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I have Big Big T&C

I own a preloved blogshop. What really irritates me is when buyers do not read the terms&conditions before emailing us sellers.

I find it really annoying when it is clearly stated in the sidebar (for example):
1) I don't do COD
2) I don't accept swaps
3) Price are not negotiable
4) I only have X bank

....and things STUPID people will ask:

1) Why cannot COD? I'm a student I don't have transport!
2) Hi do you swap this is my blog :
3) I really love that top yadayadaya SO CAN NEGO???
4) Do you have Y bank ??? cuz I dont have X bank!

Come on. If you're a student and you do not have transport, what makes you think that the seller is not a student and she has a transport as well? -_-"

And when it's clearly stated that we don't accept swaps then STOP asking already cos nobody wants your stupid items!

Also, when a seller states that she only has X bank don't come asking for Y bank. If you do not have X bank acc and you still want to shop, you figure a way out to make payment instead of demanding the seller to get a Y bank acc out of nowhere so you can pay. Stop being so selfish.

Sometimes as a seller I really feel like ignoring their emails hoping that these buyers realize what happened. But when you do not reply, they scold you at your tagboard, email you twice. Email you til you reply.

Seriously. Read up the T&C before you happily email people and annoy the heck out of them with stupid questions.


  1. There's always a small percentage of buyers who will do this regardless. You choose to be a seller, deal with it.

  2. haha.. yeah.. i dislike most when they ask for swap.. especially those preloved shop selling their clothings worn since they were a kid? they should just donate those clothings to charity..

  3. I'm a preloved seller too. Let me share something.

    1. COD: Yes some sellers dont provide COD but sometimes sellers goes to some shopping mall (or anywhere) which coincides with the buyer. I dont COD but there are times i go to ou/midvalley on weekends and coincidentally the buyer is also going there, so an arrangement to meet up is done. Buyers are trying their luck lah.

    2. Swaps: I dont swap too, like u said i dont want their items. But what harm is it in taking a look at what they have to offer? Once a girl wanted to swap with these super gorgeous hand drawn bags which i think is a good deal. So no harm there. But if u really dont want to, why cant u just tell them so politely?

    3. Price: This one already discussed here a billion times so no point repeating. It is buyer's nature to get the best deals. Whether u sell preloved or what buyers will almost always ask for discounts.

    4. Bank: I had a buyer asked me if i had another bank account since she wanted to pay now and was out of the way from a cash deposit machine. I dont. But i thought since she was sincere and really serious, i could borrow my bf's account for it. So sometimes buyers ask is because they're just trying their luck, maybe u can borrow someone else's or something. I dont think they meant for u to open an account at that bank.

    Look, i understand how frustrating it is as i always encounter these type of people. But u're the one who choose the gain money from selling ur used stuff online, and thank God there are people who'd still buy things other people have worn. They're doing u a favour for getting rid of things u dont want for God's sake. Be thankful!

  4. Sorry but i hv to disagree with u regarding num 4.
    Coz there were multiple times which the seller stated that they only have bank A, but since they wanted a fast transaction, and I only hv bank B, they actually helped eased my misery by using their sister's, friend's bank B account instead..

  5. agree with lame-o
    if u are too tired to explain, at least just reply"sorry, i don't do COD" or whatsoever
    n sometimes they don't do it on purpose bcos there are actually buyers who aren't familiar with blogshopping

  6. To quote yourself, nobody likes to pay for "your stupid items" either

    As above, it's always bad customer service not to reply matter how silly you may think the questions are.

  7. i was about to say the same. sayong "stupid items" just reflect u urself as a preloved seller. haha.

  8. At least got people interested in your used and "stupid items" ok. U're trying to make money from selling things that have been used and u dont want anymore and when potential buyer mail u, u get angry. Are u stupid or what? Be grateful lah. There has to simple reasons behind them doing those things u mentioned.

    Like comment number 3 said, maybe u can borrow other people's account. And discounts, that one is in buyer's nature lah. Whatever u sell sure people ask for discounts too.

    All i can see is that you're a rude, impatient and ungrateful seller.

  9. It's sellers like YOU that give other preloved blogshops a bad name. If you don't have the patience to attend to buyers, then DON'T SELL. Have you looked into the mirror lately? Think twice before you accuse buyers of being selfish and other sellers' items "stupid". Karma bites.

  10. wow. you're so stupid. so you only want to earn from people who has an account in the same bank as yours? the blogshops i frequent have at least 2 and usually more payment methods. you should be thankful that people still actually go to your blogshop, browse your "stupid items" and take shit from you since you're so effing fussy.

  11. damn funnie reading the post & comments. agree with both sides but yeah like comment #2 said, some preloved shop do sell really old.... clothes. perhaps they really worn since they were a kid? hehehee

  12. omg, u r so dumb, u sell preloved stuffs and then u call other people's preloved stuffs as "stupid items"??

    i realllllllly agree with preloved seller. some people likes to try their luck. i know some blogshops dont do swap, but i still ask, just in case luckily, if i have sumthin they've been looking for. if they still dont want to swap, they declined me NICELY. that goes vice versa. if u r seller, deal with ur customers POLITELY even if u r annoyed with them.

  13. wooh!!there u go,THINK before u SPEAK =.=