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UK14 is the new UK8?

It's normal for some buyers to not know their size, hence why the measurements are provided to help you decide if it's fitting.
But Miss Fatty(not her real name of cos) must have failed maths in school.

Ms Fatty: Hi, i want the Dress X. Im a UK8, you think can fit me?
Me: Yeah sure, the dress can fit up to UK10-UK12 at least. You definitely can fit.
Fatty: Okay okay, I want! My mom also wanna know if she can fit. She's bigger than me.
Me: Umm, how much bigger? If it's just by a jeans size, she must be about UK10 so I think most probably can fit.
Fatty: oooh, okay. COD can?

Then goes the whole procedure of setting COD time, date and place.

On the COD day:

I saw Ms Fatty approaching and I was shocked. She is not even a UK8 as she claimed to be. She's about UK14++. And her mom is just about UK16 i think.

First thing that came to my head was that she definitely COULD NOT fit in this dress. She would tear it apart. 

So i went up to her & her mom, and told her that i'm sorry but I dont think she can fit in the dress. Before I even continued she answered me:

Ms Fatty: You that day told me I can fit? Now say cannot! *angry face*
Me: Cos you told me you were a UK8. That is equivalent to our size M here.
Fatty's mom: My daughter can fit size M what. She got a lot of clothes at size M.
Me: Yes, but those are probably M sizes with bigger cutting. This dress is a standard M cutting.
Fatty: I am the standard M cutting. My this top which Im wearing, it's M!

In my head: WTF WTF that's an XL size.

Me: *takes out dress* See, Im not lying. I stretch it out also maximum can fit this much.
Fatty: I want to try.
Me: Im sorry dear, it's against our policy to let customers try their clothes.

(which is NOT true! I allow trying but I know for sure she'll rip the dress apart. I don't wanna take the risk)

Fatty: Then how, you wanna sell to me or not?
Me: You can buy it, but Im telling you it wont fit you cos it's an M size. Not the bigger cutting M size you're wearing.
Fatty's mom: You saying my daughter fat?
Me: No, just big-sized and this is a small sized M dress.
Fatty: Which means you say Im fat la! I wanna buy the dress!

She then shoves the money at me and she walks away with her fat mom.
How rude okay? It took me a lot to control my boiling anger on the inside.

That night, email:

Ms Fatty: You lie, it's an S size, not even M. Why you con me?
Me: I did not con you, it is an M size but you keep insisting to buy it.
Fatty: I wear M size but this is really not M size.
Me: i don't care what size you wear, but that dress is an M size and to be honest, you are an XL and your mom is an XXL so no matter what, you both CAN NEVER fit into that dress. Nextime please shop at a plus-size store or blog.

I have to admit that was a lil harsh at the end but it worked cos she stopped replying.
Seriously, they need to check their eyes (both mother and daughter) and see their REAL size in a REAL mirror. Geez!

p/s: No offense to all plus-size people who are reading this. Ive just never met anyone who wouldnt want to admit their real size and accept who they are.

Oh please...

What's the meaning of pre-loved stuffs? Second hand stuffs rite? And how can the seller sell their pre-loved items in original price? Or like RM5 lesser than that? Worse still, the stuffs has been worn before.

Please. Even a car that you only drive for a day will also get slash half the price when you resell it. seriously! What are they thinking?!

The other day I saw this dress in sunway but never got the chance to buy it because the shop doesn't have my size anymore. BUT! The other day I saw this blogshop owner selling it and its pre-loved, she said its in good condition and bla bla bla.

But to my suprise, she charge me RM58 which is RM2 lesser from the original price RM60. She said she bought it at RM69 which is like RM10 more than the original price. What a big fat liar she is! Come on. How can that be?!!!!!! I've been there and check on that dress before and it wasnt even that price!

Its ok for you to sell pre-loved stuffs but please don't con people's money and think that you can earn back the money that you have spent!

Abbreviation FAIL

Came across this blog that stated:

"Currently purple & green color are under rsvp!!! Will update everyone if on the stock replenish!!!"

Hahaha... As far as I can remember, RSVP ≠ reservation. And what's with people who thinks that BTW = between?

Thank you for the discount

I love it when seller are being easy and generous. the other day i banked in a wrong (less than the correct amount) to a seller and she doesnt even make a big deal of it. she was like, "nah, that RM5 is nothing. by the way thanks for being a buyer. you are awesome."

Oh well dearest, you are awesome too. I heart your blog much much more after this.

Why oh Why

Seriously i don't understand why do people like this even exist in this world. I had a buyer who wanted something from my blog. However, item was sold to another person earlier and this person banked in the money already. So i told her item is sold out and will refund the money to her so i asked her to provide her bank in details. FEW weeks no reply and suddenly she replies,

Customer: May i ask have u return my payment for XX
Me: Babe, we email u couple of weeks ago twice asking you to provide us ur bank in details but u didn't.

NO reply again....and after 1weeks plus she replies

Customer: you still haven't refund my money. Acc number XXXXXXX

WTF?????? Seriously??? Really? What's wrong with her? I got pissed off and replied

ME: For the 3rd time how are we going to refund to u when u didn't even give us ur bank in details. Will do it tmw. tq


Dont want to follow you

Why are new blogshops keep sending out emails to join/follow them on blogspot and facebook?

And these people are persistent too i must say. They sent me these requests more than once, even after i denied they're request.


So sellers, new blogshop owners, send those requests if you want, but send them out ONCE is enough. If you keep sending me these unwanted requests and emails, i will spill.

I hate your inactivity

Don't you just hate it when the blogs are inactive but you still see these purrty pics in their blogs going at suchh looowwwww rates?

Why cant these people just take off everything in their blog, or post an entry saying that they're no longer running this business.


and dont you just hate it when the owner of the blog, SWITCHES OFF THEIR CELL,
but updates their blog?

hmm. guess they don't want my money. too bad.

I'm smarter than you!!

Some people think that we sellers are stupid. Mind you, we do keep track of blacklisted buyers. Using a different e-mail address with the same name (yes SAME name) and enquiring about the same item you backed-out half a year ago don't make you any smarter.



What would you do if your friends want to buy some of the clothes you're selling but then ask you to keep it for them till the next time you guys meet up but when that time comes they say they're not interested anymore?

Back out buyers are one thing, but back out friends are so much harder to deal with.

To hell with bidding

I am so annoyed with this particular seller.

She's selling preloved items on her blogshop. It's not a famous blogshop and neither are her preloved clothes very nice. But I saw an item which I had been looking for everywhere, and she's selling it 30 bucks cheaper than what I expected. So i emailed her and expressed my keen interest in that item.

She told me that it's available and gave me the bank-in number to proceed with payment.
At that moment when she replied regarding payment, I was watching Oprah, away from my computer. An hour later after the show ended, I checked my mail. I saw that she sent me second email, within 30 minutes from her first email.

It said:
Hey sorry dear, there has been another 2 interested buyers too. So the fairest way for me to sell it is to have a bid, biggest bidder gets it. Buyer A bidded RM60 (the item's price is RM50) and Buyer B bidded RM90. What's your bid?

Seriously WTF.
How can she suddenly get two interested buyers within 30 minutes, coincidentally? The item was posted since Dec 2009 last year so why only now got so many people grabbing it? And Buyer B had made a RM30 increment from Buyer A's bid, who's so stupid to bid RM30 higher? Usually bidders will play the RM2-RM5 bid, not RM30!

Suspecting foul play, I emailed her using my sister's email as another interested buyer for that item.
True enough, this cheater replied saying that the item is available and sent her bank-in number. And after 20 minutes, she sent another email, now with 3 bidders. Buyer C (which is me I suppose) is said to have made a RM98 bid. (WTF?!!)  I have not even replied her with any bids yet. What a cheater.

I replied her with my own email:
Hey, Im not going to bid for this item because you're a nasty cheater. So no thanks, Im not interested anymore. I dont think Buyer A or Buyer B even exists.

Seller replied:
Hello, how can you call me a cheater. I named them Buyer A & B cos I cannot reveal their names to you, it's ethics okay! Don't wanna bid then dont bid, I have two people bidding against each other now.

My reply:
Ethics? You're a cheater with no ethics. Wanna cheat people's money at least be smarter next time. You want proof? I have all your CHEATER emails from my email and [sister's email]. Yes, both emails are from me, that's how I know you're cheating. You dare deny that fact?

Seller's reply:
You're such an unethical buyer. I replied [sister's email] that it was available cos you did not reply and I thought you don't want it. And the other bidders stopped bidding for a while so I thought they didnt want to bid already.

The how can she reply my sister's email with Buyer A B and C bidding?!

My reply:
You're the unethical one and you dare deny it and twist the story when facts dont even add up. You're a super cheater and a lousy liar. Your lies are such an insult to my intelligence. Give me anther half-assed reply and I'll make sure everyone knows about you and your lies. I have a very active blog in the blogging community.

And she hasn't replied since.
I bet she googled my blog through my email and found out that I am actually one of the top bloggers around.
Seriously people, don't ever BID for preloved items, it's just not worth it.


Just for LOL sake. :P

I just came across a blogshop selling some nice tops, but when the material of the top stated, got me laughing out loud.

Material: Rubber (like wth?? lol)

I think the seller meant to say it has garters or probably has a smocked back? :p

You pay? Yes, you PAY!

