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I sell. Not donate.

I have been selling pre orders stuff for quite sometime now and there are a few situations where i wish i could give some part of my cat's brain to my customers.

Buyer emails me along with her name address & item she wants. I reply with payment details & dateline of when to bank in.

Next day, no reply.
fine, assumed that she doesnt want it. i closed the order.

Then 1 month later..

Buyer : hi have you posted out my item ?

Hello ?! you think my blogshop is charity isit ? >.<

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  1. hi there! i really like your blog. Seriously! It makes me feel least alone as a blog shop owner and in many ways, gave me tips on how to improve my customer service. for a second, i was waiting to read how Snackfood had dissed :-) do u have a banner that i can add on my site? would love to. it's an honest account for seller and buyers online. I'll like to share with my readers.