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Buy the bag, Not the kitty

There are some blogshops I noticed always have pictures of the models posing with their pet dog/cat/rabbit/hamster.

I'm not an animal hater, but I don't find it appropriate to pose the clothes you're about to sell to your potential buyers with your pet, even though they are awesomely cute.
Because I don't think the seller would wash the clothes after that. What if the potential buyer is allergic to animal's fur? Or what if your potential buyer is a Muslim and you're posing the clothes/handbag with your pet dog?

Sometimes, there are even sellers who would arrange their items on the floor at home, while their pets were 'playing' with the items.

Please be a considerate seller so that we can purchase in peace.

P/S : I'm not a Muslim.


  1. Actually I can only recall ONE seller with a cat that sometimes walks pass during photo shoots... which other blog la?

  2. I didn't even think off this problem before until u highlighted it. Kudos for bringing this up =)

  3. I'm not a MuslimFebruary 25, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    jay manuel : not only ONE seller. there are quite a few blogshops like that. Cat walking passed is okay. But please don't carry them around while posing for photoshoots.

    Jean : yea.. a lot of people might find the pets cute. but it's a different story for me. well, slap me for being a hygiene freak. :P

  4. considerate shopaholicFebruary 25, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    Haha now a post about posing with pets...

    I've actually commented about this on the previous post "The annoying WANNABE model's portfolio"

    I don't find posing clothes you're selling with pets cute at all. I find it unethical. :p

    *slaps sellers posing with pets*

  5. OMG, I was just thinking about this. Modeling the items with your pets is a total no-no.

    I even commented in a blogshop's chatbox once when I saw pics of her playing with her pet dog and she graciously removed the photos. But sadly, it'll make me think twice about buying from her because (a) I'm a Muslim (I love animals but I cannot be totally sure that the dog didn't drool or something on the clothing), and (b) I'm allergic to fur. (Also, I will question the cleanliness.)

    However, there was this person who took the time to reply to my comment and gave me a "lecture" on how/when a Muslim can touch dogs, and did not see my point at all. The point is: The condition of the items are questionable when there are animals about it.

    There is a reason why some online shops state: All items come from a smoke-free/pet-free/odourless etc environment. So customers can be assured.

    It's all about being ethical.

    Kudos for pointing this out.

  6. I agreed completely!
    Myself a blogshop owner and a pet owner but i always take my pictures without my pet around.
    I understand that pets can be a sensitive issue to some but most importantly it’s the issue of hygiene.
    It wouldn't be very pleasant if a customer opens up the parcel discovering fur sticking onto the garment.
    Actually pets are merely secondary; it’s keeping the garment in perfect condition till it reaches the buyer. As much as possible.

  7. Oh so agree with Anonymous! I'm a Muslim, I know most sellers are Chinese. This 1 blog-shop had her dog sitting at the back of the picture. It doesn't even near the item, but STILL..

    There's also a Muslim blog-shop who had pictures of Shawls with her cat on TOP of the shawl. It's like... EW!!

    But now that we're complaining, we have another problem. Dog is not any around the items, but they still have the dogs. Aiyoii

    p/s: I'm not blaming non-Muslims ya. There's a lot of uncertainty in everything surround us - clothes, food etc. So need not to slap me :)