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Oh so luxurious... ptui!

Omg , i'm a massive online shopper and i know most updates and probably can be a reviewer myself ! silly silly me !

I bought this dress which was awesome. Its was RM7x , pretty pricey eh but the seller assured me it was imported and part of some luxurious boutique collection and discounts or free postage wasnt possible..fine ! i wanted that dress soo bad i didn care !!!!

I got it ! yey

Yesterday wen i was bored and browsing, i saw the same dress on another "not so famous" blog for RM 45 !

I wanted to cry i tell u ! arghhhhhhh kena CON kau kau ! Luxurious collection my ASS !

Sellers: pls dun come and hao siau us ! Sooner or later we all find out... ish !

* Editor's note : What's hao siao?


  1. hao siau : hokkien for bullshit

  2. hao siau : tipu / cheat

  3. lol..yea hao siao..hahaha

  4. haha, but seriously, anything below RM10 difference is still acceptable cos sometimes sellers get cheated by their suppliers as well, but RM30++??!!!! *faints* Anyway, think i know which blogshop this is *luxurious boutique collection*. and yeah, their stuffs are always much much more expensive..

  5. i think i know which blog too. for me, i'll never buy anything above rm60 online. (for tops)

  6. why consider cheat leh? seller post up the price, it's up to them to put how much they wanna sell and it's buyer decision to buy or not lor...

  7. if u really love the piece, no matter what... u wont mind paying for the price. its like first come first serve. say if i see a top super duper nice, i want it... but thinking other blogs sell cheaper. what if i browse browse cant find then come back, sold out already? the feeling is worse la...

  8. Sometime quality is different. :) Esp the material. Do you check properly?

    I encountered this once, the expensive one is polyester and the cheaper one is cotton. Same pattern.

    As buyers, we have to shop smart lor...

  9. Sometime the blogshops' reputation is very important. Some sell their stuff at a very cheap price, but there is a potential to cheat. Good reputation blogshops always look for long term business, the chances of getting into trouble should be lower... (I assume! Haha..>)

    Another point is postage!! Some charge irreasonable postage! I really hate those who do that!

    I will consider all these points when I make any purchase.

  10. Dear author, can I know which shop is this? thanks!

  11. i think i know which luxurious blogshop youre referring to. pls mail me the cheaper one please :)