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I got duped!

There was a customer R* who enquired about an item which was hot selling.

This particular item has received many compliments, and many buyers came back to buy the same item in different colours. I have sold and restock almost 70 pieces for just that particular item ;)

So anyways, I sold the item to *R, in which I later got an email for her saying that the item did not look like what I  modeled on my blog. She also mentioned that the item is very poor in quality, and that she is very disappointed.

Being shocked by her remark, I emailed her politely to apologize and explained to her that the item she received is indeed the item I modeled, and that I was sorry it didn't met her expectation. I also told her that she was the only customer(out of 50+ others)who complaint about the item.

I don't usually offer refunds unless the item is faulty, but I offered her a refund as I had more orders of about 20+ restocks. So I could just sell that to those customers who are waiting for the restocks.

This is when the problem arise. I told her to send the item back to me, and once I have received the item, I will bank in the refunds to her a/c.

But she on the other hand said that she initially banked in first and when I sent the clothes to her after payment is confirmed.. so it should be in that way too.

Which means I have to bank in for her first.. and she'll send the clothes to me after payment is received!

SELLERS... what would you have done?

I denied and she got very angry and agitated. I didn't want to lose a customer nor my blog's reputation so I gave in.

Waited for a week. No item ;(
Called her, she said sent already.
Waited another 2 weeks. No item ;(

Called her again, she said already sent. I asked for the tracking no, and she said she didnt have it. I then told her that she's supposed to keep the yellow sticker from Post Express for me to track my items, and if the item has not reached me, she will need to PAY for the item.

You know what she said?

"I have already sent it, whether it reaches you or not is not my problem!"

Slap her or not I ask u!


  1. You shouldn't have refunded her at all. We buyers do not blindly believe stories or rumours unless proven right by various parties. The next time this happens(which I don't hope), please don't bother refunding unless the buyer sends it back to you FIRST. Either she takes it or don't bother corresponding to the buyer again.

    This kinda buyer should be blacklisted by everyone. So embarrassing to fellow buyers!

  2. jeez, that's the prob with some buyers like that..customer is always right..but why do some buyers have to be like that?

    slap the buyer 10,000 times...

    if she has shopped online before, she sure knows that the tracking number is important..i think she's just lying..

  3. omg..slap the buyer a million times!
    But since u sold more than 70++ pieces, u surely profited more than u lost for that 1 item.
    So just chill and don't repeat that mistake again ;)

  4. Unfortunately, I met with one who did this to me as well. Refunded and it has been months and no sign of parcel. Buyer already went MIA. :(

  5. wow she's a d*ck. you shouldn't have refunded her in the first place until you received your goods. Most online shops won't refund their customers before receiving the goods.

    Girl I feel sorry for you. You're too nice :( Just be careful in the future and don't give in easily. If someone threatened to jeopardize your reputation, just ignore them I'm sure they'll be plenty of others who would support you.

  6. Hahaha. I've encountered this once.
    Buyer actually asked me to refund her then she'll send me the goods.
    Like wtf. What if the item was wrecked by the buyer? Well at least if you return to the sellers first, we don't refund, you lodge a report, fair enough?

    I was so angry when it happened to me.
    The buyer insisted that I refund her first,
    and threaten that she'll lodge a police.
    I was furious and decided to meet up with her and drove for an hour long to get back the friggin item.

    I've figured out 2 ways to solve this problem already.

    1. If its near, distant doesnt matter to you = meet up.


    2. Transfer 50% of refund, get the item, refund another 50%.

    Fair enough?

    What say you?

  7. maybe you can refund half of the actual price to her first and when you get the item, then only you pay the balance :)

  8. seems like a serial liar who try to cheat blogshops on the loose

  9. I slap you coz it's your own fault or foolishness