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Updates #3

This is the author of 'New Products'. That post was meant to be a LOL sort of post but a reader has left a comment which prompted me to check out the site (even though I received the spam mail, I did not browse through the site because I choose not to shop from blogshops which send unwanted e-mails).

The comment reads:

"...i also think that the seller of that blog selling her own pre-own clothes because most of her pictures also from other blog shop or from offline boutiques. don't you agree?"

After browsing the site, I have to say, I do agree with the commentor. Her pictures are from everywhere and she usually only has one piece/size/colour per item, and there's no consistency to the style of her items, which makes me conclude that she's selling all her pre-loved stuff. I have nothing against pre-loved stuff; in fact, I think pre-loved blogshops are great. But what irks me is the fact that she says they are 'all brand new items with their own tags & plastic bags provided by the supplier'.

I'm not necessarily right, but what do you guys think?

Mail me at if you'd like to know the blogshop name.

* Editor's note : Sorry babe, I knew I missed out one post entry.


  1. means this seller is cheating people by saying that her items are brand new???

  2. i'm the commentor of the post. from my point of view, i think her clothes are her pre own clothes. the pictures of her clothes as you can see have watermarks of other blogshop or offline boutiques. you can view the blog and see. not sure whether she have worn them before or not.