling
~ How it looks like if I held a flower
~ How it looks like if I lie down on the floor
~ How it looks like if I make a peace sign

My mouse wheel is falling off... then I see at the bottom, SOLD OUT
Keep your portfolio at home. Stop wasting my time.

Choke on it

I'm a professional by day but sell chocolate coated marshmallows online. While I was away in kl attending a seminar, I got this huge inquiry from a client outside of my circle of friends.. kewl.. so I thought.. well.. lets just call..

Called her on Thursday.. she said she's retiring and wants to give everyone something nice and the delivery should reach her by friday.. she ordered like RM400 worth of chocolates with specific box sizes, colours, ribbons, cards and the list goes on. Sheesh! I said im actually from JB so I cant make her order on time. Besides, all of my stuff are at home and I'm staying with a friend.

She insisted that I make them and have it delivered either on Friday or Saturday. Said she was a serious buyer. Fine. I didnt want to let this big order go anyway. My friend helped, drove me around kl to buy stuff, lend me some extra cash (just in case) and off to the kitchen we go.

At 12midnight she called and said the price I quoted earlier was too expensive. She could've gone to godiva n got nicer chocolates with that price. You'll only get 2-3 stuff from godiva with RM 400 and I've packed more than 20 boxes! I went everywhere to buy my ingredients in a foreign state and you bitched about the price that I quoted to you earlier that day?! Damn! She finally reduced her orders and agreed on a certain amount. We finished making her choc at 4am. I havent seen my kids for like 5 days. All this work for shitty crap ppl like you.

Saturday morning, went through kl's infamous traffic jam to get to her. Got our money and went off. She rang and said she was not happy becos there were no cards. I said you reduced the price, you made me work and stay longer in kl although I can always courier to you the choc. While she was ranting I simply turned off the phone. Not worth the time spent. Thank you very much.

You can go anywhere but not to me?

There's a buyer who inquired about a dress at my site, and she wanted to COD. Clearly stated at my blog that I don't provide COD because its beyond my convenience.

She begged badly for COD and so I told her, the only place I can make it is either at place A or place B, maybe around that area also will do.

She told me to COD at place C, which is at her area. She told me its easier for her. FYI, it is friggin' far from my place. I have to go through tolls and highways to get there and since I really can't make it, I told her i'm sorry and i explained that i don't have any transportation since i'm still studying.

She went all mad and told me "You don't give me such excuse! I'm a student myself and I still can go anywhere i like!"

I was like, "Okay miss, its nothing personal. I really can't make it there. If you really want to COD and you can go wherever you like, how about you come to place A or B so we can meet up?"

Then she told me I'm a bad seller because I can't provide her good service. WTH? Can you please think about my convenience too? Don't only think about yourself! Erghhh.

Few days later, she crawled back and optioned for poslaju -____________-"

Night Stalker

There was this girl, she sms me asking me if this dress is still available, as I have no credit that time, I couldn't contact her whatsoever.

She didn't even email me. So okay lor, I planned to get credit the next day and sms her. But she kept spamming me sms, and even called me in the middle of the night!

I told her I've no credit and i'll sms her tomorrow. The next day, when I sms her, no reply.

And it goes on and on.


Like hello, if you're not that interested in getting the item, then don't la call me in the middle of the night!

Oh NO, we dont honey!

I have this buyer who sent me an order form earlier. She kept mailing me and begged me to COD somewhere out of my COD hotspots. She claimed that she needed it very urgently before CNY because she wanted to wear it for CNY (it was 3 days before CNY).

Ok so i gave in and agreed. We were supposed to meet at 2pm but I reached at 1pm because i didn't wanna be late or stuck in the jam.

Sms-ed and reminded her at 1.30, she didn't reply. FINE.
Called and sms her at 2pm, she didn't pick up or reply. FINE.
Waited for another 15 mins, called her again. she turned her phone. OFF!

Oh well, no point waiting anymore. I left soon after that.

Guess what? She msged me at 4pm and said she's waiting for me! When I told her I was already home, she said I was supposed to wait for her even if she's late because she needed the shorts VERY URGENTLY.

EH HELLO!? You begged me to meet up and set the day & time but you ffk-ed, or more appropriate late for TWO HOURS! Now you say I'm SUPPOSED to wait no matter how late you are. What on earth! I never knew we, sellers have this kind of responsibility to bear until that day.

It's people like you who makes some of the blogshop owners stop providing COD services. You deserve no new clothes for CNY! GEEZ.

If all buyers are like this, I will go bankrupt

I am running a preorder blogshop and in December 2009, there was this customer who ordered 16 items at 1 go from me. I was really happy coz it's a really big business so I gave her a huge discount as well.

She was happy but asked me if she could pay at on 1st January 2010 when her bonus comes in. I told her she can (as the preorder closes on 1st Jan itself).

