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I'm celebrating. You wait la

I purchased a dress from an online blogshop. Banked in on Tuesday. So I text seller ask her is it possible for me to get it before CNY as she is charging me Pos Ekspres.

Seller : Don't think so. It takes 3-4 days to arrive. Plus I'm going back hometown tomorrow (Wed). Will send out on Thursday.
Me : OK thanks, but Pos Ekspres should arrive within 2 days rights?
No reply to my text.

I understand that some might be very busy over CNY and many will return hometown.I'm fine if she told me about this but she didn't.So I waited patiently for the week after CNY.

Since Monday & Tuesday are public holidays. Wednesday passed, Thursday passed, Friday passed and no signs of my parcel. The other dress I bought 2 days after hers has already arrived. So on Friday evening I text her again about my tracking number fearing my parcel might get lost.

Me: Can I have the tracking number? I should be receiving my parcel by now as its more than a week.
Seller: Sorry CNY very busy. Will send out tomorrow. Happy CNY.

So I waited till today. No tracking number given and if the parcel was send out on Saturday, I should be receiving by now; of which I didn't.

I text her again about tracking number and there was no reply.


  1. If u rushing the dress to wear on cny u should buy directly from boutique or shopping cause online item not all can fits well some might have to go tailoring again..

  2. I don't get it...
    why you slapping the buyer...??
    she communicate with the seller but the seller didn't respond to her.please more discipline when running your business..!!keep what ever you promise you buyer...this is their money you/me/we dealing with!!

  3. Irresponsible seller! Deserves a super bitch slap! >:(

  4. My opinion i think some seller already post out the item buy is delate by post malaysia in my experience i have not all seller is bad service,so far cybershop still ok for me..

  5. RE: She replied an hour ago informing me she has JUST sent out the parcel;after the numerous texts sent.

    2 weeks for a dress... there will never be another purchase from her.If she would have replied me asking me to wait; its reasonable but she just ignore my text from last night until this afternoon.

  6. orite..slap d seller! waddabadservice~!!

  7. Me, as an online seller and buyer, i will never do that to my buyer, if i cannot manage to post on the date requested by buyer, i will just tell the buyer. But not do empty promise. Or maybe you can just direct call her to find out what is going one. Or maybe she is still away for oversea vacation.....