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I am a seller who also caters to international customers. They pay me through a third party company which specializes in managing funds and most sellers use their services when dealing with international customers.

The problem started when I wanted to withdraw all the funds into my bank account. As withdrawals below RM400 will be charged a fee and will take 2 -3 working days, I want to compile all my funds together and withdraw it at 1 go. There is no option for me to convert the foreign currencies into MYR currency. So I emailed their customer service personnel to get them to help solve my problem. I did this once before so I thought everything would be a breeze like the first time around.

But this time, instead of receiving an email informing me that the action has been performed for me, I received an email telling me I can perform the action myself. They included the step-by-step instructions as well. I followed it step by step but got stuck at one point as the instructions were wrong.

So I politely emailed them again that I received the wrong instructions. This time they replied with the correct instructions. But there's one tiny little problem:
There is no option to convert into MYR currency.

I even emailed them a print screen of the list of currencies I can convert to so that they can see I really can't perform the conversion by myself.

The next email I got was what got my blood boiling.

"As you mentioned that you have met trouble when you tried to convert your SGD to your AUD, you want to check how to solve it. let me explain it to you."

I want to convert my AUD and SGD into MYR currency so that I can perform a one-off withdrawal to my MALAYSIAN bank account! Not SGD into AUD or AUD into SGD!!!

At this point, I was really frustrated and I sent them an email with exclamation marks and CAPS.
I really do hope that time time, they will help me solve my problem instead of emailing me again telling me I can perform it myself. My actual reply:


Yes, I desperately need assistance from someone who understands what my real problem is!
Please read my email carefully before replying me!
I DO NOT want to convert my SGD into AUD!
I have very well sent almost 7 to 8 emails now to settle such a simple problem!
I want to convert my AUD and SGD into MYR currency so that I can perform a one-off withdrawal to my MALAYSIAN bank account!
I do not understand why it is so hard for your personnel to understand this.
I will summarize what I want for the last time:
I want to convert my AUD & SGD currency into MYR currency. I cannot perform this transaction on my own as my account has no such option to convert my balances into MYR.
So PLEASE do it for me as soon as possible!
It has been several days now and all I've been getting are emails saying I can do it myself but the problem is, I can't!!
If I can, i would have done it myself without asking for help.

Thank you."

Another thing is, all the replies will be from a different employee each time. I don't understand why one person cannot follow up with me.

If I receive one more email giving me the step by step instructions or telling me I can do it myself, I will really vomit electric this time.


  1. I deal with lots of foreign transactions too but i only use 1 currency which is USD. I get to transfer out monthly without any hassle.
    Why dont you do the same as oppose to dealing with different currencies?

  2. Couldn't you just ring them up instead?

  3. @ Missy:
    I think it would be a hassle for my customers to convert their currency into USD before transferring to me so I just accept any currency. But I may consider doing that in the future as long as it's not too troublesome for my customers. Thx for the suggestion!

    @anon, apr 18 3:13pm:
    I thought emailing them would be easier since it's in a written form and I don't have to try to understand the foreign accents. Plus I did it once before without any problem through email.

  4. Hey Dear,
    if you actually read the Terms&conditions before switching to MYR as your main currency, they have explain before hand that you can't do that. When I had tht problem they point that out too me :)

  5. Hmmm... I have USD set as default so it usually auto converts any currency into USD.

  6. Anon @ April 18, 2010 6:14 PM:
    I know they have to explain to me. But they misunderstood me several times and that's what irritated me. I wanted to convert into MYR but they thought I wanted to convert into AUD. Plus they gave me the wrong instructions a few times.

    Anon @ April 18, 2010 8:14 PM:
    Really?! How did you do it? :) Mind telling me pls? Thanks in advance!

  7. if you have other currencies in your account..somehow at one point or another, the exchange fees are imposed on you.

    let the customer bear the exchange fees for their own currency to USD and remember to charge them for the paypal fees also. don't lose money unnecessarily.

  8. Anon @ April 20, 2010 5:23 PM:
    Thank you so much for your advice :D
    That sounds like a great idea and I'll start implementing it..hehe

  9. So does that mean we have no way to convert the sgd to myr in order to withdraw to our bank besides the card withdrawal which will charge RM20? I don't remember that I come across any T&C warned me that we can't convert other currency to MYR. :/ Pretty new to this Paypal so now feel like in a trap. lol.