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Let's make it a breeze

I have a blogshop and i sell lotsa things. dresses, tops, pants, etc. I'm a muslim and its a must for us to protect ourselves by wearing shawl, long sleeves and all. I sell sleeveless tops and dresses, but when i model them, i wear inner clothes so it won't reveal my skin.

There's once a non-muslim buyer asking me to model the top on its own. Meaning without inner. I tell her i'm sorry i can't. She said she wanted to estimate the size. Instead, i gave her full measurements. The pit-to-pit, length, bust, everything. I even explained to her what size i am and what size the top can fit up to but she still insisted for a modelled photo.

I asked her if she don't mind me sending her just the photo of the top. she refused. She insisted so bad for me to model the photos. Then i offered her to meet up, look at the clothes and measure it to her body herself (i usually don't do this but this is an exception for her) but she still refused and lastly i tell her i'm sorry i can't model the photos as she wanted and its final.

She then tell me that i have provided bad service and she said some racist stuffs like "malays and business are always like this, you guys are failure". I was so shocked that she would say it that way. Just because i can't model it myself? I don't have a mannequin. Sorry about that but as a buyer too i prefer modelled photos. Not that i wear cover-ups like outerwears with the top so she can't see it properly. I wore it with black inner and fyi the inner is quite tight so it makes no difference really.

I'm confused why some people just can't respect us as Muslims and reading here in slapmewhydontyou, there's some sellers model their photos with their pet dogs. What if the buyer is a muslim? Wouldn't it be a loss to you that you lose some potential customers?

This is not a racist post but i'm just voicing out my rights and all the muslims out there. Its Malaysia and we're all as one. Shouldn't we respect everyone and their rights? Its just my humble opinion. No offence really. I think we should make online shopping a breeze for all, regardless what race they are.

** Editor's note : Before all hell breaks loose, I do agree this is not a racist post. Writer is merely pointing out to ONE buyer who made those slur remarks. NOT in general. So please please do thread carefully with your comments my lovely slappers. Make me proud.


  1. waa..the buyer is so fussy one!!already gave measurement also want to see model pic without inner.wht the heck?

  2. she must be interested in you.
    or just a prank.
    should ban her/he!

  3. i am not a muslim seller, and even i won't layan this kind of customers laa. dah bagi measurement nak aper lagi? pls laa, its so obvious the buyer mengada-ngada ok. seriously reading this post gets my blood boiling. sellers should know where and when to draw the line. not obliging to her request really isn't bad service at all. in fact if you gave in to her ridiculous demands, i would lose respect for you man. you should've just told her to bring her business somewhere else.

    regarding the dog issue, i feel it's the prerogative of the seller to want to get the pet involved. i am pretty sure for sellers who do that, they really don't mind not having any muslim customers and you are right, it's their loss. let them be la..

  4. That kinda buyer should be hanged. She herself is being the inconsiderate and totally embarrassing her own race(since she brought up the race thingy in reply to your email). you should be proud of yourself that you're upholding your integrity and your faith. there are some minorities that have forgotten much of their own faith nowadays.

    kudos to you, seller!

  5. she's crazy!
    she's not malaysian :)that y it's hard for her to ustand u..

  6. you did nothing wrong, also you have to stand for your right.

    if she can't accept it then let it be. you won't know what's her intention and dont even know if you really modelled as her per request, can't guarantee that she'll buy it from you. also u won't know what she'll do with those photo.

    if after given measurement also she have problem with it, then just let her be, ignore her.

    you'll have less trouble if you can just ignore her.

  7. mail me her email please. thanks

  8. yah.. writer.. kudos to you for standing up to what u believe in, there are a lot of these kind of ignorant time don't layan her anymore.. too much la her

  9. I'm chinese, and i think it's alright for you to pose with your inners. It's your right and your priority. If she cannot understand that, then too bad for her.

    As for the doggies, I love dogs but i just think its unhygienic to pose with animals. I have 2 dogs, but even if want to buy something new, i wouldnt want it to touch anykind of animal fur. =/

  10. u r being too good to such a weird betis nak peha.

  11. ya, so totally am slapping the buyer big time!

  12. to me, i think it's a prank..maybe from some jealous blogshop owners in your peer? or maybe not..but i think she will definitely do something with your modelled pic if you really did model for her..

    she's sick..hahaha, maybe she's a guy pretending to be a customer..

  13. slap seller(7)? i mean why would you slap the seller?she didnt do anything wrong,for god sake!i really,REALLY dont understand why.sheesh!

  14. don't feel bad of yourself.
    be proud!!
    you stand on what you believe and you still keep it firm..
    double slute!!

  15. I think all sellers should model without their pets around, doesn't matter which kind, this really got nothing to do with religion, I don't want my new clothes got fur on them, eeks.

    that buyer probably had some bad experience with other muslim sellers, but I think she should not generalise all muslim sellers are the same. That's quite unfair, really.

  16. hi all. thanks for your response. at first i was scared to voice this out because i don't want people to think i'm racist or what. but to see what had happened now, everyone here is so open minded about our religion and culture. one malaysia right? hehe cool. thank you slapmewhydontyou for letting me point out something i thought is important for us :)

    true enough, i didn't reply her last email because i don't know what should i say and i don't wanna occur any fights or such. its not good for my blogshop's reputation and also myself. like, why should i tell her this thing, right? while she herself should've known about this at the first place. in fact, i told her that i'm a muslim. i'm disappointed with such buyers. but what can i do. there are many kinds of people in this world and we can't expect them all to be nice and understanding. right? :S

    well, i'm not here to spread her email or what. no point really. just hoping she will change her perspective on things like this and learn how to respect other people. but to other muslim sellers, hope this will be a lesson to you guys. if you happen to stumble across such buyers. for me, its better to lose customers than to lose faith in what i believe in. but its all up to you. no offense :)

    thank you for the responses anyway. just sharing my experience with you guys :D

  17. dear author, just wanna say that you did a good job and you're really a very understanding, patient, and nice seller :) I respect you!

  18. seller ws not wrong, but could've gotten another person to wear it.

    and tht buyer is full dung

  19. respect to you for standing firm for what you believe!