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I'm smarter than you!!

Some people think that we sellers are stupid. Mind you, we do keep track of blacklisted buyers. Using a different e-mail address with the same name (yes SAME name) and enquiring about the same item you backed-out half a year ago don't make you any smarter.



  1. I feel sellers are a little overrating this blacklist buyer thing. Tho I've never been blacklisted, but I have experience changing my mind alot of times. Females are very fickle like that.

    So if I walk into a store, decided to pay but ended up not paying. I can't go back to the same store again?

    If one buyer backsout MANY times then ok larh, but just once then thats a little ridiculous dont you think?

  2. well, writer, what if this time she's serious? i mean, after half a year ago..

    what if she came back n saw the item that she liked so much before n decided to get it this time because last time she didn't have enough money?

    you're taking this way too personally

  3. agree with anon #1 & #2

    n to what extend seller should start blacklist buyers?

  4. i just don't get it with this back out buyer issue.for example .reservation is for say.. 2 days right? then if no reply from her, make the item available for next potential buyer lah.

    is that hard?

  5. if a buyer is about to pay item A and decides not to purchase it even when she's about to give the money to the cashier, it is still not wrong for the buyer to do that. acceptance only happens when the seller receives the money.

    so dear writer, what is the fuss???????

  6. Hey, cool people, cool.. The writer didn't even explain about the last back-out case of this customer. Maybe the customer was a major back out buyer? E.g. reserve and promise to pay then drag, go MIA, come back again, then MIA again after promise to pay, etc etc. We don't know. So don't just start blaming the writer about blacklisting that customer lah.. :)

  7. ya lah, if many times backout then can lah. but if once only? lots of sellers blacklist buyers who backout even once only. i know its annoying waiting then suddenly the buyer dont wanna buy but i also think its a bit too much.

  8. i'm sure you all are thinking from your side of a buyer. but what about the seller's side? it's true that black-listing a customer is serious but being a female and being fickled minded are not excuses ladies! please, if you aren't sure whether to purchase the item or not, then don't place an order yet. isn't this even simpler?

    and when you placed an order for an item, and just vanish into this air without any email informing the sellers that you've changed your fickle minds- who wouldn't be pissed?

    be fair. it always take two to tango.

  9. jesus christ.

    sellers really need to chill the fuck out about this whole backing out shit especially when the buyer is apologetic/gave notice and at the very least, they didn't go MIA.

    look, buyers don't purposely get your (sellers) hopes up and then back out. shit happens and sometimes, sellers just need to chill out and stop being anal.

    the problem with sellers is that you guys cannot accept disappointment AT ALL once an order has been placed - you only care for the fact that money is coming your way and when it doesn't, your hopes get crushed and makes you wanna bite everyones' head off (too dramatic? i don't think so, with the amount of whiny sellers regarding backouts).

    so really, just suck it up.

  10. i dont know, i'm a seller and honestly its always happening that i dont even bother blacklisting people. in fact i dont even contact them. i give them 2 days reservation, say monday to wednesday. reconfirm with them on wednesday and if by thursday night they dont contact me, i release it to the next person interested.

    and i'm lucky that all these while when i release the item the first buyer really did go MIA/changed her mind, which means its not like the buyer wanted the item but didnt have internet access to contact me or anything. so everything's good.

    anyway it makes life easier rather than chasing and blacklisting them. but this is just me. maybe cos i sorta understand how people can want something now and change their mind the next.

    of course by saying this i dont welcome this kinda people to my blog, but i dont hate them. its annoying, yes, and it would be better if buyers really think properly before submitting their order. but honestly i think blacklisting a buyer cos she changed her mind once is way too dramatic.

  11. I'm a seller and i don't blacklist people. Only because i know how people tend to change minds. If u rush buyers or force them to take the item then that will result in impulse purchases. And then they'll all go up at SG and as u can see, most of the reason they're reselling is because of impulse purchase.

  12. Chill pills for everyone, they're on me!

    I'm a seller. I don't consider everyone who cancels an order as a backout buyer. Sometimes regular customers do so. It's no skin off my back but ONLY if they tell me as soon as possible that they want to cancel. Don't go missing in action, people. Sellers don't bite. Not me anyway, I don't know about you Twilight fans.

    Buyers, don't reserve an item if you're not sure about it. Greedy, greedy.

    So sellers, protect yourselves! Maybe you can:

    -Insist on a non-refundable deposit if someone wants to reserve an item longer than the time stated in your t&c. 30% maybe?
    -As soon as the two days or whatever are up, just put the item up for sale again. No biggie.

    ...any other ideas?

  13. i hate people who asks others to chill and whatnot. they're just voicing out just like u. anyway, its mentioned before by two other sellers that they dont blacklist too.

    but thanks for the thought tho. but i think number1 wont be good since usually buyers ask to reserve because they cant pay immediately/soon. so if they have to pay the 30% then what difference does it make? better pay all right?

  14. I like Anonymous April 29, 2010 7:20 PM :)

    You've got good attitude indeed! Kudos!

  15. yup! good job anon APRIL 29, 2010 7:20 PM

    if they really want it, they'll contact u right? if they dont bother contacting u, why bother contacting them. u did the right thing by not being obsessed by them, chasing and blacklisting. good job!

  16. Anon April 29, 2010 8:45 PM, b-b-but the pills are free yea? ;) Man, if we were at a rave and I was handing out free E everyone would be like monkeys grabbing for peanuts. Or Paris Hilton grabbing for boy nuts.

    Anyway, the two entries above me were posted by Slap Me while I was typing my comment, so I didn't see them until after I had hit Post Comment. As for the 30% deposit, it has worked for me before, so thought I'd just suggest it.

  17. i think, all this backout buyer case could be solved by having standard policy, my fellow readers n commenters. evertyhing must have black n white, not only r they professional, but lessen both buyers n sellers' headache!

    i agree with wanda, anon 29 Apr, 7.30 pm, and anon 29 apr, 5.40 pm.. ;)

  18. err.. i think the author is trying to tell a different story la, rather than back-out buyer...huhu~

  19. you know I have a feeling it could be me,
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