She replied, "great!! thank u so much xxx,
once i make a payment, i will email or sms u.
thank u. . ."

On the next few days, she proceeded to edit her orders and canceled some but also added some new items so I calculated the total again for her.

On the 1st of January, I smsed her to remind her to make payment. She replied me "Im sorry for not reply ur sms, im at hometown right now, my father just died. im so sorry, i will inform u later when i have made payment =(

I was very sympathetic and I told her that I am willing to accept 50% of the total payment first. And she can make the remaining payment when the items arrive 4 weeks later. That's the least i can do for her as a seller and as a human being.

Her reply: "Hye xxx, thank u so much for ur help, but im very sorry to tell u that im only able to make payment after 16 jan when i go back to my house. right now our family is having tahlil for 14days. it is hard for me to transfer the money because there is no internet here. when i manage to go back to my house, i will settle the payment. really2 sorry for this incident. once i bank in the payment, i will inform u the amount. dun worry, im a serious and genuine buyer"

Since she said it will take at least 14 days for her to make payment, the preorder will have already closed. But since she said that she is "a serious and genuine buyer", I submitted her orders and paid my supplier in full for the items anyway.

After 14 days, I smsed her to remind her about the payment.
No reply from her.
I waited for another 3 days and smsed her again.
Again, no reply from her.

When the items arrived, I smsed and emailed her to inform and asked her to make the payment as I will be posting it out to her the next day.

No reply.
I called her.
No answer.
I called again.
She shut off her phone.

FML to the max.

In the end, I sold off all the items as ready stock in my blog.

Moral of the story:
Never ever place orders for buyers who have not paid any deposit at all.

I dare not enquire anymore

This incident happened last year.

I was on the look out for a tutu skirt and found 2 blogshops selling them but the one I really wanted from shop A was sold out. So I emailed to ENQUIRE if it was restockable. 2 days passed and no news, so I bought the skirt from shop B.

Next day, I got an email from shop A telling me that she has restocked the skirt for me and asked me to bank in the payment to her. I told her because she didnt reply my email, I bought from another seller already. She threw a hissy fit saying I was unprofessional and a horrible buyer. Sending me a barrage of sms telling me what I did was very wrong blah blah blah. Insisting that to enquire is to confirm.

1. I enquired if it was restockable
2. She never replied if it was restockable
3. How I know she went and restocked it for me

I model for a well known blog and I was afraid she might start smearing the blog's name so I ended up paying for the skirt.

Since when is "enquiring" a "confirmation of sale"?

Not so genuine afterall

SELLER RESPONDED! *view comments*

I was looking through the blogshops one day when I came across this shop which claims that they sell only original genuine ray bans. Knowing that proper sun protection with good ophthalmic lens I decided to purchase them after being assured 100% customer satisfaction.

However, I realised that those are 100% fakes. Down to the so called warranty card by "BAUSCH AND LOMB". A friend in the optical industry informed me that B&L WAS the founder but the "ray ban" was sold off to Luxottica group way back.

Was very upset as the lens of the fake ray ban tested negative for sun protection and is merely a piece of cheap coloured plastic.

I wouldn't be so mad if the seller did not state and assure the goods to be original. Alot of blogshops are selling brands-inspired goods, the most important thing is never cheat your customers.

To all the shoppers out there, do look out for such fakes in the market. for me, i would rather fork out more money in good shops like focus point than waste money on useless plastics as lenses.

SELLER RESPONDED! *view comments*

Your Items Have Long Gone Into Extinction

I have a customer who enquired about a few items. Noting its availability, I keyed in the invoice and sent it to her.

She never replied.

A year and a half later, she replies my email.

"but but but I never said I wanted to buy."

I already sold her items off to other interested buyers since she didn't have the courtesy to tell me immediately. And why enquire so much when you don't even plan on buying?! Waste my time only replying her emails.

But the stupidest part is replying to my email which was sent in 2008. 2008 for goodness sake!


A few months ago, I bought a shirt from this wellknown blogshop. The shirt's size stated in the blog as S but when i received the shirt, it was size XXS! She looked good in that shirt becos she's horribly skinny type of body. So i thought the shirt will fit me as i'm size S as well. she also deduct rm1 from me which I dont know why. I don't mind becos I know she DESPERATELY is in need of $$$. LOL!

Never ever go n buy stuffs from her again

Not a mind reader

I'm abit of an impulsive online shopper.
And many times i get items online that cant fit/dont look good on me/etc etc
And I do what most girls do in this situation.
Post it up on shopping gazebo with my email attached. :)
What sort of annoys me is interested buyers always email me saying

"Is it still available?"
"Which one are you referring to?"
"The dress"
"Which dress?"

I'm sure many SG re-sellers go through this and normally its okay, but on this particular day I actually got 5 emails that said the same thing.
"Is it still available?"

