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Amnesia Struck her?

I had this client who texted me when i was out of the country enquiring about a certain item. She was interested in the item and wanted to meet for cod, i told her "sure, im coming back in two days and i asked her if she could wait". She replied me"yes, sure"

Then the next sms i got was her asking "what time should we meet 2day?" So i told her i am actually in bangkok now and that i can't meet up with her 2day. She den had the nerve to call me a liar (because i didin't inform her that i was not in the country) and told me to go to hell & told me not to have a business if i didin't know how to run it.

I double checked the smses, and low and behold i clearly told her i was not in the country in the first place. *Mind you, i was even going to go to shah alam for cod,when i live very far from there* Here's the kicker, she actually just text me regarding the SAME item with the SAME number.

Ignore or forgive & forget?


  1. forgive and forget
    a sale is a sale

  2. Go ahead with the sale but if she plays dunno again, tell her to go to hell too

  3. hahhaa super LOL
    she must have thought 2day instead of 2 days!!

  4. well, u can always blame the telcos for not delivering your smses. it happened to me couple of times when the sms is marked as delivered on my fon but my friend didn't receive it until the next morning or sumting like that.. the probability of this case is even higher when u're abroad.
    or else she might be struck with an amnesia :)

  5. Forgive la, maybe not forget (lol that's hard to do) but forgive la :)

    She might have been texting a few ppl and thought you were someone else who was supposed to COD with her? If you're still CODing with her you can show her the texts then and wait for an apology (if it comes, remember to get money first!)

  6. ask her to go to hell too.

  7. im with anon APRIL 27, 2010 10:20 PM, she might have been confused between 2 days n 2day(today).

  8. Yeap, have already replied her. :) Agree with all of you on the confusion between 2day & 2 days. Just didint like the vulgar curse words( you know the type that involves your mother and the entire family) -__- Thanks!

  9. Ahh i thought so too at first read. must have been a confusion between 2 days and 2day. But seriously, the buyer is so rude! small thing like this and she starts cursing?? -_-

    Well won't forgive nor forget if I'm you. But I will still proceed with her order with a smile XD Damn hypocrite kan :p