I'm a seller and this one time a seller emailed me, wanting to swap links. She asked me to put up her banner and since she attached her banner link and url, i did so. I replied and told her that her shops banner is up and gave her mine to put up at hers. She then told me to put up my banner at her blog i had to pay a certain amount of money for a certain period.

Since she was selling something not of my interest, i didnt visit her blog at first. But after her replied i checked and sure enough there were various prices for differently placed banner space and different durations. Of course i didnt want to pay her, as she's not even a reviewer and her blog is considerably new (or not famous since i only know about it after her email). Meaning, why spend money when traffic is not guaranteed right? So i told her i didnt want to pay but she keep pestering me by emailing me a few times a day about it.

So i removed her banner and a day later she emailed me scolding me for removing her banner and said that "dont blame me for the way i run my blog. u want adveritising space, u pay. just cos ur blog is not like that u dont have the rights to remove my banner as u like".

I mean, she's the one wanting to exchange links first and even have the cheek to charge people for it. Then keep forcing me to pay up and when i remove her banner she gets all angry at me. Ok, so maybe its my fault i didnt inform her i was going to remove her banner. But at first i didnt even mind having her banner at my blog although she's not gonna link me. But after emailing me asking for payment so many times, it gets really annoying.

Ergh! I'm not the type that pays reviewers for ad space but i dont mind paying them since at least can help with traffic. But paying another seller who demands it is ridiculous, especially since she charges quite high.

Amnesia Struck her?

I had this client who texted me when i was out of the country enquiring about a certain item. She was interested in the item and wanted to meet for cod, i told her "sure, im coming back in two days and i asked her if she could wait". She replied me"yes, sure"

Then the next sms i got was her asking "what time should we meet 2day?" So i told her i am actually in bangkok now and that i can't meet up with her 2day. She den had the nerve to call me a liar (because i didin't inform her that i was not in the country) and told me to go to hell & told me not to have a business if i didin't know how to run it.

I double checked the smses, and low and behold i clearly told her i was not in the country in the first place. *Mind you, i was even going to go to shah alam for cod,when i live very far from there* Here's the kicker, she actually just text me regarding the SAME item with the SAME number.

Ignore or forgive & forget?

Updates #3

This is the author of 'New Products'. That post was meant to be a LOL sort of post but a reader has left a comment which prompted me to check out the site (even though I received the spam mail, I did not browse through the site because I choose not to shop from blogshops which send unwanted e-mails).

The comment reads:

"...i also think that the seller of that blog selling her own pre-own clothes because most of her pictures also from other blog shop or from offline boutiques. don't you agree?"

After browsing the site, I have to say, I do agree with the commentor. Her pictures are from everywhere and she usually only has one piece/size/colour per item, and there's no consistency to the style of her items, which makes me conclude that she's selling all her pre-loved stuff. I have nothing against pre-loved stuff; in fact, I think pre-loved blogshops are great. But what irks me is the fact that she says they are 'all brand new items with their own tags & plastic bags provided by the supplier'.

I'm not necessarily right, but what do you guys think?

Mail me at if you'd like to know the blogshop name.

* Editor's note : Sorry babe, I knew I missed out one post entry.

Bless this Noob

I own a blogshop and today i got email..

"Hi.. im really interested in the clothes and I want to purchase xx and yy. But, I dont know to use the atm machine. Can u please email me a step by step process on how to bank in money. Thank you"

hahaha.... Bless her.. But, i helped her anyways..LOL.



A reader has been going around harassing a blogshop because I refused to publish a post that the reader sent to me about that blog. Why?

I DONT PUBLISH ANYTHING THAT REVEALS THE BLOG/PERSON'S NAME! You screwed up with your submission. Dont go blaming others.

Yes, this is a site to rant. ANONYMOUSLY! Identity revealing is done behind closed doors. COMPRENDÉ?

You want to talk to me, I have an email address you can use and abuse. Dont need to speak to me through someone else's chatbox. Let's grow that hairy chest of yours shall we girl? Want to slap me? Come reveal yourself la...

Drop Dead Gorgeous

I've been selling online for many years, but this is my favourite ever question. Ever.

"Has this been worn by a dead person?"


I bought a dress from a blogshop but it doesn't fit me so I sold it off at SG. The thing is, the buyer who bought from me keeps saying she didn't receive the item, tho I've checked from the courier service many times that item had been delivered to the add given.

What do u all think? She asked for a refund, but the courier service really had delivered the item. Sigh.

Where were you 4 months ago?

What i'm facing is this buyer 4 month already only mail me she didn't get her parcel, why she don't want mail me within 3 days went she didn't receive the item?

Now the item already send back to my place and post center put a dead letter for it.

The buyer also stupid she reply me she don't know where to collect her parcel? The parcel was send to the address she provide in the orderform.. did she check her mail box? She should check her mail box if she buying thing online waiting the stuff arrive right?

Your nose is pointing to high now

I've bought from this blogshop for a couple of times before.  Back then, she was still selling contact lens and pre-order bags.  Recently, she updated with many pre-order items which included clothes as well.

I have to say, the pictures feature Korean girls and without any real pictures of the items themselves.  However, I commenced with my order and bought more than RM100.  Normally, other blogshop owners are more than willing to provide free postage.  However, she was not relenting and i paid for postage which was around RM15. 

Oh well, it was pre-order then so I knew the items will take quite some time to arrive.  Until one day, I received a parcel in brown paper (those type of mahjong paper) and the parcel was in crumpled and bad shape.  I opened up to find my clothes in there.  To my horror, the material of the clothes (5 of them) were totally different from what she told me.  Worst of all, one of my item was not in. 

So I emailed her and she told me that her supplier has ran out of stock.  She also said that I can choose another similar price item and I still had to pay for postage.  I mean like, she could have told me earlier and refunded.  But no, I had to ask her to refund me instead and she requested my account as if she was mad at me.

Seriously, I do not understand some people.  She was so nice in the beginning when I used to buy lens and bags from her.  But, considering that her business has expanded she loses business ethics and good communication skills.  There is no need for you to be arrogant just because you're earning big bucks. I swear I'll never buy from her anymore.  Bad service!!!!

Just a number

The other day I saw a blogshop selling a red and white floral dress and a Burberry shade. Its nice so I actually send an email to the owner.

After a few days, no reply. So I decided to check the blog again and try to find whether is there any other way to contact her because I really do love the dress and the shade. Lucky me, she did stated her mobile number. In addition, beside the number she said she prefer to be sms.

So, alright I sms her asking her bout the measurements and everything. but until now, its been 4 days. She did not reply a single thing to me.

Hello?! sms reach instantly wan rite? If you dont want to do business please close down your blogshop, need not waste other people's time!!

Guess what's in front

A bareback dress caught my eyes. Scroll down to see more pictures but the seller failed to post a picture of the front dress. There were pictures of the back of the dress, the padded shoulders, but none for the front of the dress. 

How? I know the back of the dress looks nice and sexy but what about the front part? haih.

Ferocious Me Status :

Darlings... If any of you need to talk to me, please la email me. See side bar? Got email address. Don't la send me questionnaires via the slap me form. That thing has no email address... so how am i suppose to reply you guys?

Still cant find my email address at the side bar?

Nah :

Damn, my prowess in Queen Mother England's language has successfully gone down the pipes today.

Who needs a slap?

Update : I am STILL getting questions from the slap me form. I hope you all are not expecting any answers from me because I REALLY cannot help you if you keep sending me questions via the form. *ARGHHH*

Oh wise ones needed #7

Last week i've made an order for some US spree stuffs at a blogshop. The owner is a malaysian residing in canada and she was nice. After i confirmed my orders, i paid deposit to her. at first she said its all excluding shipping since i agree to wait her to come back to malaysia this july and COD for all items. 

After she quoted the prices, she added RM80 for shipping. I was shocked because of the large amount that i have to pay and then i politely tell her that i have to cancel my order since at first she stated no shipping fee will be charged and the total was wayy cheaper. After that, she lower down the shipping for me to RM20 for all items. Which is a good thing but unbelievable that someone would've done that to some first time buyer right?

And so after i reconfirmed my orders again, i paid deposit to her account. happy happy.

Its been four days now and she still haven't replied my mail. usually i sent her mails on quotations and the next morning i'll get her reply. She replies my mail everyday. but now, its been four days since i mailed her regarding my deposit payment and still i didn't get any replies.

I'm scared that she might be a con artist or whatnot since i ordered lotsa stuffs and i paid deposit too. I wanna mail her again but what should i say?

More postage issues

How come i came across this blogshop charging pos express for RM6? I haven't bought from her before so i was wondering if some of you know about this blogshop. Did the seller send the item to you using the RM6 pos express thick box or just the usual A4 sized envelope? Its normal for people to charge RM5 for the A4 sized pos express envelope but this is RM6 :S

I also hate it when they mark up poslaju prices up to RM7-RM10 instead of only RM6. Yes, i've found a blogshop putting RM10 for poslaju. and stated there only for 1-2 clothes. What the.. RM10 is usually for bags and shoes! Heavy items. you can go to to check the rates so you won't get cheated.

And this particular blogshop also do COD. Stated COD "HOTSPOTS". As i know, hotspots are places which are near to them and all but the minimum charge written there was RM5. Followed by RM6 and RM7. Stated for petrol. All the HOTSPOTS are nowhere near her place is it that she had to drive so far until costs too much?

