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Lingo Smingo

Don't get me wrong I do understand BM, after all I live in Malaysia and we learn BM for 12 years of our schooling life.

Sometimes i get these orders or enquiries in BM which i totally don't mind.But some of them come in short forms which i dont get at all!

Once i got this

hai sys. igt me x? btul keh ni dari ovrsea?
nk tnya leh sya dpt disk sbb ku ni nk bli lbh dari 1.
jika xleh sya bik 1 je.klu blh plZz let me know.thanxXX

I wouldnt call my BM bad.But i totally didnt understand this(besides the last sentence) and had to ask a friend to translate it for me! SO embarrassing! blush*

I guess I'm not Malaysian after all :(


  1. No babe, we are Malaysian. Its just this new age bunch nowadays that butchered our national language. Its like they are allergic to vowels...

  2. Thanks to the writer who wrote this. I've got some orders in BM too. I don't mind them using BM at all, I can even reply them in BM. Not a problem for me at all.(I got A1 for BM in SPM mind you) Just that I don't speak BM often and can't understand their every short form. It's quite frustrating sometimes that I need to guess what they are saying. Can't they just write proper BM?

  3. haha its actually bahasa pasar which is what most of us use today when we speak :) we dont type out proper sentence coz it may seem weird .

    i'm a Chinese but i speak pretty fluent bm ;i'll translate it for you :)

    Hi sayang, ingat I tak? Betul ke ni dari overseas?
    Nak tanya boleh tak I dapat diskaun sebab aku ni nak beli lebih dari satu,
    Jika tak boleh i beli satu je, kalau boleh please let me know, thanks.

    u'll get the hang of it soon :)

  4. i think 'sys' is actually means 'sis' no?

  5. hmmm.. normally i'll just reply "sorry i dont understand what you mean" cause seriously.. not everyone understand short hand especially in bm.
    i think buyers should use proper language, BM or english, especially if you're dealing with customers or sellers..

    i think bahasa pasar or whatever you call it should be kept to your own friends & families.

    no offence though. =)

  6. omg this is so true! i always get emails like that and mistaken what they are talking about, so i ended up talking about some other stuffs. :(

  7. Me thinks both parties should use and type in proper languages.

  8. the anonymous who translated it. Thumbs up!
    And I really thought that "sys" was "sis". LOL!

  9. I'm malay and i can't even understand what on earth she's saying lol

  10. thats not bahasa pasar,thats more to bahasa boyan haha

  11. lmao!thumbs up to anony2 :D

  12. bahasa boyan hahahahaa XD thats a good one!

  13. Sys = SIS kot?

    Some Malays love using 'Sis' to address someone, instead of 'babe', 'hun', 'love' etc.

    Just a thought. Nothing to argue :D

  14. Anonymous said...
    I'm malay and i can't even understand what on earth she's saying lol

    --->>> me too! haihh youngsters these days hahhaha

  15. ok what, don't think it was that difficult to understand. And i'm Chinese too.

  16. if you don't mind me barging in =)
    i think sys does means sis. maybe the translator just put in sayang so that it doesnt sound much of bahasa pasar or something, i think :D lol. but usually from where i come from, the teens usually spell sis as sys, it's like the trend to replace 'I's with 'Y's. (i guess? =] )

    just sharing my thoughts ya :)

  17. minta puji this that anonymous above,konon A1 for bm in SPM,SO WHAT?! gawd,trippin

  18. Um.. I think the A1-anon was just proving her point? I think you're the one that's tripping!

  19. amanda: I don't think she meant to show off. She was just trying to translate the sentences. Why are you so worked up about that? It's not like you can type proper english

  20. THAT'S THE THING!!! It's fecking bahasa pasar, not bahasa melayu. what an insult to the national language, especially when they claim that we can't read BM because we don't understand all that crap sys xleh bkk wtvomgwtfbbq.

  21. a seller n i get that alot too...sumtimes it'll take me at least 20mins to try n decipher that kind of messages ;D n i'm a Malay! ;p n i guess some of them like to start of the msg with sis because in the Muslim culture...they usually use that term to talk to someone they do not know :)

  22. hahahahahahahaha

    That's Bahasa Pasar..
    Use the right Bahasa Malaysia..