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I'll kill you

One day, a buyer inquired about a tee at my site. This is how the convo goes :

BUYER : Hey is tee XXX available? Sorry i can't speak fluent english.
ME : Hi, yes its still available. are you interested? Haha its okay, i can speak malay.
BUYER : Why is the tee so cheap?
ME : Because it has been worn quite a couple of times though. Don't worry, its still in good condition and if i sell it at a higher price, no one will think its reasonable.
BUYER : Haha good point. you got me! I'll kill you one day!
ME : (taking it only as a joke, feels damn scared)
BUYER : Can we hand to hand? In case its in bad condition, I can just kick you! hehe
ME : Do you mean COD?
BUYER : What is COD?
ME : Its cash on delivery. We'll meet up at a place, you pay and i'll give you the tee.
BUYER : Oh. Too much English. Stop showing off.

*the above conversation is edited in English so everyone can understand it*

She can't really speak in english (she told me that). So i communicate with her in bahasa but she insisted to reply in English. Don't mind about that lah. I tried to understand what she said anyway.

She's from perak and I'm from kl so i told her i can't make it for COD. So she said she'll take the tee but will only bank in once her salary is in on Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, i reminded her about the payment. Few minutes later, she replied.

BUYER : I banked in RM** to your account.
ME : Thank you. i'll check and send out your item asap!

A few minutes later, she texted me again.

BUYER : Hey is your account Maybank or CIMB?
ME : LOL, you said you banked in already. Its Maybank.
BUYER : Oh I was so confident that your account is CIMB. I drove to CIMB. Its okay, give me another 10 minutes.

*waited, waited* then she texted me :

BUYER : Hey, I'm so sorry i cannot buy the tee! The BOY who wants it is actually using me. If you have anymore tees for GUYS then please inform me yeah.
ME : *pissed, didn't reply*

First, its clearly a girl's tee and its none of my problem the BOY is using her. wth!? She had confirmed her order, been so rude *trying to joke around in a sarcastic way* and oh my, she's a total weirdo!!!!

I'm really scared if something might happen cuz i feel like i'm dealing with a freak! She said she's going to kill me!!! LOL. i think she's just fooling around. I think she's trying to be friendly. But it just seems so wrong!!!

It was one hell of an experience which i would never want to face again. I was just, so, so scared...


  1. haha she must really like the BOY! =P

  2. The boy was using her, and she still insisted on more guy's tees? Weird..

  3. perhaps someone's just fooling around with you. :P

  4. omg damn funny weyy! haha. i guess she's a tomboy lah. haha. there's only one person who slapped the buyer! it must be her! patheticccccc!

  5. I can't stop laughing. Gosh!