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More on discounts

I don't understand why so many sellers are complaining and giving cold shoulders at ppl who ask for discounts.

Actual/retail shops have fixed prices and that is understandable. But when it is your own shops like blogshops, it is the seller that set the price, and it is understandable that buyers will sometimes ask for discounts.

Why wouldn't like a good bargain? :P


  1. Aiyor girlfriend... what on earth are you talking about?

    Who do you think sets prices for things sold in a boutique? The shopping mall ah? Its the owner of the shop la dum dum!

    Blogshop owners are no different from retail shop owners. Business people la.

    Slap you till your face bleeds! damn stupid man

  2. ya lar..
    you all dying to buy a pair of jeans for RM300 just because the label is Levi's..
    but want a bargain for RM35 tops...
    you are paying for the label you dumb dumb head..
    jeans is jeans la..

    seller got pissed off because some of you being ridiculus..let me repeat..SOME..
    we never plan to build a castle with the profit..we also buying we know how to put a price kay..

  3. buyer darling, i feel like slapping you lar *raises handS*


    You mean to tell me all this while you thought the management of MID VALLEY is the one who sets the prices for all the shops in it?

    OMG OMG OMG. HAhahahaHAHAHAhHahAhhHA!! Cannot man... I can die laughing.

    Please tell me who you are. I PROMISE to slap you soft soft.

  5. why huh? Our online blogshop dont have FIXED price meh? Just because we dont have a standing retail shop doesnt mean that our prices are for you to negotiate.

    asking for discounts is alright.. just dont go overboard by asking for rm30 discount + free postage. We're not selling for FUN kay!

    And please dont send in confirmed order form asking for discounts and when we do not allow go MIA.

  6. ya lo.. so pissed off man... bought a lot of clothes dai sai meh?? when buy topshop f21 so sporting... but when comes to blogshop, all sell cheaper still ask for damn discount!

  7. WTH???? If u so damn eager for a discount go and open a blogshop urself! Ill buy from you! PLUS DONT FORGET THE DISCOUNT.

  8. HAHAAHAHA!! Yeah, you open blogshop then I come shop with you. Give discounts ya!! I want free postage also!!

  9. hahahhahahha...
    i want everything free..but i pay for the postage..using poslaju ya..!!
    coz i want to make sure the thing sampai!!
    i pay la for the poslaju!!

  10. wey, i'm a buyer too. but to buyer who post this, stop it lah. why wanna create more drama after the previous issue (muahaha). yes, everyone loves discounts. leave it at that. okay?

  11. seriously, do deserve a big hard slap on your face. take it or leave if seller doesn't relent in to give you discount. they are not obliged to give you discount and you're not ought to buy from them.

    it's fair trade. you don't like it, don't buy! enough of all these already before some ppl coming in swearing and putting down others.

    and correction, jeans aren't just only jeans. buy a pair from pasar malam and buy a pair of levi's, you'll notice the differences.

  12. Hai consumer...
    we meet again..
    you better look properly..
    Jeans is still jeans..
    the diferent about it is design..
    I'm a jeans collector..
    Fron CK..Armani..go to MNG..Topshop..Levis(my favourite)giordano.. even the online jeans..
    please buy Levi's ladies style and wear it for 6 months..the condition will be just the same as the jeans you bought online and wear it for 6 months..Go check out yourself..
    Is your body that hold the jeans..The way you take care of it and the design & label that make you stand out...

  13. damn you all-want-to-discount buyer! we try to sell those stuffs very damn cheap on the web so that we would not burden you or hassle you to drive to shopping mall.. & yet still go email to seller, saying. " I order 2 pieces, no discount or free postage dear?" damn crazy..we blogowners sell only pretty cheap oredy lar..

  14. Whatever it is... Everyone love discounts! Discounts please... More! More! More! ;P

  15. Hey, i'm a buyer, and now a seller too.

    I really dont mind buyers asking for discount, but I will only give what I can. If I can only give RM1 discount, yeah, I'll give it.

    But if I cant, say I already having a sale at that time and all items are discounted, I will decline.

    Sellers are not obliged to do exactly what buyers want, but to me, seller HAVE TO reply all emails or enquiry from buyers (of course not including spams) nevermind if after that buyers go MIA or not.