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Ultimate Insult

A buyer inquired about an item at my preloved shop and RM20 for an unworn dress is considered veryvery cheap!  She tried to nego the item for RM20 with poslaju. I seriously can't go any lower as much as i want to clear my items, i don't think i can let it go at that price since its brand new. So i told her about it and you know what she said?

"Do you think you can find anyone other than me who likes that ugly dress?"

WTF?! She wants the dress but she said its ugly. If ugly, why are you even interested? Or is it some kinda trick to make me feel guilty and sell it to you at the wanted price? Not gonna happen alright! and its none of her bussiness what i wanna sell. its my shop! People have different taste. Even if its ugly for you, but its not for me, then what are you going to do?

Don't like, don't buy! its simple!

I don't wanna fight or cause any trouble so i just reply with "okay bye". I'm just so pissed with such unethical customer.


  1. seriously hate those person like to nego even though the apparel is very low price ardy.if they cannot accept just dun buy.

  2. she likes "ugly" clothes so to speak. crazy contradicting bitch :/

  3. agree with anon 1! don't buy or nego if u don't like it!

    and yeah why does she even bother to nego the price if she thinks its ugly? whoever in this world wears clothes which they think is ugly, is just so dumb and plain arseholes.

    nobody wants to look ugly or be a fashion disaster. right?

  4. Not Horrified but DisgustedApril 8, 2010 at 1:11 AM

    ow bloody RUDE of the Buyer. No bloody manners. Dah lah ask for discount, can say top ugly some more. Just disgusted with the gall of some people.

    You should've emailed her back saying "Then I guess you just like buying ugly clothes to match your ugly mug & your equally ugly manners. Keep your RM20 and stick it where the sun don't shine sweetie".


  5. OMG!! she's horrid!! obviously she's just trying to get you to agree to sell it at the price she wants!!

    let me know who this buyer is!