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There's some blogshops which like to use the word "steal" beside their price. well, at first, i thought it's okay to do it once awhile, at some items, well, marketing gimmicks, i understand.

But when i slowly scroll down, ALL of them have the word "steal" beside their price. I was like "what's that about?". It kinda irritate me, because this not only encourage impulsive buying, it's just plain decreasing the effectiveness of the word.

Keep emphasizing "steal" on every single item, like as if we the buyer do not know how to evaluate whether an item is worth buying or not. i'm not saying that they shouldn't use the word "steal!!", "major steal", but once in a while is okay, and i just hope they can be more honest. even if it's not a "steal", if we like it, we'll sure to buy it, regardless the price (sometimes).
please use it moderately, unless you really have stolen them all then nevermind lah! peace!


  1. frankly it annoys me.


    p/s: i dont think its a good steal anyway, hmph!

  2. I agree! Do the sellers think they can somehow influence the buyers to buy just by adding the word "Steal!" behind their pricy items -_- Savvy buyers will know whether it's a truly value buy or not without having the sellers shoving that word in our faces.

  3. Exactly!

    What pisses me off more is that their 'steals' are actually total rip-offs!