Sigh.. i see nothing close to convenient at her shop la.

Her items was sooo nice but i still don't have the 'guts' to mail her because i'm scared of the postage fees she's charging @.@ i live nearby one of her COD hotspots but still, don't think i'm gonna pay up to RM7 for COD.

New Products

The most entertaining (but still annoying) spam mail I've received yet:

'New In BlogshopX Imported BABIES + Crazy Clearance !! Grab Fast !'

Wow, blogshops nowadays are really branching out eh?


If you missed the comment in "Business Still Business" post below, do take a read at this blog post. Now I dare put this here because there's a police report attached so this is not to be taken lightly.

*rawr* Ferocious bites!

Oh wise ones needed #6

Recently, a girl inquired about several items in my shop. 'A' is available while the rest are preorder. I actually have another item (B) available which I wanted to keep for a special occasion (brand new, tag still attached). But I thought that since this buyer most probably would purchase A and B together, I told her that those 2 items are available.

After that, she only confirmed for B (the one that I wanted to keep).

I'm now in a dilemma. I was only willing to give up B because I thought she wanted to purchase A as well. Since she only wants B now, I am really hesitant to sell it off.
What should I do?? :(



Tell me exactly what's the point of this particular seller is trying to do when she posted an item in a post and then stated the status SOLD TO MYSELF?

What's not REAL?

As a seller, I post all measurements on my post, sometimes in cm/inches.

countless of times.. i get emails asking:

Buyer: Can I have the REAL measurements for item XXX?


Can you give me the measurements in inches? I'm not too sure bout the measurements in CM.

Okay, Please tell me, What is REAL measurements? The measurements i provide is Fake is it????

as for the inch/cm thing, buyers can always google to convert it right??

Yes, Slap me if you think I'm being Annoying.

I'm no seamstress

I bought this top from what seemingly to be listed as 'popular' blogshop so i expected the service and quality of clothes to be good.

Service meaning by checking the clothes thoroughly before sending it out, BE HONEST, replying e-mails efficiently and answering in a polite manner.

In my case here, i am referring to the first 2 points. I got the top and as always checked it thoroughly. Sigh what a huge disappointment it was! the seams at BOTH the sleeves area are already coming off. It is like those where you pull the thread and the whole thing will come off.

Thus, i quickly mailed the seller telling her about it and she requested for photos. So i snapped pics and mailed her again - all done within mins. then she replied me asking me to sew it myself -_-

The hell? So i paid so much and in the end, gotta sew it all by myself?! Are you kidding me? and that kinda defect obviously needs a sewing machine cos if you were to hand-stitch it, it will turn out really ugly. I told her all that and she said it is possible to stitch it myself. Gaahhh!!!

I continued to examine the top and found another defect; HOLE at the sleeve area -_- i mailed her again and this time, she mailed me back asking me to send the item back to her and that she already called the supplier to check if there is anymore stock. she told me the supplier said "that item already sold out so can't exchange for you"

So fine lor, not like i can do anything about it. truth be told, i love that top but with so many defects i cant possibly keep it anymore and it isn't that cheap either. But you know what pisses me off? she said the supplier told her that "item already sold out so can't exchange for you" right???

I told my friend to email her to ask about the SAME top as well and LO AND BEHOLD LADIES, she told my friend it is restockable!!! I don't understand why does she have to tell lies, srsly.

When my friend told me that, i mailed her again asking, "the item not restockable at all ady eh? really love that piece la but sadly got so many defects T_T" well, she didn't answered that question of mine.

Darn it, I am so pissed way beyond belief. I really really loathe sellers who tell lies. SO DAMN BLOODY UNETHICAL OKAY!?

Business still Business


I have read one of the case from other website.

Buyer purchased item from seller few times. Everything run smooth, until the 3rd transaction...
Buyer ordered items cost around more than RM150. And need the item urgent on Monday as is present for someone (dunno sister or friend. But only can make payment on Monday, because Monday is her Pay Day, and she do not want to disappoint the person by give the present late... ...and she beg the seller so hard...and seller thinking that no problem deal with her in previous transaction. At the end, willing to post out the item on Friday, so the item can reach on Monday.....and then bingo....after Monday, Tuesday.......Friday, no reply, respond, payment from the buyer at all....till few weeks still no payment.

Lucky that i've read this case.. As after that, i have a similar case too..
This buyer purchase from me 2 times, every time cost more than RM100 too..until the 3rd transaction.
She used to make payment from same bank. So immediately i can check the payment. But the 3rd transaction is like, she agreed to buy the item on Wednesday, but no respond on Thurday, and suddenly on Friday morning, email me said made payment from CIMB bank. And tell me that she need the item urgent must post out on Friday, and want the item reach on Saturday, as it is for someone.
I tell her politely that i cannot post item without payment fully cleared in my account (as it cost more than RM100). She said the payment is confirmed in my account already, and just take sometime to clear.

I tell her if Saturday cleared, i will post out the item immediately.
But, she keep begging, please this and that...i still refuse to post the item out without the payment.
She blamed on me that why i cannot trust her that she already paid ( as she cannot provide me proof of payment). And she said since we both have dealing few times d, thought no need proof of transaction. And said that she really need this item urgent.

I asked her back why she cannot pay the same day (Wednesday) when she confirmed her order and delayed until Friday and paid from CIMB since she need the item so urgent.
and she replied that she was busy until forgot...bla bla bla...
But at the end i still no post the item out, even she have scolded badly in email. And no payment on Satuday too. As the previous case i read from other website, i do not want to take any risk too...
Lastly, the payment cleared on Tuesday morning..which takes longer than usual...


Touch up please!!

I just saw a blogshop selling new stuff and currently their new post is on shoes. but, pardon me but the model's legs are awful! mcm ada kudis! can't she at least cover them up? wear socks or apply concealer or something? or get another person to model the shoes?? I'm sorry but i find this quite disturbing.

I know people keep saying what matters is the stuff their are selling. not the model. but honestly, i don't buy that crap. there are reasons why models are pretty.

*slap me if you want but you know im right

Super wrong impression

Couple of days ago I was having a girls day out with this girlfriend I havent seen in a while. While chilling at Starbucks, she showed me this foreign website that sells shoes. I wouldnt say spectacular but she was going goo goo ga ga over it. Expensive too... after conversion, bout RM130 without postage!

Then she showed me this local blogshop that sold similar shoes for slightly cheaper price and she was telling me she wanted to make a few orders already. I was kinda taken aback cos that blog was a popular screw up, a huge disgrace to the blogshop industry really. I warned her, "eh this shop bad reputation leh!"

"Why bad?"

Haiyar... she's probably not used to shopping online like me so she probably doesnt know that shop's history. So I was telling her the times where lots of people complain about wrong sizes, not showing up for COD and zero after sales service blah blah blah.

To my surprise, my friend went "Yeah lor! She send me wrong size top before and never reply my emails after that!"

"Huh, then why do you still want to buy from her?"
"Oh... not all online sellers like that meh?"

o.O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I wanted to choke her!! but alamak... poor thing, she really doesnt know much about this online shopping world though she has been shopping online for the last year. Makes me wonder if she has met ANY good sellers to want to go back to a bad seller.

As they are please

Has it ever occurred to sellers that you just need to name your clothes AS THEY ARE. Like if its a pink ruffle top, just say la PINK RUFFLE TOP. Dont have to be fancy smancy like Cascading Waterfall of the Amazon or Jazabelle Dolly Top or something out of this world.

See? If i google what I want, then I can get hits, right? Why would I pick a name out of the clouds to google? Not logic...

Like its not hard enough to search thru 578 blogshops already. Please save the creativity for your future kid's name.

The Kepoh Detectives

I once had a seller who asked me millions of personal questions,
such as where was I from, why is my name like that and etc etc etc
I didn't mind answering them so we exchanged a few friendly emails as apparently we both came from the same state so we chatted about the local food and stuff

Then she became annoying with her questions, she started asking when did I start my blogshop and I said the beginning of x month and then she retaliated by saying "How I saw some posts from a month before? teehee"

I was gobsmacked. I mean what do you want me to say if you saw it already? Already know still want to ask?

I wanted to say "well yea that was when I just set it up but never really began my business etc" but I couldnt be bothered

after that she still kept confronting me with questions that put me on the spot to answer....
I couldn't be bothered to reply them..
Since when were there kepo detectives on patrol?

No internet

So im a blog owner that sells pre-loved items. Last week, a customer showed interest in one of my item which cost RM XX and we exchanged a number sms-es.

Problem started when i told her that the total charges was RM XX + rm4.50 for pos ekspres. She told me she wanted to save money and demanded for parcel delivery.  I told her i didn't do that and i prefer to use pos ekspres as it is more convenient and faster but she insisted again and again she wanted the end we agreed on registered post as she insists on saving that few ringgit.

So i agreed, and gave her my maybank acct number and asked her to drop me a msg when she has made payment. the next day she sms-ed me saying she has banked in thru cimb - that was a friday. So i told her i will make delivery when im sure payment has been made which will probably be the next tues or wed.

