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Where were you 4 months ago?

What i'm facing is this buyer 4 month already only mail me she didn't get her parcel, why she don't want mail me within 3 days went she didn't receive the item?

Now the item already send back to my place and post center put a dead letter for it.

The buyer also stupid she reply me she don't know where to collect her parcel? The parcel was send to the address she provide in the orderform.. did she check her mail box? She should check her mail box if she buying thing online waiting the stuff arrive right?


  1. Ask her to pay you another postage charges to resend it to her.. this post sounds almost the same as one of the entry where she said she is new and don;t know where is the post office.

  2. the buyer is probably new to online shopping or just moved to her area, so maybe she didn't know which post office to go to collect her parcel? Coz if she wasn't home to collect the parcel would have gone to back to the post office ma.

    And did her items just got returned to you? If it's been with you for some time d, you could have just emailed her first :)

    Agree with Anon#1 about charging her again for the re-shipping cost.

  3. You should have emailed her regarding the matter when u received the parcel back. And it would be fair if you charge her for resending it back to her. :)

  4. what does (post center put a dead letter for it) mean?

  5. Not the charging matter cause is free postage,The problem is seller already study at oversea have stated in the blogshop went closing down,now only she email she did'nt get the parcel almost 4month already passed.why she did'nt mail early if she did'nt get her stuff? Today just ask people help to collect it waiting 3hours at the post center post people finding the parcel,post officer said went the item send to her college school the buyer should collect it but she did'nt do, so the postman put a card and she did'nt went to the post center take it also. After 15days it automatically the item send back to the you know sender house no people in it already all migrate oversea..sure the item keep in post center,luck the seller got check the previous business email address if not also don't know her case.She mention at the reply email she don't know where to collect her parcel went the item reach her place?Sure the item post to the address she provided and before posting out have mail her the tracking number,estimate delivery days taken and the post helpline number too..she can call or check online herself if she really nervous for her stuff.

  6. I think the buyer don't want the item though,if not why does she collect with her school mail box people or go to the post office collect? why she have to take so long time only asking her parcel status?

  7. cant understand 'seller friends' comment. Hard to read n headache!

  8. it means now the seller ALREADY MIGRATED with the WHOLE FAMILY to overseas. so, it's quite impossible to get the parcel back since now post office is sending it to an empty house and why buyer so irresponsible for own stuff that she didn't bother to take it from the school(since she put tht address).

    i don't understand what is so hard about googling where to get it. they will also give you a card what! so hard to go google maps or ask someone? sheesh. making life hard for other ppl! being new is not an excuse. please do some research first before going into on9 shopping. im sure no one would buta2 go join something without researching esp when it comes to money. dont know what is on some ppl's mind nowadays.

  9. That why my friends(the seller) asking me to help go and check for the parcel at the post center today because she in oversea could not do anything, the buyer not yet give my friend a valid shipping address for resend back? She got say if the parcel don't available any more she ask for refund back the money but is not seller fault, is her own did'nt even want to collect her item or enquire the status until the post people could not get any response from the receiver only the item send back to sender..not say the seller did'nt post her stuff somemore is free postage for her and cheap price the item..normal blogshop sure have written in their T&C(Seller not responsible for any loss or damage during delivery) but this is not same don't know why she buying thing but even bother to received it..until 4month passed only asking her item,so strange person..

  10. is the "seller friends" translating word by word from another language?? and also long sentences without punctuation. aiyoo. @_@

  11. Cikgu,I don't care what language im using ok,important is the item already helping my friend collect back to resend to the buyer,but why until now the buyer not yet reply the email went asking her about the delivery address!Is it her address very secretly?She really give people many troublesome the item post out on Jan how come now only she asking the parcel still available?She though other people nothing to do everyday so free?

  12. The thing is Seller's Friend - What Cikgu Sekolah meant to say is that, it's difficult for us to understand what you're trying to explain and making it harder for us to give advice/opinion about this matter; so yes you may not care what language you use but we do because in the end I'm sure you'd want to hear what our opinions are (and hopefully will be useful to help your friend) otherwise this entry wouldn't be posted in the first place.

    There's a reason why there's phone! The buyer could've just called the post office and asked about the place. Bah, irrelevant excuse to say dunno where since there's so many other ways to find out.

    I guess until there's no reply from the buyer about the new address, Seller has the right to keep the money and not refund. So ma fan indeed.

  13. of course this is not seller's fault, and i don't blame you my dear "Seller Friends", but this sentence really got me LMAO "important is the item already helping my friend collect back to resend to the buyer" LOL.

    sorry, i know, its out of topic already ~_~ You definitely should charge the buyer extra for another round of postage, but refund is not an option at all.

    hey, Author/ Seller's Friend, let us know the updates. Wanna know what happen to "the item that help itself to collect and resend to buyer".

    LOL, okay, sorry for being a bit sarcastic here.Gurau je =P