Please state which piece you are interested in!! PLEASE!

Where from?

I wanted to buy a dress from this blogshop. And according to her its imported and non restockable, so i asked her where did she import it from. Suddenly she went crazy.

Me: hey, just wondering where did u import this from?
Seller: what u care? nobody ever ask except u. does it make a difference to u?? u want or not?
Me: i did want it at first but i dont want it anymore. i just asked where u got it from and suddenly u get annoyed so its ok, i'll pass.
Seller: waste my time only! i got it from London ok!
Me: really? where? i was in London for two weeks and i just got back and i didnt see anything like this.
Seller: ok i actually got it from Taiwan.
Me: ok then. thanks for ur time.
Seller: did u also just got back from Taiwan? actually i took from supplier in KL but she said its from Taiwan so that means its imported from Taiwan lor.

What is this shit? First from London then Taiwan then suddenly from KL? I asked my friend to email her and ask about the dress, she said its from directly from Taiwan.
Maybe i'm too demanding to know where is it imported from, but i think maybe sellers should write it? I mean, yes its imported but from where? Singapore? Indonesia? Canada? Mexico?

What do u all think? Should sellers write what where the item is imported from? Later become like the aussie forever 21 fake story.

Creepy Free Gift


This was a long time ago but I thought I'd bring it up here anyway. Sellers should REALLY learn to pack up sold items properly before you mail it out.

I once received a pair of jeans wrapped in old calendar (dont mind recycling) but she was kind enough to throw in a dead cockroach too. No signs of torn packaging so I guess it was buried alive in there. With poslaju's efficiency, let's just say the corpse was still fresh and gooey...

So What?

Many blogshops are runned by students. Some of us had bad experience dealing with some immature seller (and they are students!). Sorry, I am not saying all, but some.

You sell, I buy. Their favorite phases: "Please understand, I am a student!" or "Please look at it from the student's perspective!"

You are student? So what?

Our profession is nothing to do with this! You got exam? What does it do with me? It's time to brush up your time management! It's good for you, ;P More to learn and grow mature please!

Too young then dont la

There was this customer, she wanted to get this blazer from my blogshop. Since it was the last piece, she asked me to reserve it for her and I agreed to give her the weekend to bank in.

I waited till Monday and she still has not made payment, so I emailed her:
"hey dear, are you still interested in the item as Ive not received any payment from you yet. Please reply me as soon as you can, thanks."

She replied me on Tues:
"oh hey yes I still want it, but can u reserve it for another week? Cos i don't have the time to go bank yet."

"Oh okay sure thing dear, but please make payment by Sunday otherwise the item will be released on Monday."

Waited till Sunday, still no payment. So as I've given her over a week to make payment and she failed to do so, I released the item to the next customer in line. She paid for it immediately and the item is labelled as sold out.

Then the earlier buyer sent me an email:
"hey! I thought you said you'll reserve it for me? It's sold out now?"

"Yeah well according to the previous email I sent you, I told you to make payment by Sunday otherwise the item will be released. I'm sorry dear."

"Im only 15! I need my mom's bank account to make payment, but she isn't free."

"I wasn't aware of that, but I did give you two weekends to make payment. Im sorry but maybe you could find something else which would interest you?"

"Yes, but I still need my mom's bank account to make payment and she won't be free if you don't give me more time. I'm underage some more, very hard to shop online."

At this point I stopped replying her ridiculous emails.

Sorry honey but business is business.
And if you're under-aged and you find it so hard to shop online, please shop in a shopping mall.
It's for all ages.

Tubes Skirts Subways... No diff!

So there's this blogshop which, in my opinion, sells reallly nice dresses..but only thing about her blogshop is that she marks up her price like skyhigh. I mean, its understandable for sellers to mark up the price but hers is way too high (eg-bodycon skirts sold at most blogshops are around RM 40+ but shes selling the exact same one at RM 80)

Anyway I spotted a "skirt" I really like, something I've never seen any blogshop selling. So I mailed her,yadah yadah. final price is RM 60 inc postage. So I thought of banking in the next day.. Then suddenly on the same night, I received a mail from her

"Pls bank in by tonight if possible because I've got another customer who is willing to bank in by tonight and this is the last piece already"

So I replied I cant, I mean wtf?! I dont stay 5 mins away from the nearest bank & I dont do online banking. So i have no choice but to let go of the skirt. Then suddenly the next day, she mailed me again saying that shes willing to wait. So fine, I banked in the money, got the skirt ONLY TO REALIZE THAT ITS ACTUALLY A TUBE!! She wore it as a skirt and posted on her blog "BODY CON SKIRT"

FINE, then I messaged her, using a different email address, asking if the 'skirt' is available & to my surprised, she answered

"yes it is but its the last piece left so you have to bank in ASAP"

** Same SELLER found here!

Chiffon Flasher

I'm actually running a boutique shop and I served this fantastic Chinese female customer two weeks ago.