On monday, she sms me asking if i hv received payment and i told her i have checked and i hv yet to receive any payment. thats when she told me "i only paid u RM XX laaa" (tht means she only paid me the price of the top and none whatsoever for the postage fees -.-) so i told her i do not offer delivery and asked her politely to bank in the postage fees and this time to show proof of payment either by print screen or any other methods as long as there is proof. she replied me by saying

"i cant do that. i dont hv internet"

O.o!!! if u didnt hv internet how did u do online shopping in the first place?

so till now i have yet received her payment and she has stopped replying my sms-es. blog owners, what wld u do in my position if she insist on me making delivery even when she hv not made payment? i do not want to be accused of cheating her off her money but i cant make delivery either as i will make a loss if i do. what will you do?

Editor says "Brace yourself girlfriend..."

I have bought few cloth from one blogshop, and the seller is quite friendly at first. but when i receive the clothes, i found two of it is not suit for me. Its like teenager wearing, so i wanted to resell it at Shopping Gazebo, but i need the original post picture. So i find in the blogshop, but the seller already remove it.

Therefore, i mail her and asked for the photo. But she reply her computer is broke down. Her reply

"Hello, my hard disc broke down and my desktop now cannot be on, until the new hard disc reached. There is no way for me to do that for you. I lost all my records and albums as well. I've answered you that I've no copies of them right now already except those I still can save back and back up from my own blog shop."

But i still seeing her renew her blog quite often. Don't know what to say, it's just a simple thing, to provide the picture but she refuse...

Slap me if you want, but what do you think?

Oh so luxurious... ptui!

Omg , i'm a massive online shopper and i know most updates and probably can be a reviewer myself ! silly silly me !

I bought this dress which was awesome. Its was RM7x , pretty pricey eh but the seller assured me it was imported and part of some luxurious boutique collection and discounts or free postage wasnt possible..fine ! i wanted that dress soo bad i didn care !!!!

I got it ! yey

Yesterday wen i was bored and browsing, i saw the same dress on another "not so famous" blog for RM 45 !

I wanted to cry i tell u ! arghhhhhhh kena CON kau kau ! Luxurious collection my ASS !

Sellers: pls dun come and hao siau us ! Sooner or later we all find out... ish !

* Editor's note : What's hao siao?

Geographical Doofus

I'm closet clearing (and broke) so i was selling off everything unworn and brand new i cud dig up.. there is this pair of shoes, new, unworn , sparkling. I even snapped a pic of the bottom just to prove its new. Fine.

Then i get a email from this girl in Johor who wants the shoes. As i love shoes , i hate it wen i get a pair and they dont fit. So i exchanged few emails wit her reminding her its size 6, measurements, if ur a vincci 6 shud be alrite blah blah blah just to be sure and also to avoid headache.

She said "YES im vincci 6 , sure 100& can wear !"
So i was like *phew, that was easy


So i emailed her my banking details and told her i need to use poslaju coz im sending her the shoes in the pos laju would be RM6 which i think is ok considering the box is big and usually cost around RM8 for big parcels.. then all hell broke loose..

Buyer: OMG , poslaju soo exp ! there is no point i buy prelove shoes but the price so exp

Me: i'm sorry but its fixed by the pos office , not me. Besides the shoes i'm selling for exactly half price as when i bought it..hope you understand

Buyer : ok fine ! in that case i wan COD , wen can u meet me ? this weekend...

Me : (checks her address) ummmm , ur in in KL.. i dont think thats gonna happen.. sorry to say but the only way to send u the shoes is by postage..


Buyer : so ? okla, watever ya...since u need help clearing your closet, i will still buy the shoes, also with postage... i will bank in RMxx + RM4 for the postage..pls use pos ekspress...its cheaper and i dun wan to waste money on postage..not worth it..

Buyer banks in the amount as she stated into my bank account..

Me: Sorry but can u pls explain to me how am i gonna fit SHOES into a POS EKSPRESS envelope.. ? its not flats, its high heels ! anyways, jus to make ur life and my life easier, i have sent the parcel wit poslaju to the address u gave n u should be receiving it tomorrow or day after if all goes well.. thanks

(wats another RM2 la)

Buyer: Pls make sure correct address ya, the Johor one.

Me: *ignores*

Dood ! COD in Johor when i'm in KL ! hilarious bollocks !
I hope she doesnt visit the blog again , headache sial !
Some ppl are just sooooooooo stupid its crazy ?
JOHOR & KL is over 300KM's away doofus
and shoes in pos ekspress, thats new !

Is it still new?

i don't get the point of blogshop selling brand new items but the fact they modeled it.
Is that consider as brand new items?

I love Porn

I recently came across this blogshop/blog selling pre-loved stuff with the weirdest name ever. It's basically the owner's name followed by the word "HAMSAP DIARY". For the some of you who don't know what hamsap is.. it basically meant EROTICA (I got it from her blog).

I also noticed that her email has the word "KINKY" in it. Curious, I went to click about her site and worst still, in her ABOUT THIS BLOG column .. she publicly declared her love for pornography and how she'd exchange them with her guy friends. She refer to herself as ******* the hamsap girl.

How inappropriate is that? I understand that it is partly a personal blog but please ... can you create another for selling stuff?

I feel so disgusted.

So pointless

I hate it when blogshops post pictures with models that have LONG hair covering the neckline of the dress.
AND! Those who take pictures using mirrors with the cameras held in front AND covering the front part of the dress.

So annoying. Grr.

Just DO IT

Im one of the sellers for pre order blogshop & have been running it for quite a while.

One thing I don't get is pre-order does mean that the items are not ready stocked & it has already been stated clearly as PRE ORDER.

So why does some buyers are still so dumb by asking whether the item has arrived on the next day when it obviously clearly written that it takes a month ? o.O

EEK ! Slap me please. Just do it.

Your Great Wall Skin

I own a pre-order blohshop selling t-shirts for men and women. I started over a month ago and business is really great. Few days ago, a girl emailed me...

Her: Hi. Is this blogshop yours? Who is your the supplier? I understand if you do not want to tell me. I'm just asking out of curiosity. I love your stuffs and I wanna start my own business also. I wanna sell the same thing you're selling but at the same time I don't want to be your competition. Hehe!

Me: Hello. I am afraid I can't tell you who my supplier is. But thanks for liking my stuffs anyways :)

Her: Oh please, please, please tell me! I really wanna know! Or at least let me work with you? We'll share the profits together!

Me: ... Sorry, I really can't tell you.

Her: OK OK. How bout like this. I will buy the shirts at RMXX from you. Then I will sell it at the same price as you state on your blogshop.

Me: Er, I'm selling at RMYY. and if you wanna buy you'll buy at RMYY also.

Her: Then how do I get the profits?? I can't get any profits if i buy at RMYY. How much do you earn? How much are your profits?

Me: How much I earn is strictly confidential. You can sell it off at whatever price you desire. up to you. it's your blog.

Her: Fine. I want you to sell it to me at RMXX.

Me: I can't do that.

Her: OMG PLEASE LA. I need to earn also what!

Me: ...... *ignores*

I seriously don't know what to say to her anymore...

Wash your dirty mouth!

Last month there's a buyer who buy a pair of preloved pump from me. The price is RM40 including postage & its PRELOVED.

Yesterday when I post a discount announcement about my preloved shoes, she make a havoc by telling one of the review blog asking me to stop selling dirty shoes. I was like WTF??? The shoes is in good condition by the time I posted to her & she was trying to ruin my business by telling everyone that I am selling dirty shoes!

And the shoes is PRELOVED dear. Which mean been used before. So, if there's a little bit of dirts & stuff, its normal. You are willing to wash shoes you bought from bundle but when it comes to blogshop, you talk to much.

Why only yesterday? Why not from the first day she received the shoes which is last month?


I am a seller who also caters to international customers. They pay me through a third party company which specializes in managing funds and most sellers use their services when dealing with international customers.

The problem started when I wanted to withdraw all the funds into my bank account. As withdrawals below RM400 will be charged a fee and will take 2 -3 working days, I want to compile all my funds together and withdraw it at 1 go. There is no option for me to convert the foreign currencies into MYR currency. So I emailed their customer service personnel to get them to help solve my problem. I did this once before so I thought everything would be a breeze like the first time around.

But this time, instead of receiving an email informing me that the action has been performed for me, I received an email telling me I can perform the action myself. They included the step-by-step instructions as well. I followed it step by step but got stuck at one point as the instructions were wrong.

So I politely emailed them again that I received the wrong instructions. This time they replied with the correct instructions. But there's one tiny little problem:
There is no option to convert into MYR currency.

I even emailed them a print screen of the list of currencies I can convert to so that they can see I really can't perform the conversion by myself.

The next email I got was what got my blood boiling.

"As you mentioned that you have met trouble when you tried to convert your SGD to your AUD, you want to check how to solve it. let me explain it to you."

I want to convert my AUD and SGD into MYR currency so that I can perform a one-off withdrawal to my MALAYSIAN bank account! Not SGD into AUD or AUD into SGD!!!

At this point, I was really frustrated and I sent them an email with exclamation marks and CAPS.
I really do hope that time time, they will help me solve my problem instead of emailing me again telling me I can perform it myself. My actual reply:


Yes, I desperately need assistance from someone who understands what my real problem is!
Please read my email carefully before replying me!
I DO NOT want to convert my SGD into AUD!
I have very well sent almost 7 to 8 emails now to settle such a simple problem!
I want to convert my AUD and SGD into MYR currency so that I can perform a one-off withdrawal to my MALAYSIAN bank account!
I do not understand why it is so hard for your personnel to understand this.
I will summarize what I want for the last time:
I want to convert my AUD & SGD currency into MYR currency. I cannot perform this transaction on my own as my account has no such option to convert my balances into MYR.
So PLEASE do it for me as soon as possible!
It has been several days now and all I've been getting are emails saying I can do it myself but the problem is, I can't!!
If I can, i would have done it myself without asking for help.

