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Hello? I know you're THERE!!

I bought a shorts and a bangle from this blogshop.

After confirming the availability, I banked in the amount payable to her. When the parcel arrived, I was surprised that there was only the shorts and the bangle nowhere to be seen. But the seller attached the bangle balance in the parcel, which was not a bad thing at all. But why cant she move her fingers and type me an email notifying me that the bangle is not available or has been sold? Why would she said the bangle was still available when I asked? And even though she sold the bangle before I did my payment she can easily reach me by emailing me that the bangle has been sold (though I've reserved it and I did my payment promptly).

It just takes a little courtesy to inform your buyer about her purchase. When I asked for my tracking number, she only gave me the tracking number without mentioning that the parcel will only contain the shorts. No notice, no explanation and not even a single thank you for purchasing from her.

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me before as well. I ordered and paid for a top and clincher, and only the top came. On the plastic was a barely legible message that the seller has to e-transfer another RM5 balance to me. No explanation at all until I emailed her.

    The reason she gave was that she mistook the clincher I wanted for something that she hasn't even published yet like wtf.

    And why refund part of my money in the parcel when you will need to e-transfer it to me anyway? What if the money was missing?

    And the seller also skimped on my postage. First she wanted to charge RM5 for the RM4.50 envelope, and then the RM3.50 envelope was used. If you want to charge a handling fee, then charge it, not con people!