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Cough it up

I once bought an item from this very popular blogshop . Her items are sold out incredibly fast. My total was RM62 and I banked in RM70 via bank transfer.And I emailed her that I've bank in RM70 and she say she will give me back my change. So when the seller post me my item, I did not get back my RM8 change. I emailed her and she said she was busy as she needed to pack up many parcels a day. Okay I understand that you're busy and you will forget things. Then, she ask me to give her my account number so she can transfer to me, and I did, but apparently, its been a month already and I still haven get my RM8. I send her email but she never reply. Okay maybe RM8 is little for some people out there, but what I care foremost is the seller's honesty, attitude, and services!


  1. I've encountered the same thing too! but it happened months ago. Till now the seller did not return my change despite letting her know twice through email. She asked for my banking details and that's it. I was lazy to ask again so yeah, did some charity. Pfft!!

    By the way, can i know which blogshop is dat? Might be the same one as mine ;)

  2. OMG!! I'm a blog shop owner yea, and have come across such instances like these. I sometimes forget to leave the change inside the parcel as i normally send out weekly, hence a lot of paid orders are accumulated during the week and i sometimes forget to include the change as some are paid in exact and some are more than the total due to CDM restrictions.

    I do hope its not me you're talking about but if it is, please re-send a reminder to me and i'll see that it gets repaid for asap (just resend a reminder to that blog shop). But hopefully not, cause as far as i recall i usually promptly repay any pending amount so far!!

  3. The way I see it is if the seller is busy BUT they keep us updated and don't brush off every e-mail/text then it's okay.

    The irritating thing is when sellers chase us for payments but it takes so frigging long for them to repay back the money owed to us. Grr!