Thank you."

Another thing is, all the replies will be from a different employee each time. I don't understand why one person cannot follow up with me.

If I receive one more email giving me the step by step instructions or telling me I can do it myself, I will really vomit electric this time.

Are you that free?

I have a blogshop running for 1 year last week. SO there was a banner saying 1st Anniversary & stuff.

A buyer then emailed me, are u sure one year dah? But why your items only showing from February. You're lying to all your customers.

HAHAHAH so funny. Fyi, i delete my sold out items. I dont want to confuse others. & she thinks im lying. I certainly not a liar & i delete old posts.

Thank u. Suddenly want to accuse people -.-

Double it!

One day, i got an order from a customer. She wanted item X so badly. She even told me to wait for her to bank in the money since she's been really busy. She sounded so keen so I said ok lah, i'll wait. & suddenly, she went MIA for about a week 5 days like that. I emailed her a few times, asking whether she still wants it or not but no reply :S So I released her item, obviously. I sold it off. After a few days, I saw 'extra' money in my bank. I was like 'HEH?' & the MIA girl told me she has banked in the money.

ME : 'OH im sorry but the item is sold out, you went MIA & didnt reply my email, im sorry, i'll refund your money or maybe u can pick something else'


ME : But you didnt reply my emails & u went MIA for a week plus. There were buyers waiting for the item & im sorry I cant refund u double, i will only refund u the total of money you banked in.

MIA girl : YOU SHOULD BE BANNED. I WANT THAT ITEM! Ask the previous buyer to send back the item to you & i'll buy !!

ME : I'm sorry I cant. It's your fault not mine. You left me hanging. I've been really nice to wait fr u to bank in the money. Some blogshops only give 3 days. Im truly sorry.

MIA girl : STUPID. I insist double ! Here is my account XXXXXXXXXX. I expect to see the money in double amount by tonight !!!! I HOPE NO ONE WILL BUY STUFF FROM U ANYMORE. BANKRUPT !!!

I didnt reply. She is so scary :S IDK whats wrong with her D: Is it my fault or hers? :( But i feel bad though D:

Let's make it a breeze

I have a blogshop and i sell lotsa things. dresses, tops, pants, etc. I'm a muslim and its a must for us to protect ourselves by wearing shawl, long sleeves and all. I sell sleeveless tops and dresses, but when i model them, i wear inner clothes so it won't reveal my skin.

There's once a non-muslim buyer asking me to model the top on its own. Meaning without inner. I tell her i'm sorry i can't. She said she wanted to estimate the size. Instead, i gave her full measurements. The pit-to-pit, length, bust, everything. I even explained to her what size i am and what size the top can fit up to but she still insisted for a modelled photo.

I asked her if she don't mind me sending her just the photo of the top. she refused. She insisted so bad for me to model the photos. Then i offered her to meet up, look at the clothes and measure it to her body herself (i usually don't do this but this is an exception for her) but she still refused and lastly i tell her i'm sorry i can't model the photos as she wanted and its final.

She then tell me that i have provided bad service and she said some racist stuffs like "malays and business are always like this, you guys are failure". I was so shocked that she would say it that way. Just because i can't model it myself? I don't have a mannequin. Sorry about that but as a buyer too i prefer modelled photos. Not that i wear cover-ups like outerwears with the top so she can't see it properly. I wore it with black inner and fyi the inner is quite tight so it makes no difference really.

I'm confused why some people just can't respect us as Muslims and reading here in slapmewhydontyou, there's some sellers model their photos with their pet dogs. What if the buyer is a muslim? Wouldn't it be a loss to you that you lose some potential customers?

This is not a racist post but i'm just voicing out my rights and all the muslims out there. Its Malaysia and we're all as one. Shouldn't we respect everyone and their rights? Its just my humble opinion. No offence really. I think we should make online shopping a breeze for all, regardless what race they are.

** Editor's note : Before all hell breaks loose, I do agree this is not a racist post. Writer is merely pointing out to ONE buyer who made those slur remarks. NOT in general. So please please do thread carefully with your comments my lovely slappers. Make me proud.

When wrong is clearly not correct

Few days ago, I got an order from my blog and it was pretty quick & easy. She ordered via the order form with all details, paid for it and sent me an email saying payment was made. Standard procedure... I replied Thanks for the payment. Will send the item out the next day.

I mailed out the package the next day and emailed her with the tracking number (pos ekpress). THEN I got an email from her,

"Thanks for the quick response :) Did you send it to the right address?"

Whoa... I quickly replied "You gave me only 1 mailing address and that's the one I sent to" I even copied that address into the mail.

Buyer : "Oh thats the wrong address"
Me : "Sorry I only have 1 address from you that I copied from the order form you sent"
Buyer : "Yeah.... thats the wrong address...."
Me : "Did you send me an email with the correct address?"
Buyer : "No..."

I was actually kinda stumped and was racking my brains to see what I could do to help before I replying the last mail but before I could, she sent me another email with a very interesting revelation on her part.

Buyer : "You do realise that I probably wont be getting my package, right?"

In my head "Yes you genius... that is usually the case when you give the wrong address. Would you like a prize now?" but I told her I'll wait out the weekend to call the post office on Monday. SLAP ME WHY DONT YOU???

If anyone's wondering, NO, i dont think i'll be paying for the extra cost to resend the package to the CORRECT address when it finally gets re-routed back to me. Right?

How am I cheating?

I have this 1 buyer who reserved item NY and agreed to pay few days later. After a few days, I didn't hear anything from her. So I emailed her, but no reply. Just another MIAs, so I just cancelled her reservations and move on.

Suddenly I saw her online through YM. I said,
"Hi dear. Do u remember me? I'm blahblah from ABC. U did reserved item NY but I haven't heard from u. Just want to know whether u still want it because I still have it :)"

She replied
"Oh, I won't buy from u anymore. I think u're cheating. Thankfully I found item NY in XX and it's much cheaper than yours!" *mind u, it's only RM4 cheaper. Woot?? lol

I mean, there's nobody would buy item for RM10 and sells it for RM10! Ridiculous, no?

Just offloading my heart out

When we(sellers) send out your parcel.

then inform you about it and send you an email along with the tracking number. We have in fact! sent it out.

1. If you don't get it the next day. its not our fault! so dont point fingers and email us with accusing tones.honest to god the best we can do is call them up and ask them where your parcel is.

2. if you dont see it on the site. its not our fault!

3. if you cant get through to the pos line. its not our fault!
4. if you call them up and they say they cant trck  your parcel. its not our fault! we've sent you the tracking no and we dont own the post office!

5. and when you complain about this to us telling us something that goes like this " POS LAJU/EXPRESS NORMALLY TAKES X DAYS TO ARRIVE.". its not our fault!


7. and when we send you a scanned copy of the posts receipt.with your name,the date its sent,the chop in black and white. dont ask us to send the real,original one to you via post.because no offense, but you sound like a crazy person.

And god damnit. we're so damn sorry we dont own the post.

i've just dealt with the worst customer of all time and i seriously think she's psycho.

and im glad i got this off my chest!

I fight back!

I own a preloved blogshop & most of the items are brand new and with free postage. yes, free postage. but i clearly stated at the side bar of my blog free postage is REGISTERED POST!

Not post express or pos laju for god's sake.! and when i send my account details (via emails or hp) i will give 3 different prices which is via REG POST(free), POST EXPRESS & POS LAJU. For example, the item worth rmx0.00 with free reg pos, rmx4.50 with post express & rmx5.00 with pos laju. so its up to them to choose either one of the postage + prices.

She wants via post express & she expected i'll give her free postage via POST EXPRESS???! Excuse me, who are u? my sister??!

What pissed me off the most is, SHE DARES TO POST TO SMWDY about me cheating the postage rate. WTF bitch??? Can't u read??? Is it my fault that your f*%$ medulla oblongata cannot interpret my f#*% TERMS & CONDITIONS????

If u dont want to spend for postage fee, then next time i'll use bird to post your parcel, okey???

*Editor's note : Sorry love, which post is this linked from? Mail me yeah?

Yes, you're a JOKE

I have an order form in my site.

There's once (long time ago) I got a submission.  Every required column is filled up with "HAHAHA"

I'm like, LOL.  This person definitely got nothing better to do.

This is somewhat new*

I would like to know from sellers,

the act of backing out BUT you kindly informed the seller is irresponsible or going MIA is?

I happen to tumble on this really nice dress selling for RM50 so i enquired and was almost confirmed about it till i saw another blog selling RM42 only. for a logic person, of cuz you would want to get the cheaper one right?

So I kindly informed the seller that I had to back out cuz I saw another blog selling cheaper.

she scolded me irresponsible and not keeping my promise and even wanted to blacklist me.

I just replied a 'sorry' because I know I'm wrong BUT at least i INFORMED you so that you can let it go to other interested buyer and not waiting for me without any clue.

Measurements not valid for discounted items

I chanced a upon this blogshop which is having sales. Saw a Jacket which catches my eye but no measurements stated (neither are the model's sizes stated). The models are pretty petite and it looks very tight on them.

