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Booming lot

Is anyone else getting tired of all the new reviewers popping up? Its getting a little ridiculous.


  1. correcto...and some of them have their own when ever they update and her blog got review first...
    and after a while..they come out as bazaar organizer but at the end of the day..all is a same person...
    so sad...

  2. Huish! I'm still not one of them, am i?
    *twiddles thumbs*

  3. good god, i sure hope I aint one of them too O_O
    - MSH

  4. LOL. No you're not a reviewer slapmewhydontyou!
    You're a place to rant and vent out our anger :p

  5. alrite alrite, u're not of coz =)
    Ur blog are addictive, seriously ..hehe

  6. agrees with last 2 anonymous* Even I let my bf to read some of those dramatic/hilarious posts. :P

  7. I am secretly addicted to SMWDY having the need to read new stories every morning :x

  8. Yeah yeah. Me have to agree.
    Me and my sisters spend this whole night till 4-5 am in the morning reading your previous post laughing our ass off the entire time. LOL
    Love love your blog.

  9. Lol. Me too me too! I keep sending those funny posts' links to my friends. It's a great site to pass time.

  10. yes i love slap me why don you :) i even copy paste the downright hilarious ones to my bf too :)

    good job smwdy :)

  11. *sniff* tears of joy...
    Thank you all for giving me sleepless night approving comments. Loves it!

  12. Ya..enjoy reading ur blog.Its like a daily feed. Keep it up :)

  13. hustler vendor,dont u have anythin better 2 do? cuz ur english needs a whole lot of improvement & ure always commentin is almost every single post.

  14. Some blogshops' owner become a reviewer so that they can to review their own stuff. Free advertisement! I think I know one. :p Their review blog is equal to their blogshop! So boring! Yaiks!