She was choosing some clothes in my boutique and picked alot of chiffon tops telling me "I love chiffon tops because i don't have to wear bra inside (smile)"

Me :" O.O???"
As we know, chiffon is kind of the transperant or very very thin cloth.

Then the customer went in the fitting room and try on those top, and she walked out and show me with the chiffon top on with no bra inside! There are alot of customer in the shop and near the fitting room as well!

Customer :"Nice? I really like to wear chiffon!"
Me :"O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She was really wearing the top without any bra or tube inside and showing me just like this. Then she went into the fitting room and try on another chiffon top and came out again.

Customer :"Not bad huh?"
Me :"You usually wear like this?"
Customer :"Ya ~ I feel like wearing this when i go to work"
Me :"Work? What are u working as?"
Customer :"Office work"

She then tried more clothes in my boutique and I served her more than one hour *faint*. Finally she pick some tops, accessories, bag to buy.

At the counter, I was counting the total amount needed to pay and it was about RM450. I was so happy because it is kinda big business. When she was about to pay, she told me :"Hey, my boyfriend is waiting me downstairs already, I'm rushing, can I come and pay it tomorrow? Please reserve it for me!"
Me :"@@???? ok, no prob"
I was actually stunned.

You spend more than one hour trying aloooot of clothes here but you can't spend less than five minutes to make the payment?

Fine, I reserved it for her.

The next day, i didnt see her.. same as the third day.. forth day... after one week.. And i finally release all the item and so far she didnt appear in my shop.


Today 3, Tomorrow 5, You like la!

I've bought from this well-known blogshop before. The first time i bought a dress from her, she said no free postage unless i purchase 3 pieces and above. I couldnt find anyone to combine orders with me so i only bought 1 piece. I emailed reply

That dress summed up to RM54.50 but she was charging me RM55. I emailed her saying pos express is only RM54.50 so can i transfer RM54.50. No reply for 2 days. I emailed her again, I said if it's ur policy, i can understand or maybe u let me know whether do u still wanna deal with me......

i really thought the email didnt go thru =( She then replied me in quite harsh tone

"please undertsnad that im very busy and i have no time to reply every emails promptly (stated in blog will reply in 24 hrs).I will definitely reply u and wont left out ur email. n ur dress has been sold out. you will need to pay for restock if u still wan"

so i replied : i'm really sorry, i really understand but i thought the email didn't went through and cuz it's a really gorgeous piece i'm afraid others will grab it before me. anyway, ya i will pay for restock"

So deal closed.

The 2nd time i got a friend to combine orders with me to buy cny clothes, we got 4 pieces (previous deal she said 3 pieces and above only entitled for free postage)  She replied me quite promptly saying one of the dress has been sold which clearly states in her blog 'available'

Me: ok, i will pay for restock and 4 pieces entitle for free postage alrd rite?

Seller: Sorry, 5 pieces only entitle for free postage.

Me: I thought you said in the previous deal i have to get 3 pieces only can get free postage n now you're telling me 5 pieces? and will i be able to get it before cny?

- No reply from seller till today (cny eve) -

Maybe im a lil fussy but i really feel the seller is unethical at all, though her blog is quite famous. =/


Just to clarify to buyers, if you are interested in purchasing something and you have emailed or asked the seller at the chatbox, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX! Our email may have unfortunately gone there!

Don't go around blaming the seller in case the item you want is sold out, we already sent you an email! :X


This isnt my experience but its one I witnessed and laughed till the cramps came.

Was at a bazaar. My neighbor vendor is this really funky couple and they took turns for lunch. The girl went first and in came a very snotty looking girl. She went up to the guy with a pair of leggings and asked how much. Its not the sweet, innocent tone... more demanding and rude kind.

(calmly) "RM32, miss"
(calmly) "Cannot miss, this is imported"
(calmly) "Sorry, best price I can give you is RM28"
(raising voice) "I SAY I WANT IT AT RM20!"
(calmly) "Sorry, RM28 is last price"

The brat slammed the leggings on the table, pouting "EYYERRRR!!" then walked away.

Half hour later his girlfriend came back and they swapped. He went for lunch without even telling her what just happened.

The brat came back (probably thinking oh, different person so can bargain again)

(calmly) "RM32"
(calmly) "Sorry cannot but I can go RM30"

Without missing a hearbeat... "Then why didnt you buy from him just now?"
Took the leggings from the brats hand and hung it back up then calmly just sat down.

Brat stomped away. Should have seen her face!

Blardee AWESOME!! I salute you neighbor. You made my day =)

I sell. Not donate.

I have been selling pre orders stuff for quite sometime now and there are a few situations where i wish i could give some part of my cat's brain to my customers.

