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Put them on Ice

I think all review site should stop featuring blogshops with bad reputation. Also take them off your blog rolls. A lot of us know which to avoid but there are new buyers everyday and giving these bad sellers free publicity is just encouraging them to continue to con people's hard earn money.

Teach them all a lesson they'll never forget. You dont take our money and give crap service!


  1. well, if that's the case we should also compile all the backout buyers' name and email address, and to tell all sellers to blacklist them, fair I'd say?

  2. 3 years ago that was done. It was called the Hall of Shame esp for backout buyers. Dont know what happened to it. My guess is that all of those buyers back in those days are now sellers... the bad sellers.

  3. scare don't shop online,just go shopping or boutique buy they can serve you like a king!

  4. Totally agree with 3rd anonymous. Why u all got so many complaints one. If scared, dont like, think the outfit is expensive, hates the seller, or whatsoever reason, just don buy from them la. Y want to kecoh2? If u all like pretty n good quality stuffs with damn nice sellers, go to offline boutique ok.

  5. agree,seller also human they buying stock for sell also need money how can said them con people money..nobody is born perfect 100% good attitude.

  6. This happens everywhere. Not all big brands u know out there are free of bad business ethics. Some of their customer services are like hell and yet everyone still flock them, advertising for them. Yes, the profit comes in handy for the advertisers.

    Same goes to reviewers. They get profit from advertising and writing up features for them. If that shop have bad reputations then avoid it at all cost. One should be wise enough to do research and dig up all infos before buying and falling for bad rep shops. If they do, then it's their own responsibilities.

    BUT if one is CONNING ppl's money then yes, it should be PUBLISHED to the whole world to see of what they did and should be 'put on ice'.

  7. Read la properly people... writer said sellers with bad reputation (like the Famously Bad). I dont think she's talking bout ALL sellers. I think its fair though to not give opportunities to reputably bad sellers. There are alot of good sellers out there who could use better exposures.

  8. i got to agree with annon no 3. No one asked you to purchase anything from anyone as a matter of fact. The choice is clearly yours to make and if you know that the certain blogshop has got a bad history, then stay clear away from that blogshop then. No point shutting their blog down etc.

    And i agree, if there's a need to remove those with bad reputation, then the same should be done for backout buyers. it's only fair that way. after all, each coin has two sides.

  9. conning-money sellers VS backout buyers

    which one is worse? hmmm.

  10. Both are equally bad. Both shouldn't exist at all. But the world isn't all the perfect.

    Writer's bad reputatipn is abit too wide of a scope because if she's referring to CONNING aka CHEATING people off money then yes. They must be banned/blacklisted/rot in hell. But if it's a pure bad business ethics like customer services, reservation period and etc, it's either you take it or leave it.

  11. one thing on sellers with bad reputation, sometimes I see it's like only the same old people making bad comments on a particular shop, makes me wonder if this is a personal vendetta or something.

    if got proof, then it's ok, else it's like a malicious attempt to screw other people's business only.

  12. To those who are agreeing with anon #3: So you don't care if customers are being cheated out of their money, and you are somewhat endorsing the disreputable sellers who do this by not putting an end to it? Astounding.

  13. I'm a regular reader of SLAP ME WHY DONT YOU?. I've read so many stories about how sellers cheat, lie, ffk and steal from buyers.

    Online itself isnt the safest way of shopping, bcos it involves trust in the owner and posman, using banking online (which is not necessarily safe) and many more. What more having sellers who act as though they have the ultimate power to do anything.

    Come on, do unto others as you would want others to do unto you. Why is it so difficult to run a clean and honest business? I believe that if you treat your customers well enough, karma will pay you back. Whatever reason that caused you to start an online business, be it money or passion, i'm sure you want to make lots of business and ensure loyal regular customers. Do you think that you would get any of those if you're treating your buyers like crap?

    To sellers who shits around ppl's time, money and trust:

  14. I have been a seller for quite sometime now & also a buyer for god knows how long.

    The one thing I have been noticing a lot these days is that sellers nowadays just sell for the sake of making money.
    They don't care whether you get your items safely neither do they care if you get any good services. All they know is money money money.

    Blardy irritating la these kind of sellers. Have some PR for goodness sake! Only then people will come & buy from you. Or else, we might as well buy from Sg Wang & Times Sq!

    & also it's about time the reviewers STOP reviewing blogshops with bad reps.
    come on la, you know the blogshop has a ton of complaints here & there and yet you still feature them.

    I guess we all here in the blogsphere have to open all our eyes to make sure we're not dealing with some psychopath OR conmen/conwoman.

    Sigh. Whatever happened to the beauty of online shopping :(