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If you missed the comment in "Business Still Business" post below, do take a read at this blog post. Now I dare put this here because there's a police report attached so this is not to be taken lightly.

*rawr* Ferocious bites!


  1. hey SMWDY, need help to edit the blog post? I'll re-type it into full Bahasa Malaysia sentence, instead of all the shortforms..

    my email:

  2. Wah... sure not? We'll be very indebted to you if you could do the honor

  3. i tried to read the post at the link but the spelling and abbv. is so confusing and i have a hard time understanding it..

  4. yeah, my eyes are bleeding now..

  5. me too....i'm a malay n i do shortforms too, but the blog's color arrangement n use of bling2 is jus too...overwhelming...but kudos to the blog owner tho', for sharing info abt the con... ;)

  6. I think... I've been blinded by that post.I don't understand it cause it's just so... all over the place.

  7. Be more patient, and open your heart to learn, you will be able to read it. my bahasa isnt that good either but with a lil patience n after taking so much time to read it, at last i do understand what the post is all about. but anyway, to the owner whos been conned, seriously it would be so much better to use proper malay la. Salam 1 Malaysia. Bahasa jiwa bangsa.

  8. hmm...from what i understand,the girl is cheating other blogshop owners using interbank technique (maybank-cimb).She altered the receipt or whatever thing that we received once the payment is made;making it looked like she had paid;then took off with the stuffs.
    wow.She actually had a nerve to post her pics and revealing her address.LOL.

    but the sellers are also to blame can you guys just give the stuffs w/o confirming that the money's oredi in ur acc?
    lessons learnt to all~

  9. found the con's personal blog:

  10. btw, read somewhere that she has already settled all her hutangs to all the sellers she conned. not sure whther it's true or not, just sharing it with you guys :)

  11. SMWDY, i found her personal blog thru google search and the recent news thru here:

  12. honey bee (i hate my boss)April 27, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    hi there, sorry la, i said i wanna help to re-write the post in full BM, but then I got an emergency lah. Have to go for outstation. =( tak sempat nak re-write. huhu ~_~