Buyer emails me along with her name address & item she wants. I reply with payment details & dateline of when to bank in.

Next day, no reply.
fine, assumed that she doesnt want it. i closed the order.

Then 1 month later..

Buyer : hi have you posted out my item ?

Hello ?! you think my blogshop is charity isit ? >.<

Gimme back my money!

I once ordered this item from this blogshop, it was still available and I made the payment immediately after confirming and all.

later the blogshop owner told me that it's already sold out, like how on earth? I make payment through online banking straightaway after i've confirmed my order and it's still sold?

Okay laa, fine. So i ask her to refund the money, gave her my details, waited and waited... for 3 whole weeks!

Why does it take one minute to email me it's sold out, but forever just to refund my money?

I didn't realise i lived with you

Almost identical to MACHAAAA!

This one buyer bought a top from me. She paid on sunday and i sent it out monday morning. On thursday morning she told me she still haven't received the parcel and that got me worried cos we're both in KL and poslaju takes at most 2 days KL to KL. Suddenly i got a text.

Buyer: The postman called me to confirm my address cos u wrote an incomplete address, it should be jalan 5A/2 and u wrote jalan 5. Thank God i wasn't in class and was able to talk to the postman and give him the right address.
Me: Oh i'm sorry, but in ur email u said, No.XX, jalan 5.
Buyer: No i didnt, i should know what i wrote, its my house and my address.
Me: Ok then, i'm sorry.

Friday afternoon i got another text from her.

Buyer: Hehe, the postman called me again for another parcel since the other seller also put in an incomplete address. Guess its not ur fault, i must have gave out an incomplete address to the both of u.
Me: Oh, riiiight. Well, good that at least u got ur parcels :)
Buyer: But next time u should know if my address is complete or not. You're the seller its your responsibility to check and to know for completeness of address. You should know your buyer's house and address so that you can immediately correct any wrong!

I didnt know i live in the same house as u that i HAVE TO know what "our" address is.

I dont want an aquarium

Yes, I was once tagged onto a mannequin's belly button too. I can still cope... but I draw the line when you invite me to :

Cafe World
Mafia War
Restaurant City
Change your Facebook Profile color
Texas Hold Em'
Roller Coaster Kingdom

I only want blog updates

I hate you


I got this order and in the order form, she stated her address as JALAN A. Ok, all paid and mailed out the next day.

5 days later, she wrote to me saying she hasnt gotten her parcel. Aiyor... I checked the tracking code and it says "ATTEMPTED DELIVERY". Well this could only mean no one was home during delivery or wrong address. So I checked with her by attaching her order form.

Buyer : "Babe, wrong address la. Its JALAN B"
Me : "Oh crap, i sent to JALAN A cos your form stated A"
Buyer : "Yeah but its actually JALAN B. You sent to wrong address!"

(???) She gave me the wrong address but its MY FAULT!

Cannot win la in this business

Forever Fake, not Forever 21

This other seller happens to be selling the same item which I have on my own blogshop, I spotted her buying from the same supplier but she only posted it up 2 days after mine was posted.

I wrote in my post that this item is 'Forever 21 inspired' with a photo from the F21 website.
When we say INSPIRED, we usually mean 'similar to' the actual item sold in branded outlets.

This seller, used the exact image from F21 site and provided a not so clear image of the actual item, only focusing on the 'similarity'.
And stated on her blog that the item is 'BROUGHT IN OVERSEAS FROM F21 AUSSIE - NOT RESTOCKABLE.'

Bad enough that she's lying about the brand and that it's flown in from Aussie, she even had the nerve to jack u the price to RMXXX.
I counted her profits from the actual purchase price, she's getting approximately 5 times the profits by lying about the brand.

I emailed her about it (plus i mentioned that she knows that I saw her at the same suppliers place that day) saying that what she's doing is unethical and wrong. I said it in a nice way BTWS.

Her reply?

"I bought those items at the suppliers that day is a present for my sis overseas. She sent me the 'original' F21 stocks from Aussie so im selling the ori items not the 'fake' ones like yours. Please dont simply accuse me just cos urs is not ori."

Her reply really made me go WTF.

Why would your sister prefer CHEAP imitation stocks if she can have original F21 stocks from Aussie? And how am i considered 'fake' when Ive stated that they were inspired? Please use your common sense.

Some people really deserve a big SLAP. Slap the seller for me please.

Practice what you preach

I own a preloved blogshop. and there's another preloved blogshop who i've personally inquired about their stuffs before. since it troubles me to pay asap cuz of my own difficulties, i ask her to reserve the item for me for 5 days. its quite long, but as u know preloved blogshops are quite flexible sometimes so i thought the owner is quite understanding. she refused to reserve for me, so i passed the item.

