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Recently i bought two dresses from this preloved blogshop and i almost puke the moment i opened the package. I didn't know why but the stench is unbearable and it smells like cat shit! The dresses is undeniable pretty but the stench is horrible and is a lil damp. I thought that maybe the postman deliver it during rainy day but that day was so bright and sunny. So i emailed the seller and below is our conversation:-

Me: Hi gal, i got ur dresses and it's really pretty. However there is this terrible smell and it's slightly damp. Did you just wash the dresses?

Seller : Hi! I didn't wash before the clothes. Maybe i spill water on it and i need to post your clothes so is wet. Sorry.

Ok, so she wrote on her site that she wore it once for both items and she is telling me she never wash the clothes??? Its so dirty!! And she spill water on the clothes?? How can she do business like this. I know preloved items can't be in superb condition but this is ridiculous. Yuck!


  1. Wah liao... send it back with a bottle of RM5 perfume from Guardian Pharmacy

  2. Ppl like her give preloved blog owners REALLY BAD REPUTATIONS.

    What a *toooooooot toooooooot*

  3. omg. if i were you i'll throw the whole parcel away, no way im gonna wear that stinky dress man!

    to anon 2, yeahh. after hearing stories about pre-loved shops, i do srsly think twice before purchasing even if i really like their stuffs >"<

  4. agree with anon 2, preloved owner like this give bad reputation to other preloved blogshop :(

    i sell preloved clothes but i always make sure it is in a tiptop cond. it may be used but anything wrong with it, i always inform the customer.

    truthfully, it's really gross that she posted a WET dress. if i were u, i would never wear it :S

  5. beware of herpes babe..

  6. Sterilizing it seems like the best idea if you feel that throwing it away would be a waste.