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Just DO IT

Im one of the sellers for pre order blogshop & have been running it for quite a while.

One thing I don't get is pre-order does mean that the items are not ready stocked & it has already been stated clearly as PRE ORDER.

So why does some buyers are still so dumb by asking whether the item has arrived on the next day when it obviously clearly written that it takes a month ? o.O

EEK ! Slap me please. Just do it.


  1. sometimes the sellers are dumb because when u received the order, u should have reminded the customer that the item is expected to arrive on XX date. INFORM the customer AGAIN. then when u received the payment, u should acknowledge them by INFORMING the customer. u are dumb wahai seller!

  2. I disagree, as I'm a seller myself and I did remind my customer whenever they sent in their order. I did told them it's pre order item and needed how long to arrive. But customer still asked me have I sent the item the very next day.

    Some customer they don't read at all! They just read amount and banking details, other details they just dun bother

  3. yeap ! m a seller myself and have stated closing date & arrival date alrd..

    but it is kinda annoying though when u inform customer again & again.

    so, i guess seller has a point thre.