Then, she inquired about an item at my site. i know it was her because she uses her blogshop's email. she told me that she can only pay within a week. since i don't really mind about the time, and perhaps i'm too kind, i agreed. two / three days later, a buyer inquired about the item and interested. i told the blogshop owner that there's another girl in waiting list, she told me she'll bank in later that night. so i mailed the other customer, telling her that the item is reserved and the buyer is going to pay soon.

Waited, and waited, no signs of any calls, sms-es or payments.

A day later, i asked her regarding the payment. she told me her car broke down *as i know she's still schooling, lol* ok, actually it had exceeded a week but i still am waiting for her payment, patiently. maybe her car really broke down or something, idk.

Two days later, i asked about the payment again. she told me that she can't bank in and got personal problems and she cancelled her order.

I was like, WTH?!

- first, she's a seller and happens to have a 'say no to backout buyer' sign at her blog.
- but she backs out from her order.
- i lost a customer because of her, and when i mailed the customer again she told me she just bought a similar item few days ago.
- she's so snobby.
- she doesn't let me reserve her item for 5 days and the item is available til' now but i let her to make payment within 7 days (in fact, more than 7 days!) but she backs out.

She's a seller as well so i really hope she'll feel what i feel like when i'm dealing with her one day.

Bad daily doses

I have been shopping online for eons and one thing I despise is certain blogshops update their blog one. stuff. at. a. day. and some only use this tactic so that their blog appears on top of the blogroll.

Why can't you update everything altogether so that we can see & pick & choose straightaway !! URGH.

If we were to wait and buy something that we like earlier then it'd be all sold out -__-" and that only leads to impulse purchase.


Automated Services

This is a list of automated services which I NEVER look forward to receiving:

1) Auto subscribe to updates (that are IMPOSSIBLE to remove btw)
2) Auto random updates (And all email adds NOT in the BCC list either!)
3) "I'm A F**KING NEW BLOGSHOP OH YOU MUST BUY FROM ME KNS" emails to both my private AND blogshop emails accounts
4) Auto tagging (with HTML some more, fugly-ing my tagboxes)
5) Join my Facebook fan page! FYL I'm not a fan, and will never be.

Blogshop owners: Wake up la! All you're doing is getting yourselves correctly labeled as SPAM

Shorthand seller

Worst service ever from a seller!! I have been buying online for more than a year from various blogshops and i have NEVER experienced a seller who can fill up the pos express envelope with an incomplete street name and give a tracking number that is one number short!!!

I ended up having to search for the parcel myself at the post office after waiting 2 days for it!! Luckily, the parcel was not sent to the house in the street in my housing estate that matched the incomplete street name.

If the seller is so absent minded, pls DONT run a blogshop coz this is money we are talking about!! if the parcel had indeed gone missing, will she compensate me????

Can I use your head as a stress ball?

One day i was browsing thru this blogshop which i saw some pieces that i like. I emailed the blog owner n waited for a reply.

After waiting for a week, still no reply. (when her blog says specifically replies will be within 24 hrs)

So i thought, maybe she didnt get my msg. fair enough, i sent my 2nd email. n waited..

Again no reply after 4 days. by then i tried sms-ing her,hoping she wil get back to me.

She did...AFTER 5 days!she explained that she had ran out of credit n she hasnt been online to check her email because she was busy. n that the items i wanted were alrdy sold out when in her blogshop it CLEARLY says available.

So i ask if the item was restockable n she said yes. so i ordered n paid the very next day. the items were said to be arriving in 2 weeks.

I waited for 3 weeks before texting her if my item was had arrived. n her reply? 'oh,sorry ah... i forgot to tell u that ur item is no longer available'

I felt like smacking her after all that i had to put up. although she refunded me, i am still NEVER going back to that blogshop EVER again.

Why else are we meeting up for?

This girl bought a few tops from me and asked for COD. Sure thing... the usual convo :

Seller : "What time do you want to meet up?"
Buyer : "10pm can?"
Seller : "Sure... In front of Mcdonalds yeah?"
Buyer : "Ok deal, 10pm at Mcdonalds"

Moments later I get an sms from the buyer.

"Will you be bringing the tops with you for the COD?"


Teen Control

There was this customer that emailed me telling me that she really like one of the leggings I are selling. So as usual I gave her my account details etc.

The she replied saying that she would opt for COD. So we arranged for COD at this place and she went like "Can we COD near Monash or Pyramid at 2pm". I explained to her that I am working and can't make it there at the given time.Or we can COD at the place she wanted after my work. Then she replied "Oh I'm only 16 so I don't drive. My mom won't allow me to meet elsewhere". First response came out from me was "awww poor thing" The I replied to her that why not she pay extra RM4 for postage then we can cut all the troubles.

Guess what she replied: " I don't have bank account and I don't know how to bank in money. Can you send to my house?"

WTF. She doesn't even have a bank account /know how to bank in money and she wants to do online shopping? What happened to KIDS these days???