So I emailed for measurements.

This is the reply I received :

Sorry we can't provide you measurements. The items are on very cheap sale so we can't compromise much time for it.

HUH? I mean come on la if you buy from malls some 70% sale also u can try. I'm not talking bout trying here. Even if you're at bazaar where clothes are not allowed to be tried on, at least you could see the size.

But in this case no helpful information about model size/ or jacket size just because its on sale. Does it mean buyer had to buy on their own risk?

Would you deduct RM4.50?

So, here's what i'm wondering.

A seller posted on shopping gazebo stating that her item to be sold is RM65 including postage (pos ekspress). fine, pos ekspress cost about RM4.50?
She also stated that she does cod at X place with no extra charges.

Say if i were to buy from here, and cod at X place, would the item then cost rm60.50? :P

sellers, what say you?

Miss Kiasu

There was this buyer who ordered a couple of sales items which made us glad cause we were hoping to clear the stock.

However just when we updated our site today, she emailed saying that she wants to cancel that order.

Well, that sucks. What can we do, right?


She had the nerve to place an order for the new items. The real joke is that: without waiting for an email reply from our side with the invoice / payment details, she banked the money straight into our account. And her payment did not include postage costs.

I just find it so rude, firstly that she canceled her order. But the fact that she had the nerve to just bank in the money straightaway without waiting for a confirmation from our side was just really bad.

You Ala Cheapo

I own a preloved blogshop and there\'s this buyer inquired about three of my items which is XYZ. X is at RM20, Y is at RM30 and Z is RM15. the buyer asked me can she get all three at RM30?


I was pissed because she was being soooo unreasonable but i acted cool. so i laughed, and told her its totally unreasonable and sorry i can't make it to that price. she got mad and told me that i stated at my site that for certain items price are negotiable but i also stated there "please be reasonable".

How come for all items (mind you, they're all brand new/unworn and item Y is with tag!) that cost RM65 without postage, she offer me more than half (!) of the price which is RM30 and i bet that's including postage. wth! i replied her mail with my best price which is RM60 free poslaju and she went MIA. Okayyy, at least i did offer her something better right?

I googled her mail, because her mail looks so familiar to me. Ended up she own a pretty well-known preloved blogshop too. Being corny (haha), i mailed her using my personal email, inquiring a bag at her site which is bag A and priced at RM70. i asked if she can lower it to RM30 with poslaju and you know what she said?

"Hey! that's totally unreasonable! its brand new with tag, can't you see it yourself? its only RM70 and its considered cheap already!"

I laughed like hell i tell you! she\'s making herself look stupid. she should actually say that to the mirror! damnn i hate such customers, and i know she hates it too (by the way she replied my mail with all the exclamation marks).

So why is she making me hate her? so so unreasonable!

So not welcomed

I really don't understand why certain seller like to go into other people's blog shop and advertise in the chat box.This is so unethical and very rude.

Its already stated there for Q&A only, why you still bother to advertise your blog shop in other people's place.

There are so many reviewer's blog in the net that allows you to advertise your page in the chat box.
Get out of my shop and advertise in another place!

Utter false hope

If you are an avid online shopper, you would definitely know which blogshop I am talking about.

This blogshop is apparently famous for their panel/bandage skirts and have been taking orders every now and then. So recently, they are taking orders again. And I am very much interested in purchasing one. But the thing is, I am a big UK12 and those sizes they have certainly wont be able to fit me.

Thus, I mailed them and asked if it is possible to custom made. The owner replied by saying yes and asked for my measurements. I passed it to her and about 2 or 3 days later, I was told that the skirt has already arrived. I was pretty shocked because it is custom made impossible for it to arrive so fast. But then, I thought her supplier was efficient, so never mind that.

So, I started to arrange for COD with her and asked her to double check the measurements. She took days to reply that mail but its okay, I can wait. Finally, she came back to me today by saying she already measured the skirt and gave me the measurements in size L (which was obviously smaller than the measurements I gave her).

Eh, size L? Custom made also got size one?

I got really pissed cos if there is no way you can custom made it, then just inform the buyer!! When I asked how come the measurements differ, she replied by saying "Cuz the skirts are stretchable :) We will make it slightly smaller than your measurements so that it can hug you nicely." But hello, it is NOT slightly smaller but it is way too small! Even if can stretch, I don't think it will be able to fit me.

Besides, shouldn't you ask your customer first before deciding for them? How can you make decisions for them? They might not want the skirt to be really fitting cos that would just make their hips/bum look bigger.

In short, if can't custom made, then just say cannot. Damn it! I don't think she custom made the skirt anyway, pffft! Srsly, I am disappointed with this seller cos I was really looking for to getting my panel skirt.

No Student Discounts

Sometimes i am very pissed that buyer always said
" I am just a student, very TIGHT budget, pls give BEST PRICE"

I know this is very common. As i have quite a lot of buyer said they are student, keep asking best price for EACH of my item. And when gave the best price, they just went MIA....@#$%
I am selling some bags cost at RM500, already cheaper 70% than retail shop, but buyer still ask for discount for RM300
..yea, because they r just a student..

When my time i was a college student, i just carried a pasar malam bag that cost RM20.
So if you are just a student, do i have to pity you that you are on tight budget ah??Not my business OK...Isk

Free postage with extra meow

I browsed thru this preloved blogshop who're selling most of the brand new items at lower price the other day. And, i fell in love with this gorgeous top which selling at rm X0 with free postage only! What a great deals.

So, without hassle and much thinking, i mailed the buyer, confirmed my order. But guess what, she quoted me another new price which is rm X5 with post express. A 5bucks higher than what wass stated. Hence, i started to argue with her about the price. She then explained that the price stated was only for reg post but not post express as what i demanded.

Okay, i accepted the explanations but why couldn't she stated clearly that it was rm X0 with free postage via reg post? It somehow make me felt like she didn't state it clearly cause she can quote another price when the buyers requested for different postage. whatever it is. I paid for it finally at the agreed price which is rm X3 with post express.

After 2 days, i got the top. I opened the envelope excitedly, expecting it was a nice top as what I saw in her blog. Yes, it was. Not only gorgeous, but there's cat fur all over the top! wtf. So, i guess I earned something else other than the top, which was the cat furs!!! why am i so confirm it was cat's but not dog's? cause the seller posted her lil cute kitten/cat at her side bar of the blog!


A little too MUCH

I have bought from xx blogshop 2-3 times. So far, my records have been good. This time, the experience with her wAs a nightmare. Oh btw, her policy operates by (first come first serve) basis. I have confirmed for a vest look alike top with her, scheduled the COD for xx fine day. Have been keeping in touch with her via emails, text msges on the items confirmed, availability, COD time and venue, everything seemed fine.

Out of which, on the approach of the day for COD, i got a text message from her (just a few hours before COD)saying that "sorry girl, your item has been sold to another customer who has paid for the item immediately, would you still want to purchase other items?"

How absurd of her to still have the guts to ask me if i'm interested to purchase other items from her, when she has sold off my confirmed item without my consent on the day i was going to COD with her!

So it's a hi and bye from that blogshop.

Oh it's you again...

I got this buyer who bought / ordered from me 2 times.

1st time went ok, payment in time, etc

2nd time, she wanted to order but pay end of the month. As her track record is ok, so I proceeded with her order and she confirmed that she'll make the payment to me by end of the month, when the goods arrive (pre order items)

Her 2nd order was amounting to RM200 ++, and when the items arrived, I email her regarding the payment, no respond, sent 3 times email and 1 sms. Still no respond.

This happen end of last year. As she's consider a back out buyer, so I deleted her add on my msn messenger.

But surprisingly, she have the guts to msn me yesterday and telling me that she wanted to order and tell me that she'll bank in on the same day.

I was thinking, should I stop taking order from her? is she trustworthy? should I ask her about the back out order? I really wanted to know why she back out her order on the 2nd time. And yea, her items is still with me, still unable to sell it out, only manage to sell off 1 out of 3 items she ordered.

Snappy Live wire

At first the seller was very nice with the babe and hunny and unnecessary sugar coated ass kissing,  and got no problem with the offer and acceptance. Then I banked in money into her account unfortunately i use interbank so it takes 2-3 days.

I INFORMED HER that i banked it into her account already just that it might take a couple of days.

What happened the next day was she started sending abusive emails that she has other ppl interested in buying her items.

I didn't check my email the next couple of days because i assume everything was ok and I guess that was my fault but i think i can be forgiven if i dnt check my some days because things happen la.

When I finally checked my email 2/3 days after i banked in the money into her account and read her crazy bitchy emails i was damn confused because i told her already.

Her last email was that she already sold the item i want to some other person. i immediately replied her asking whether she got my last email and apologized for being previously occupied that i didn't reply her gila messages.

She replies saying oh, she missed the mail cos she gets loads of emails everyday and that she just saw it.

But she can find the time to send me 4 extremely vulgar emails about not receiving my payment.

I also gave her my phone number when i ordered also so i dont know why she didn't message me if she was really anxious.

I asked her how to resolve the issue cos i ordered 5 items and she sold 2 to someone else. i thought ok, maybe a refund la cos cannot help already waht if she sold to someone else.

I just tried to be nice about it la because no point geting angry, shit happens.

