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Shock Tactic?

"I've spotted this dress for RMxx in this blog. It's the same one you're selling, but much cheaper."


Someone leaves a comment in the reviewer's site saying that she saw this dress retailing at this physical shop for much lower than the exact one sold online.

As a buyer, if I've seen something I really like going for a  cheaper price in another blog, I wouldn't wait to place an order. And for the ones selling at a higher price, I'll tell myself, oh.. so their markup for this dress is higher than the others. but i'll keep in mind that they are having the same piece, just in case if I cannot get it any cheaper, and if I really like it, I'll get it from them instead. Well, probably gotta go through a little negotiation, get some discounts.

(But I must admit that after experiencing online shopping as a seller, I sort of know what the other party is faced with, and sometimes I wouldn't mind making things easier for the seller if it's not too much.)

As a seller, I don't know what reaction should I give. It's because they like to say the above sentence, and wait for my reaction. Just wondering if these buyers are actually hoping that sellers would reduce their price right away because there's something similar available at a lower price. I never reacted like that.

In fact, all I said was oh ok.
And the buyers dont usually say whether they want to get the dress or not.
Some don't respond. And some proceeded with buying another item.

So actually what are buyers trying to say when they tell sellers this?


  1. Everyone gets a slap here.
    Buyers will always try their luck no matter what. Sellers need to come to term with that.


  2. yeah.. usually as a seller myself i'll let them know if they think it's cheaper elsewhere they can get it there.. right? no?

    Or sometimes i actually think it may be other sellers trying to promote their own blogshop by commenting " oh, i saw that dress cheaper at blogshop XXX".

    There was once another buyer of mine even asked when am i having clearence sale for that item as my price is higher but she doesnt want to get from the other blogshop due to various reasons...

    Honestly I think if you've set your price, be firm with it. Just because another seller is selling for rm10 cheaper or as much as they like doesnt mean you need to set that price too right?

  3. i usually ignore these sort of emails. as a buyer, of cos i wanna get cheaper stuff too and if you are lucky enough to get it, then go ahead. but as a seller, i don't need you to tell me, that the other blogshop is selling it for cheaper. i'm selling at the price i wanna sell bcos, i need to pay for petrol, internet, electricity and of cos my time too...

  4. This was emailed to me as a post entry but I thought I'd put it in here as a comment.

    I am a blog shop owner and an online shopper as well. I frequently come across remarks of shoppers comparing prices of blog shops that sell the exact same item at different prices. Some would just provide comparison links at the reviewers chat box, some would go further in making bad remarks of the blog shop that sells it pricier. Certain words used are quite strong like "Cheater", "Cut throat" and so on.

    Would like to seek your views as sellers and buyers. But before we start pointing fingers, we should understand that sellers may source from the same suppliers BUT we do not have prior discussions among blog shops on how to price an item, hence pricing would definitely vary base on individual seller's interest.

    My point is, if a buyer sees something she likes from Shop A and decides to buy, it means she's comfortable with that purchase at that stated price. Dissatisfaction only arises when she happens to see the same item at a lower price in Shop B and in a way feel "short change". If she hadn't seen it she would have been that happy buyer, no?

    I feel its unfair to say that Blog shops with higher pricing are cheaters. Cheaters are only appropriately used to describe this situation ~ Every seller is suppose to sell at a stated price but someone decides to not abide to that agreement and price higher. In which case, no such agreement exist as we know.

    So, please be fair to sellers too. If you think this particular blog is often pricier than others, fine, you've got good observation skills. But don't start labeling just because you started comparing! Sellers have a right to price as you have a right to choose too. We are not Cheaters!

  5. I received this enquiry said she is interested in something in my blog priced RM15.90. She said someone else is selling it at RM5 only. If I can offer her RM10, she will buy from me. Haha... Immediately, I laughed till I scrolled on the floor! what a way to bargain!

    If she can find the same thing at RM5, just buy from them, why should she buy it at RM10 from me? *faint*