More on discounts

I don't understand why so many sellers are complaining and giving cold shoulders at ppl who ask for discounts.

Actual/retail shops have fixed prices and that is understandable. But when it is your own shops like blogshops, it is the seller that set the price, and it is understandable that buyers will sometimes ask for discounts.

Why wouldn't like a good bargain? :P

I'm tagged to a nipple

I join Facebook groups of various Blogshops to get updates. By updates, I mean getting private messages or invites to events.

Well updates are getting annoying when you get tagged to a photo of a dress! You see 50 people tagged to a mannequin. Is as if a message in my inbox wont grab my attention, you have to tag me to a nipple?? Now everyone who knows me gets to see me tagged to a nipple too!

Come on already... dont make me remove myself from your shit Facebook page!

Delayed OOS

Theres this website that sells clothes their policy, at least 10 items per order and they use a shopping cart.

Shopping cart = if the item is still available, add them in you shopping cart, if the item is sold out, u cant even add them in your shopping cart.

So yeah, i bought 10 items from them! and when i got my parcel, the quality of the clothes is horrible! and i found out that i only got 9 items. so i checked my emails, whether ive missed any email from the seller saying they missed out one item or wat. and NO, i didnt get any emails from them.

So i emailed them! twice!!! and finally, after a few days they replied me saying the item they didnt send out to me is out of stock! and i was like WWWHHHAAAATTT???

1stly, u dont even bother to email me saying u only send me 9 items.
2ndly, why can i still add the item into my shopping cart when its already out of stock???
3rdly, they never even apologize! gosh!!
4thly, i went back to their website, theres no sign of "OUT OF STOCK" for that particular item.
5thly, i asked for another color for replacement, and they said OUT OF STOCK AGAIN! and in their website the item is still available too!

What on earth is happening?????

How advance!!! a website, a shopping cart....but dont know how to put an 'OUT OF STOCK' sign???

Cinderella's Stepsister

I've never had a problem with blogshop owners. The ones I've dealt with have always been courteous and proffesional. So why am I here?

Coz I was stupid enough to trust a RESELLER!

Note the difference.

Elaboration: I found these gorgeous pair of shoes on a reselling site. She was reselling them coz they were the wrong size when she bought them. Fair enough. I emailed her saying I was interested but would like to know if the size was really size xx.

She kept insisting they were but my instinct was bothering me so as an extra precaution, I asked her for the insole measurement. Then she gave me these really weird measurements that, when I measured them myself, made no sense. THAT itself should have been a warning but me being the naive, innocent person that I am, I thought she may have made a mistake.

So I emailed her again asking her if she's sure of the size. I should have smelled something fishy when she avoided the question and changed the subject.

So I paid and waited for the shoes. You can guess what happens next, right? The shoes arrived and didn't fit me AT ALL!

Apologies to my instinct for not listening to it and a major slap to that idiot, wherever she is. Hope she knows that Karma is huge bitch.

What's that SMELL?

Have you ever wondered if sellers ever wear their items before selling them off?

I've once gotten this item from this blogshop (a rather overpriced one) and when I opened the package, there was this SMELL. I thought it was perhaps the 'new clothes' smell and didn't think much of it but after a while I realised the 'new clothes' smell should not smell that horrible. It took a while but (unfortunately) I finally discovered where it came from--THE ARMPIT AREA OF MY NEW DRESS.

I have never in my life smelled BO that bad. EVER. Not even in crowded trains and after sports events.

Even after I threw it in the wash with lots of detergent, there was still a faint BO smell. Ack! How am I supposed to wear it out?!


I was at the enspired events bazaar at AC SS15 today and I was attracted with this long sleeve puffy top MJ kinda inspired with the blings and stuff.the shirt was obviously stretchable material.since im size 10 i really think i can fit in the shirt, it was lovely and the price was ok, just RM35.

What pisses me off is the owner came to me and said u think u can fit aah? I gave her the look and she said yes miss you can buy but U HAVE TO DIET FIRST.. I was really pissed and I said I am gonna buy it whether you think i can fit it or not, IF I CANT FIT INTO THIS I WILL MAKE THIS AS MY KAIN LAP KAKI. I was really pissed and walked away.

I know she is embarrassed cos I shouted at her.

I got xerox-ed

I once owned a pre-loved blogshop.

Then, there was this girl, so called another pre-loved seller, emailed me asking,

"Hi, i want to sell my stuff. Can u help me to sell? Because I dunno how to sell."

Well, i can..If you are one of my friends
But do i know you? Do you think i have the time?

Obviously i kept quiet, simply ignored the email.

After a few days, i clicked on her blog to see what happened.

Guess what?
She copied everything from my blogshop.
I even spotted exact same words, same sentences and sentence structures, blablabla.
Everything's the same, just that email wasn't the same.

