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Rip Van Crumple

At this particular bazaar, a girl asked if she could try on a dress. The dress was clearly too small for her so I was hesitant. She begged, she pleaded. I didnt tell her she wont fit in it but figured sensibly if it cant get pass her shoulder, she wouldnt force it and just return it to me.

A long time passed and she didnt come back. I got worried. The designated changing area was very nearby so I went over to check.


I saw the dress on a sink, crumpled and ripped to shreds! The entire front portion was ripped all the way to the waist downwards and sideways (A huge inverse T rip) and the zipper was broken all the way thru. That whale was nowhere to be seen. I wouldnt be so mad if she gave it back to me and offered to pay the cost of it. I should have just told her it wouldnt fit!


  1. OMG! That is so bad! Poor u!

    But do mind me asking, which bazaar has this designated changing area? I didnt know we can try clothes at bazaars. That is so cool!

  2. Actually in most bazaars you are allowed to try on clothes provided the vendors allow you. Usual cases, changing areas are the toilets but nowadays some events do provide changing rooms (like the recent Chic Pop).

    Damn writer... this one's a little hardcore.

  3. Who's that monkey who found this funny??

  4. if i were u i'd hunt her down and demand her to pay fr it haha

  5. That's horrible. Very hardcore indeed.

    "a huge inverse T rip and the zipper was broken all the way thru" seems like it was intended and did on purpose.
    I dunno but I just have this feeling coz even if you can't fit into certain dress, it would not have ripped that way and zipper broken?

    She probably did that to vent out her anger on the seller? Maybe she had some issues with the seller? Or maybe she's just mentally disturbed and needed to rip, crumple and broke the zipper on the dress. LoL!

  6. OMG..... how the hell the whale managed to rip it like that?!

  7. basically, whales can do almost everything.... trained to do so. LOL.

  8. The only way was probably, not only did she struggle her way into the dress, however tight it was she decided to zip herself up as well resulting in the zipper breaking and her boobs and stomach burst out the front.

  9. all zoo animals especially whales should be banned from bazaars, lmao.

  10. Aww... that would be evil. To ban them. lol
    Just don't let them try on the clothes.

    Afterall, business means money. *ka-ching*

  11. omggg that's terrible! wah, it'll be quite hard for sellers to trust potential buyers now right =/
    i remember going for a bazaar in subang and they asked for my ic for them to keep if i wanted to try it in. i dont really blame them cos the changing rooms were pretty far away, but i was malas la so i just didnt try it.

  12. Hmm... a no trying policy would come in handy, no? Just my 2 cents... to protect sellers against irresponsible buyers like these.

  13. Should you ever see the cow again, scream at her and give her a piece of your mind.