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Cinderella's Stepsister

I've never had a problem with blogshop owners. The ones I've dealt with have always been courteous and proffesional. So why am I here?

Coz I was stupid enough to trust a RESELLER!

Note the difference.

Elaboration: I found these gorgeous pair of shoes on a reselling site. She was reselling them coz they were the wrong size when she bought them. Fair enough. I emailed her saying I was interested but would like to know if the size was really size xx.

She kept insisting they were but my instinct was bothering me so as an extra precaution, I asked her for the insole measurement. Then she gave me these really weird measurements that, when I measured them myself, made no sense. THAT itself should have been a warning but me being the naive, innocent person that I am, I thought she may have made a mistake.

So I emailed her again asking her if she's sure of the size. I should have smelled something fishy when she avoided the question and changed the subject.

So I paid and waited for the shoes. You can guess what happens next, right? The shoes arrived and didn't fit me AT ALL!

Apologies to my instinct for not listening to it and a major slap to that idiot, wherever she is. Hope she knows that Karma is huge bitch.


  1. Babe... sorry but I have to slap you. You knew what you were getting into with all the wrong info staring into your face.

  2. u learnt your lesson! No? SLAP!


  3. sorry i've to slap u too, writer..

    it's ur own fault for proceeding with the transaction, knowing the possibility of buying the wrong size..

    u can blame the seller for giving wrong info but she didnt force u to buy.. u still can decide to back out, yet u proceed anyway *shrugs*