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Drunk Model

I used to own a blogshop, but due to time constrain I closed it down to focus on other things. But there's a story of an experience with a buyer I'd like to share.

This buyer at first contacted me with an interest in a dress and later on confirmed it, but she wanted COD that was out of the place I COD-ed, she practically pleaded, so I agreed. When it came to the time for the COD, I texted her to remind her of the meet up later on.

Her reply to me: " Sorry babes, I have a hangover from too much drinking last night. :p , can we postpone it? "

I agreed, seeing that well, people do drink and get hangovers.

The second time around, I texted her again reminding her of the meet up. And this time... She said " Babes, reserve it for me please, but I really can't meet you now. Had too much to drink last night. " It was already 3 in the afternoon...

I was quite annoyed and texted her that I couldn't reserve it for her anymore and that I wouldn't want to postpone the COD anymore as I have other customers wanting the dress also.

And she had the cheek to tell me " Girl, I'm a model... It's normal la you know for me to party and drink alot, don't you drink? Models all do you know, you should also since you model your clothes. I'll bank in the money for that dress then."

I agreed to it and it was the final straw as she seemed like she really wanted the dress... and well, other customers didn't want to wait anymore.

So then I waited... for many months, until now, no news of her banking in the money. And the dress... Still stucked with me since a year ago...


  1. Model so what? BIG DEAL! I have a slight dislike towards people that self proclaim themselves as model just because they model 'blogshop' clothes or some capalang shows. Not to be rude to some models whom I know they are genuinely model with a great passion for their work. But this particular one is so 'blehhh'. Please wake up and get down to earth please!

  2. hahahahaha, annabelle, your comments got me off my chair..

    i agree..there are many girls that call themselves "freelance model" nowadays..and what they do are actually just working as showgirls or event promoters once in a while..therefore, i think the word "supermodel" is smartly invented..

    and it seems to me that this so-called model have just become a model that she needs to brag about it, or to make sure everybody knows she is a wow, you're a model ar? wow, geng good, wow...

  3. i slap u coz u are stupid enough to wait for that long

  4. not to be rude but i agree with anon above.. i did not slap you la :p but.. why did you even wait for so long? I thought you said there were other interested buyers.. you should have just sent her warning emails and when there's no reply - proceed to sell it off.