A lot of stock worrrrrr

I visited a ready stock site and a cute bag caught my eye. The bag came in 4 colours, and we all know pre-order photos are sometimes greatly photoshopped.

I emailed asking if I could see the real photos of the bag.

Her reply?

"We have over 300 bags with us, can't take all the photos."

Hello, I asked for at most 4 photos, not 300!!!!

Pinochio BF

Buyer/another blog owner: hey babe I want the Cardi in Green, Brown,White and Yellow, I've bank in alr! (SMS)

ME: Okie, will check on it (maybe she saved up my banking detail through the last transaction) (SMS)*Checked, no payment received, then sms her, no reply)

**Next day**
(blog tagboard)

ME: Hey, your sms stated Green, Brown , White and Yellow?Still no sign of ur payment though, mailed ya!
(Blog tagboard)

**No response**

ME: Hey babe, can I have your ref no for the said payment? I'm still holding the cardi's for you! (SMS)

Buyer: Wait busy
**Few hours later**
Buyer: I dunno the ref no, my bf make the payment, will give to u tonight!

**Next Day**

ME: Got the ref no alr babe?

Buyer: OMG so bf lied to me, he forgot to make payment! I'll bank in later!

** a week later, despite so many e-mails/sms send, she totally ignored me!**

Damn, of all person a blog seller to pull out such trick, I hope Karma will slap your Sorry ass!

Oits... what time zone you in?

There was once I enquired for a dress, the seller was very nice and answered me perfectly.
I decided that I wanted the dress and emailed her to confirm it in which she gave me her account number and all.

I informed her that I wouldn't be able to make it to the bank tomorrow and I'd do it the next day. She agreed to hold it for me till then. As there was another interested buyer, she said she'll let it go if I fail to make payment by after that day.

Then 3 hours later, she emailed me telling me it was sold... not a single word of sorry or anything. WTH?

Sellers who don't hold on to their promise pisses me off.

Empty bumps

I stalk blogrolls on review sites. Must be KIASU!

You know how that works right? New post on your blog and you get bumped up the list so people can see it.

This one particular seller post up EMPTY post everyday then deletes it just to get bumped up. How bloody unethical is that??

Muah Ha Ha Ha!!

"got discount ah?"
Sellers hate this sentence.
Especially when it's stated on our sites not to ask for discounts and prices aren't nego.

We don't particularly like it when a customer keeps pushing for cods in places too far from where we normally do it and refuse to opt for postage.
(asking is fine,but pushing and pushing,well it crosses the line sometimes especially since our cods are free no matter where we meet)

Sometimes we close an eye,plaster on that smile even through our annoyance and we give the buyer free postage/a little discount/we meet them up at the places they want

Sometimes when the buyer is too pushy,too demanding,too unreasonable,

We secretly delete their messages and pretend they never came about.We have better things to do with our lives.

Yes I deserve a slap for sending this in
*plasters on smile*

Stay Home why dont you

I was at a bazaar 1 weekend and a girl came over to my booth. She was browsing through a last-piece dress.

SHE: How much is this?

ME: RMxx only. This is the last piece. Other colours sold out already *smiling*

SHE: What's your LAST PRICE? *smiling*

ME: RMxx. (I gave RM5 off, since it's the last piece). *smiling*

SHE: No discount ah? *smiling*

And I stopped smiling.

She asked for the LAST price and then ask for more discount. Since when does LAST don't mean LAST???

Skirt at 5am with change please

Buyer: Hey, can I order the white skirt?
Me : Hey :) Which one are you refering to?
Buyer : the one in white.
Me : Hey yes, but which one are you refering to?
Buyer : Ohhh..the XXX
Me : Oh yes yes still available :) Meet you on Friday at five?
Buyer : okay please be sure you\'re on time as i have class.


Buyer: Did you mean 5 in the morning or 5 in the evening?
Me : (thinking:huh?morning? o.O )
Uhm.. sorry i meant in the evening.Btw do you need change for the skirt?
Buyer : What kind of change are you bringing?

Hello? I know you're THERE!!

I bought a shorts and a bangle from this blogshop.

After confirming the availability, I banked in the amount payable to her. When the parcel arrived, I was surprised that there was only the shorts and the bangle nowhere to be seen. But the seller attached the bangle balance in the parcel, which was not a bad thing at all. But why cant she move her fingers and type me an email notifying me that the bangle is not available or has been sold? Why would she said the bangle was still available when I asked? And even though she sold the bangle before I did my payment she can easily reach me by emailing me that the bangle has been sold (though I've reserved it and I did my payment promptly).

It just takes a little courtesy to inform your buyer about her purchase. When I asked for my tracking number, she only gave me the tracking number without mentioning that the parcel will only contain the shorts. No notice, no explanation and not even a single thank you for purchasing from her.

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