She refused to refund and insisted i choose other items from her blog. even then i perservered and said ok cos she updated her blog with some really nice new items which were the same price as what i had previously ordered.

When my parcel finally arrived to me, only got 3 items, the other 2 dunno what happened.

So i asked her about it and she started berating me again saying tht i'm wasting her time. Hello? So i asked for my refund.

Suddenly i get this email from her asking me to bank in 10 bucks for pos laju and i'm like eh?

I refused to pay cos i was damn irritated already and this was definitely NOT my fault. completely devoid of fault.

She started being vulgar again,  by this time i had more then enough and i really gave it to her and told her off not very nicely.

She then proceeded to threaten to blackmail me.

I told her that i would ensure that i've been very nice already, and that if she continue to cari pasal with me i will make it my purpose to make sure she has no customers.

Something i definitely cannot do la lol so mine was basically an empty threat but i used some big words and that must have scared her.

And then the next day i got my parcel via pos express which is thank god i got it and not have my money go to waste.

But she's definitely crazy. lol

I see boring things

I see same things sold online only with different prices charged.

I'm getting really bored. sometimes i see the same exact material used as a dress also used to make shorts/tops.

Where's the originality? No variety.
I bet most buyers are getting sick of seeing the same things offered but on different blogs.

What are the odds?

Hehe this is no slapping story, just sharing an incident which was quite hilarious..

I planned CODs with 3 customers in Monash at the same time and was outside the guard house in my car waiting for them.

Lets say they are *A, *B and *C.

*A arrived, took her clothes, paid and left.

A girl was walking over to my car, so I was guessing it could be *B or *C. I wind down my window and asked for her name, but she said *X!

I was like 'errr...*X? Did i arrange a COD with you today?'

She then got very pissed and said 'YES! Did u forget about my item? I ordered Stripe Dress?!'

Me over there, flipping through my plastic bags feeling very panicky!

Then I told her "Sorry *X, I dont think I arranged a COD with you today"

She was very furious and said "U SAID U WILL MEET ME HERE AT 2!"

While thinking what to do/say... she suddenly asked "Wait, you are from blog ABC right?"

Hoho you couldnt believe how relieved I was! I told her 'No babe, I am from blog XYZ ;)'

It was such a coincidence that I have a customer named *X as well as an item called Stripe Dress.

She appologized and walked away quickly. I then had a good laugh ;)

Drunk Model

I used to own a blogshop, but due to time constrain I closed it down to focus on other things. But there's a story of an experience with a buyer I'd like to share.

This buyer at first contacted me with an interest in a dress and later on confirmed it, but she wanted COD that was out of the place I COD-ed, she practically pleaded, so I agreed. When it came to the time for the COD, I texted her to remind her of the meet up later on.

Her reply to me: " Sorry babes, I have a hangover from too much drinking last night. :p , can we postpone it? "

I agreed, seeing that well, people do drink and get hangovers.

The second time around, I texted her again reminding her of the meet up. And this time... She said " Babes, reserve it for me please, but I really can't meet you now. Had too much to drink last night. " It was already 3 in the afternoon...

I was quite annoyed and texted her that I couldn't reserve it for her anymore and that I wouldn't want to postpone the COD anymore as I have other customers wanting the dress also.

And she had the cheek to tell me " Girl, I'm a model... It's normal la you know for me to party and drink alot, don't you drink? Models all do you know, you should also since you model your clothes. I'll bank in the money for that dress then."

I agreed to it and it was the final straw as she seemed like she really wanted the dress... and well, other customers didn't want to wait anymore.

So then I waited... for many months, until now, no news of her banking in the money. And the dress... Still stucked with me since a year ago...

Taiwanese stock

I sometimes get irritated when I see many blogs selling pre-order/ready stock Taiwan based stocks. Most of the dresses/tops/bottoms can be found in Sg Wang/Times Square etc.

What I'm irritated in is that why blogshop owners mark up their prices so high compared to the shops in Sg Wang/Times Square. Eg : RM29.90 marked up to RM45?

Saying things like petrol fees, need money etc is a little over the edge don't you think? Considering that running an online blog excludes many many cost fees like renting a shop and paying workers?

Yea I know some will say if we complain so much, why don't we go to the shops itself to buy. But isnt it suppose to be like that? We shop online hoping that the price is lower, you sell online to reduce cost?

I got duped!

There was a customer R* who enquired about an item which was hot selling.

This particular item has received many compliments, and many buyers came back to buy the same item in different colours. I have sold and restock almost 70 pieces for just that particular item ;)

So anyways, I sold the item to *R, in which I later got an email for her saying that the item did not look like what I  modeled on my blog. She also mentioned that the item is very poor in quality, and that she is very disappointed.

Being shocked by her remark, I emailed her politely to apologize and explained to her that the item she received is indeed the item I modeled, and that I was sorry it didn't met her expectation. I also told her that she was the only customer(out of 50+ others)who complaint about the item.

I don't usually offer refunds unless the item is faulty, but I offered her a refund as I had more orders of about 20+ restocks. So I could just sell that to those customers who are waiting for the restocks.

This is when the problem arise. I told her to send the item back to me, and once I have received the item, I will bank in the refunds to her a/c.

But she on the other hand said that she initially banked in first and when I sent the clothes to her after payment is confirmed.. so it should be in that way too.

Which means I have to bank in for her first.. and she'll send the clothes to me after payment is received!

SELLERS... what would you have done?

I denied and she got very angry and agitated. I didn't want to lose a customer nor my blog's reputation so I gave in.

Waited for a week. No item ;(
Called her, she said sent already.
Waited another 2 weeks. No item ;(

Called her again, she said already sent. I asked for the tracking no, and she said she didnt have it. I then told her that she's supposed to keep the yellow sticker from Post Express for me to track my items, and if the item has not reached me, she will need to PAY for the item.

You know what she said?

"I have already sent it, whether it reaches you or not is not my problem!"

Slap her or not I ask u!

A little Under Appreciated

I expect to get quite a few slaps on this one but riddle me this, sellers. I know that some of you have thousands of loyal customers/buyers/enquirers, but don't you keep a database of repeat customers?

Like I've bought from this quite well known blog shop for 5 times maybe, and each time she asks me for my address as if it's the first time. I don't mind doing it of course but it would be nice to be appreciated i.e. I love your blog shop and I'm a repeat customer!

Guess who's biting?

This happened a long while ago but I can't help feeling fired up when I chanced across her blogshop a few moments ago.

I once purchased a dress from Seller for a dinner. She charged me RM5 for Pos Ekspres so I thought, okay, she's going to use the RM4 envelope (it was still RM4 back then) and that extra RM1 may be to pay for her petrol to drive to the post office.

When the parcel arrived, I found that it was posted in a RM3 envelope, and it was BURSTING AT THE SEAM. It wasn't some thin cotton dress that I purchased from her, but a dinner dress with sequins, so yes it was darn thick. Can you imagine? The envelope was tearing already and my dress was peaking out!

I was so furious because this was not something I had expected after paying RM5 for postage. Seriously, seller, to risk ruining my dress just to earn an extra RM2? Says a lot about your customer service!

I e-mailed her about it, very politely I might add.
Her response?

She told me that from her college to the post office isn't a short walk (okay you're charging me RM2 for your WALK?! Hello, I come from the same college and I know the post office's only a five-minute walk away!), that she carries 'a load' to the post office (so what? does this justify stealing my RM2?) and that she does it twice a week and it's no joke (how is this relevant again??)


I never shopped at her blogshop anymore.

Not long after that incident, her blogshops got hacked (she runs a pre-order one and a normal one which sells clothes from local suppliers) by someone who was jealous of her and her bf, or something like that. Some of you who have been shopping online for quite awhile might know which blogshop owner I'm referring to. She tried opening another blogshop but it seemed to have died a virtual death (zero business).

You know what this is?


My boss is a poster

I have a friend who runs a popular webstore in Singapore. While she does most of the physical stuff, she does have a girl that helps her with the email correspondence.

Today, she told me she wasnt feeling well so she told her staff to email the customer that delivery will be done the next day as she was sick. This is the email that went out :

(webstore name)
Order Number: 1141
Date Ordered: Friday 09 April, 2010

Dear (customer's name),

Your order has been updated to the following status: Paid & Processing

We're very sorry to inform you that our poster is sick today. Parcels will be posted out tomorrow.

What about your bad service?

Before i started selling pieces online i shopped online. Who didnt?

So there was once i emailed a seller of a relatively well known shop, a piece that i was interested in and she didnt reply! Smsed her. No reply either.

I'm not one to make a fuss.especially because the next time i went to view her site the item was sold out so no point spamming her asking her why she didnt reply because even if she did reply. The piece would still be gone and she cant really do anything.

So a year down the road i get an email from her -lets call her missowner- enquiring about a piece at the same time someone else was.

The other person confirmed and paid first but my internet was down that day so i only read said email.

My line was down but i had notified everyone that it was. So i only checked my emails 2 days later and apologized for the late replies and i tell missowner that the piece is sold out already.

Missowners comes along complaining that i have bad service, i only care about money and that she will no longer shop at my estore ever again. Yes she was pretty dramatic and sent me a few emails concerning it.

Omg woman! You're such a hypocrite.

Bytheway, if you're wondering, i recognize her by her name. She puts her fullname on her site along with the phone number and she doesnt have a shop email ad but uses her personal one.

