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Business still Business


I have read one of the case from other website.

Buyer purchased item from seller few times. Everything run smooth, until the 3rd transaction...
Buyer ordered items cost around more than RM150. And need the item urgent on Monday as is present for someone (dunno sister or friend. But only can make payment on Monday, because Monday is her Pay Day, and she do not want to disappoint the person by give the present late... ...and she beg the seller so hard...and seller thinking that no problem deal with her in previous transaction. At the end, willing to post out the item on Friday, so the item can reach on Monday.....and then bingo....after Monday, Tuesday.......Friday, no reply, respond, payment from the buyer at all....till few weeks still no payment.

Lucky that i've read this case.. As after that, i have a similar case too..
This buyer purchase from me 2 times, every time cost more than RM100 too..until the 3rd transaction.
She used to make payment from same bank. So immediately i can check the payment. But the 3rd transaction is like, she agreed to buy the item on Wednesday, but no respond on Thurday, and suddenly on Friday morning, email me said made payment from CIMB bank. And tell me that she need the item urgent must post out on Friday, and want the item reach on Saturday, as it is for someone.
I tell her politely that i cannot post item without payment fully cleared in my account (as it cost more than RM100). She said the payment is confirmed in my account already, and just take sometime to clear.

I tell her if Saturday cleared, i will post out the item immediately.
But, she keep begging, please this and that...i still refuse to post the item out without the payment.
She blamed on me that why i cannot trust her that she already paid ( as she cannot provide me proof of payment). And she said since we both have dealing few times d, thought no need proof of transaction. And said that she really need this item urgent.

I asked her back why she cannot pay the same day (Wednesday) when she confirmed her order and delayed until Friday and paid from CIMB since she need the item so urgent.
and she replied that she was busy until forgot...bla bla bla...
But at the end i still no post the item out, even she have scolded badly in email. And no payment on Satuday too. As the previous case i read from other website, i do not want to take any risk too...
Lastly, the payment cleared on Tuesday morning..which takes longer than usual...



  1. you're not wrong in this woh. u need to safeguard your interest too. rule of thumb: never ever send out anything until the payment is confirmed to be in your acc.

    but the bad thing is, you might lose a customer because of this.

  2. erm, so ur customer did not lie? she actually paid but the payment hasn't cleared yet?
    ur post is a bit confusing..

  3. Haha. Sellers shouldn't post out the item until the amount is being cleared.
    She's doing the right thing.
    Its you buyers' problems if u pay late, or via different banks.
    Just go to the cash deposit machine IF u have no other acc.

  4. yeap, business is first, then only you get your item..

  5. She most likely paid only when she guessed she couldn't con you, so that's why you got your payment on Tuesday.

  6. haloooo people.

    please spend your time reading this..even if your eyes have to go blind soon...

    prevention better than cure. i've already inform some of the sellers..

  7. my goodness.. how does a non-Malay read that? Translate please?

  8. Writer here
    1st, if she need the item urgent, why cant she transfer bank through MBB to my MBB account from the first place (which is used to be)
    2nd, if she have paid the $ from CIMB, why cant she provide any proof of payment??
    Together with the above points, she place order on Wednesday. Need the item urgently on Saturday?? Nah, i don't think so.
    Agreed with the anon on April 23, 2010 3:22 PM
    Yes, even Saturday/Monday keep informing her that no payment appear in my account. She no reply till Tuesday the payment appeared my account.

  9. So WRITER, is it the same girl as the one posted in ?

  10. I'm a Malay and even I'm going blind reading it! haha.

  11. yea I read that too before I found this post here, and I'm kinda hoping someone will kindly summarise and translate that url,
    it's hard for me to understand ><
    please and thank you!

  12. Writer here,
    Nope, that is not the girl..
    Erm, so hard to read the blog leh.....
    Hope can alert more seller.

  13. read until my become @.@ alr.... i hate reading sms or blog in malay nowadays...

  14. hello writer, u sure not this girl? coz it's possible that these cheaters have different account or address..

  15. somebody plss translate the post at

  16. I really want to helo you guys translate it to english but to translate it in the comment box is imposible!!!!


    malay lady in blog (the picture) is a conwoman who conned up to 6 blogshops before using this tactic.

    In which she states she has made payment through interbank transfer which normally takes a few days to clear. She will provide a FAKE statement, and so sellers will send out the items to her. But actually she has not made payment yet.

    So this blogshop owner actually lost about RM2k worth of items to her.

    So 1 blogshop she can con about RM2k, imagine 6.

    My brain slowed down a little after translating that statement. GOSH.

  18., what a coincidence, i also found this sweet pinky stuff blog yesterday n found the post abt the cheater...huhu...

    it's scary, the con even has the nerve to use fake payment statement. my oh my..

  19. As I've read that URL before, I managed to take a peak at her blogshop but now when I try to click on the link to the scammeras blogshop, it's gone! Is it just me(maybe my Internet faulty) or has she really disappeared from the face of the earth?

  20. @anon apr 24, 2.34 pm :

    it's common,internet wrongdoers always do this when they got busted. erase their account and whatnot..huu..what a cheat, n very slick too!

  21. Anon for April 24, 2010 1:01 AM ;

    Two thumbs up for you! And your last sentence deserves a LOL! Hahah. ;)