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I was at the enspired events bazaar at AC SS15 today and I was attracted with this long sleeve puffy top MJ kinda inspired with the blings and stuff.the shirt was obviously stretchable material.since im size 10 i really think i can fit in the shirt, it was lovely and the price was ok, just RM35.

What pisses me off is the owner came to me and said u think u can fit aah? I gave her the look and she said yes miss you can buy but U HAVE TO DIET FIRST.. I was really pissed and I said I am gonna buy it whether you think i can fit it or not, IF I CANT FIT INTO THIS I WILL MAKE THIS AS MY KAIN LAP KAKI. I was really pissed and walked away.

I know she is embarrassed cos I shouted at her.


  1. What kind of shallow-minded seller is that??
    Giving such harsh remarks... definitely unethical and stoopid.

    I hope her business drop dead.

    *slaps the seller a ton!*

  2. omgg! i totally despise such sellers! what kind of service is this and never, ever call your customers fat. that's honestly, the dumbest thing to do.

  3. that is seriously the stupidest thing ever. how can u run a business if you say something so absurd to your customer like that? are you trying to make some money or chasing your customer away? :S

  4. ooh..i was SS15 selling my accessories too
    tell me which booth u went..maybe i know who...

  5. how rude. high five to you for telling her off! :D

  6. Why slapping the buyer?!

    SLAP SELLER! WHOOHOOO did they even make any sales after that? We should just shut up and let the customer buy, even if we're 100% sure customer couldn't fit in. Sales maa! :P

  7. Who the hell was that?! How rude and stupid of her to do that. O_O

    I'm curious to know who it is though... Hum ho hum....

  8. haha this is super funny.

    *slap seller 100 times*

  9. A size 10 isn't even fat! Why does she even needs to diet??
    That's just stupid and ignorant.