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Wash your dirty mouth!

Last month there's a buyer who buy a pair of preloved pump from me. The price is RM40 including postage & its PRELOVED.

Yesterday when I post a discount announcement about my preloved shoes, she make a havoc by telling one of the review blog asking me to stop selling dirty shoes. I was like WTF??? The shoes is in good condition by the time I posted to her & she was trying to ruin my business by telling everyone that I am selling dirty shoes!

And the shoes is PRELOVED dear. Which mean been used before. So, if there's a little bit of dirts & stuff, its normal. You are willing to wash shoes you bought from bundle but when it comes to blogshop, you talk to much.

Why only yesterday? Why not from the first day she received the shoes which is last month?


  1. Correction - you talk "too" much.


  2. how did you know it was her in the first place? are you just trying to get attention here???

  3. @Anonymous : Because I only sold one pair of shoes since it was posted.

  4. owh!!!! i know which blog dis refers

  5. i know which one isit.. check out the comments at DOA :)