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A few months ago, I bought a shirt from this wellknown blogshop. The shirt's size stated in the blog as S but when i received the shirt, it was size XXS! She looked good in that shirt becos she's horribly skinny type of body. So i thought the shirt will fit me as i'm size S as well. she also deduct rm1 from me which I dont know why. I don't mind becos I know she DESPERATELY is in need of $$$. LOL!

Never ever go n buy stuffs from her again


  1. Erhm... I thought I'd post this up though I dont quite understand it. Anyone care to enlighten me

  2. 1. Was the top tagged XXS or were you merely looking at her body frame for sizing?
    2. You didnt ask her why she gave you back RM1? or did she take an extra RM1 from you?
    3. Why are you not shopping with her again??

  3. Ooookay, can you fit in the shirt or not? If she gave you discount even tho RM1 only, why are you unhappy? If she DESPERATELY needed money, why would she deduct RM1 from you?

    Pening already. Need to get some beauty sleep after all the slapping. And reading. haha

  4. Ok, she stated the top as size S when it was actually XXS. So u cant fit becos u're actually an S. Then she gave u RM1 discount eventho she deseperately need money. Questions:

    1. If u can tell that she has "horribly skinny type of body" which i assume is smaller than urs and the shirt looks like a perfect fit on her then why cant u judge that u might not fit it? Although some sellers state their clothes as size S i also compare to the model since i can estimate how my body compares to hers and if i'm bigger and the item looks fitted on the model then i can be sure that it'll be too small.

    2. She gave u RM1 discount but at the same time she actually needs the money, and u're complaining? And u're laughing at the fact that she is in desperate need of cash?

    Sorry, its either u're weird or i'm blur and dont really understand. Can u explain more?

  5. Someone drank too much CNY Shandy... hahah!

  6. This shows you there's some pretty mad buyers out there. whack job!

  7. ???? She looks good cos she's HORRIBLY skinny? You have issues girlfriend....

  8. no i think u got it wrong, she meant that the shirt looked good on the model becos she's skinny and the shirt is size XXS so it looks nice n fitted, as in not loose etc. but when it comes to her its too tight becos she's an S. i dont think she meant she looks nice becos she's skinny. as it is she said she's horribly skinny, which i assume as she thinks the model is too thin its horrible.

  9. ok.... so why is she laughing?
    writer : answer us la. dont be shy.

  10. ahahha, writer, are you a fake S???

  11. dude,anoanymous,wtf's ur problem?! i'll assume u mst be the seller,since uve been criticising that poor buyer.its a ranting blog,jst give the poor buyer a break dumbarse!

  12. the seller deduct rm1 from her without knowing lorr. thats rude -,-'

    & the seller lie about the size. not all S size can fit XXS size. slap the seller!

  13. she's laughing maybe bcuz the seller is too skinny :D

  14. maybe the buyer meant that the seller took extra rm1 from her la, i think [:

  15. confusing la this post. buyer explain please.