The Magazine Brat

This so-called message is actually meant for one particular blog shop selling Shawls and they've been like in this somewhat famous Islamic trendy magazine more than once. (Honestly, that's not even a good reason for being cockishly proud!)

I've tried to post this somewhere at their blog nor Facebook profile but to no avail. Can't find the right link to do so -since it's super long, the page didn't ALLOW me! Grrr.-

"Hi there. Salam. Here's the thing I want you to know. I ordered like 3-5 Syria Inners a week or so ago and umm.. I just talked to one of your team members. And she said there's no "signal" (whatever that is) about my email going in to your email so I kind of wondering if that's possible because I ordered that from your own blogshop. The order form TOLD me it has been SENT.

She said you received HUNDREDS of emails per day (not that I bothered) and it's impossible to check mine and she asked me to RESEND the order back which obviously I've forgotten which one were they. I bought so many things online and of course I lost count.

A good seller will NEVER tell "how busy they are" to their customers, if you know what I mean. Everyone is having like their own returning customers, hundreds of them too, but they cannot tell ME, or any customers, that they CANNOT check my order just because they have hundreds of customers waiting in the line. Am I right?

From the way she said to me like the fault was from ME because maybe I was THE one who "forgot" to click the 'Submit' button. Like my pricey (Oh yeah I can be cocky too!) laptop was THE one which caused this oh-no-there-is-no-signal-telling-me-about-your-email-in-my-inbox-you-need-to-resend-your-order THING. Oh yes, that's what she said *except the "oh no" part*. She wasn't really friendly. Just a firm, short replies with not many commas and punctuations. Isn't that a cliche? (I wonder what kind of signal you have? Like, some kind of police siren or something??)

Come onnnn... I've found way too many well-known, famous, recognized, popular (whichever you call yourself) blog shops selling EVERYTHING and still manage to put a SMILE on their face. A smiley face, to the least. Duh.

And I don't write this because of that, that's not the whole point. My point is, she replied me like very instantly about everything but when it comes to the end, she didn't even say "Thanks" or "Sorry". Poof. Crickets sound. Nada. And I am so frustrated with that. I knew you're one everyone-goes-to-you blog shop or boutique or whichever that is but a simple greeting means A LOT to your customers who are actually just got hit by a huge rock on the head because their want-this-and-that items they've waited for like two weeks had gotten to someone else who maybe placed the order AFTER them.

"First come, still no serve."

To the lady I talked to just now, I'm sorry I don't mean to brag this thing or blame you for everything that happened (from the day I ordered 'till a few hours ago), well that's just not me; but I just got irritated by your no thanks nor sorries. That's all. Hope you'll (everyone, that is) improve better for everyone's sake and feelings. Thank you."

Based on my experiences, I can PROUDLY (oh no, didn't I just said that again? KARMA, isn't it?) say that Malaysian people *obviously I don't want to be racist, if you know what I mean so don't slap me!* are ALWAYS have diamonds in their mouth when it comes to saying Thank You or Sorry. Thank You is the worst, I presume.

Anonymous Attack

Don't you just hate those people that anonymously comment in the cbox saying that u are a liar or fake just because there is a misunderstanding ( or their ignorance) without verifying with the seller first ?

It happen to me once , and i did verify it with evidence and in the end i proof that i was right . But this anonymous attacker shouted bluntly that i was a liar with all my details attach in the cbox without even asking me first .

Don't u just hate this !

Apparently, I'd like it better

I saw a plain headscarf on a blogshop and wanted to buy the item. So I contacted the seller and she said it's available. I deposited the money and got my item. and to my surprise, it's not the one I wanted! It's the same color but with diamante on it and the one I requested was WITHOUT diamante.

So I contacted the seller on email to seek clarification. Here's our conversation :

Me : Hi. I've received the item but it's not the one I wanted. I wanted the plain one.Was it out of stock?

Seller : Owh, we do have that. It's just the diamante one is famous and bestseller.So we thought you will like it.

Me : What?, I wanted the plain one. Doesn't matter if it's famous or not. At least please have a courtesy to ask me 1st before you make any assumption next time okay? nways, I still want the plain one, can u please re-send it? will return this back to you(I was being polite.)

Seller : Ok fine! I will refund your money! Give me your acc number!

Me : no. I didnt ask for refund. Im just telling you to be more courteous next time. and I just one the plain one.

**no reply.

Do you think she should spend few seconds just to ask me? And please dont meke assumption on what buyer's like or not like.

Shoo! Go shop somewhere else

I'm a blogshop owner. I've encountered this 1 particular customer.
She complains about the material of the jeans saying that "Your jeans are not as close as Topshop's material!!"


And, come on! You're paying less than RM70 and you expect the jeans to be like Topshop's jeans? At least the material of the jeans I sell is good enough!

I know everyone has different taste and all but I just find it really really weird because I've sold more than 50 pairs of this jeans and did not receive a single complain from my customers!

Doing my part

Hi, babes :)
Xash here from Diary Addictions. Due to the recent number of scams which has been highlighted, would greatly appreciate if the authors/readers of SMYDY would personally email me [] the details of these 'suspicious' blogshops to me.

Action to be taken on my part:
1) Will take note of these blogshops and will NOT review the blogshop UNLESS clarification is given.
2) If you think that's too harsh, will put a tiny note in the review that the blogshop has unsettled comments as highlighted in SMYDY. :)

And if I have the time:
1) Will personally e-mail these blogshops regarding the complaints to clear up matters.
- If the blogshop owners DO reply, will update SMYDY.
- If they continue to be MIA, I *might* create a blogger roll for these blacklisted blog shops. But do note that these are only for SERIOUS cases of scamming money--does not include customer service, loose change, etc. This step may be too controversial though, so feedback much appreciated!

Thank you. :)
Love always, Xash.

Dont go hiatus

A review blog become famous because the reviewer update regularly. When it becomes famous, many sellers will place their ads in their blog. But after collecting expensive advertisement fee from us, some reviewers go hiatus! Or update once in a month!

There is one, I place my ads. Her LATEST update was February! Hah? No update, no readers! Then who is going to look at my ads? Who is going to visit my blog? I pay because I think after I place in your blog, more people will visit my blog, and bring me more business!

Who care you are student, or busy with work or whatever reason! Please be responsible!

Meet you halfway?

This is just something really funny. I'm a seller and once i got an email asking about postage. So i replied, poslaju for West Malaysia is RM7 and East Malaysia is RM9.

The customer replied, okay!, i am from Selangor, so i pay RM8? ... selangor in between west and east malaysia??hahahahaha!

Fuss Fuss

A seller posted this phrase on her preloved items..

"Not for the FUSSY"

Fussy what? Fussy cat? Fussy dog?

Rude Dude

** Editor's note : For the love of Batman & Robin, I usually correct spelling mistakes whenever I can but I cannot do it for this post!!

 Okay, I came across dis blog whr I relli lurve de bags sold dere. Dey hav designer handbags n lots of otha bags dere too. N den, I happened to lurve a small tote cost RM250++. Aite, so mailed de seller n sayin I'm interested in de bag n I was ofc awesomely happy as de seller said it's still available in US. So I asked he long does it takes fer de bag to arrive. I was like bein so polite n asked de seller if I hav to wait de bag to arrive first or wat. Bt hey in de blog it was written de bag was a ready stock, item in hand n stuffs. So I asked isn't it a ready stock n stuffs bt de seller replied wid a short reply sayin  a NO, n gave me de acc num n asked me to pay de deposit first which is RM100. N yeah, so I immediately banked in de nex day as i relli lurve de bag alot..! So i wanted to mail him/ her after dat by I saw an email sent by de seller askin ne if I hav done wid de payment. So I replied yes n askin him/ her to inform me after de stock's arrived. Okay, so I waited delightedly n anxiously fer de bag. Damn? After one week de seller told me de bag was out of stock, just one sentence. Alrite, I was disappointed nuff. Den I asked de seller to return my money n I hav him/ her my bank acc num sayin thanks n all, politely. N guess wat, he/she didn't giv a damn to even reply a short OK to me..?? Omfg I kept waiting fer his/her reply fer almost ONE damn week lah..!!! N I kept checking my acc everyday n none..!! I keep checkin de seller's blog everyday n hey dere's updates okayy.!?? Got time to update no time to reply my short mail n transfer my money bak  to me izitt..!!?? Omggg..!! I'm so pissed..!! N yeah till now, it has been two weeks already..! No mails, no money in my bank acc, NOTHIN..!!!  I'm so pissed offf n I've been cursing him/her everyday now..! Yes, childish yet it can realli make myself more relief n better..! Man.. how I wish I can giv him/her a huge slapp rite noww, in his/her face..!! People out dere pls be aware. Make sure d blog seller can be trusted..! Nt gonna be a fool anymore..! Grrrr...!!!!

Split personality

As a preloved blogshop seller, i received some inquiries about the clothes i'm selling once in a while. some buyers were really nice and some not so. but throughout my two years of running the blogshop, i came across a weird buyer.

Buyer puts inquiries in chatbox and ask me to email her asap. i emailed her an hour later when i saw the message in my cbox. then she replied back saying, "DON'T EMAIL ME!"

I was like ok... so did not reply her that 'don't mail me' message. 7 hours later, she posted on my cbox asking why i did not email her................

0.o if i did not email you earlier then who did i email to? @.@

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