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No internet

So im a blog owner that sells pre-loved items. Last week, a customer showed interest in one of my item which cost RM XX and we exchanged a number sms-es.

Problem started when i told her that the total charges was RM XX + rm4.50 for pos ekspres. She told me she wanted to save money and demanded for parcel delivery.  I told her i didn't do that and i prefer to use pos ekspres as it is more convenient and faster but she insisted again and again she wanted the end we agreed on registered post as she insists on saving that few ringgit.

So i agreed, and gave her my maybank acct number and asked her to drop me a msg when she has made payment. the next day she sms-ed me saying she has banked in thru cimb - that was a friday. So i told her i will make delivery when im sure payment has been made which will probably be the next tues or wed.

On monday, she sms me asking if i hv received payment and i told her i have checked and i hv yet to receive any payment. thats when she told me "i only paid u RM XX laaa" (tht means she only paid me the price of the top and none whatsoever for the postage fees -.-) so i told her i do not offer delivery and asked her politely to bank in the postage fees and this time to show proof of payment either by print screen or any other methods as long as there is proof. she replied me by saying

"i cant do that. i dont hv internet"

O.o!!! if u didnt hv internet how did u do online shopping in the first place?

so till now i have yet received her payment and she has stopped replying my sms-es. blog owners, what wld u do in my position if she insist on me making delivery even when she hv not made payment? i do not want to be accused of cheating her off her money but i cant make delivery either as i will make a loss if i do. what will you do?


  1. contact her thru call/msg/email and demand her account number and refund her money back :)

  2. She has paid in full for the item? Then keep it for her...until she pays for postage/you two meet up.

    do drop her an email+text to tell her so. Don't give in to her cheating way of getting free postage.

    I've 1 buyer like that also. I did the above, and it's now >3 months with no contact from that buyer.

  3. author: hi..thanks for yr suggestion. problem is her first payment for the top is still not in yet =(

  4. wahlao first payment still not yet in? she tries to cheat you for the top is it? no payment then dont send, that's it.

  5. if payment for top not in, means she lied la. dont need reserve item for her. ignore her saja

  6. i doubt she have made payment yet.So long ady still no payment received means she hvnt transfer yet.I transfer by cimb to diff bank account usually 1-2days can get ady lor.most prob trying to con you to send to her for free. =.= "'

  7. i've been an online seller for more than a year and encountered this matter >10 times already.definitely she's trying to cheat.there was one worst case which the buyer actually sent me a copy of successful transaction (with reference number) and when i checked my bank, nothing!.i waited more than a week but still haven't got the amount, until all sellers,it is advisable to check your customer's payment in your bank account before sending off the parcel.we can't rely on the reference number

  8. don't bother sending out. let go of the item to whoever that is interested with your stuffs. save your time from dealing with such low life people.

  9. huhu...ya...don layan... ;)

  10. another cheater..beside, she stopped replying your sms right?if she really have made the payment, she definitely would not avoiding you..

  11. Ahh... definite cheater IMHO. the anon before me is right, she actually did not pay at all.

    And if you read a newer post entitled "Business still Business", under comments, someone shared about a famous cheater who does this all the time.

    I'm sure you can just ignore her and don't bother saving the piece for her. And always do what you did - never send any items out without verifying that payment has been deposited into your account :)