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That aint my drift sista

I once bought a pair of cute owl earrings from an accessories only blogshop. It was a fairly new blogshop back then. Another accessories blogshop was selling them too but when I enquired, she told me that the only available colour she had left was silver and I had wanted gold. So I was pretty pleased to see that the new blogshop had them in stock. I had specifically asked whether the one she had was the exact some piece pictured in her blog (which was gold) and she replied in the affirmative. However, I got a rude shock when I received it because it was SILVER. I sent her a polite email hinting that I had expected to receive the gold coloured one, but instead of picking up on the hint, she said: 'Glad you liked it'.

I didn't want to make a big fuss so I left it at just that and it wasn't much of a loss.


  1. may i know the seller pls?

  2. haha i supposed she *pretended* to sidestep the question to avoid any confrontation.