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Doing my part

Hi, babes :)
Xash here from Diary Addictions. Due to the recent number of scams which has been highlighted, would greatly appreciate if the authors/readers of SMYDY would personally email me [] the details of these 'suspicious' blogshops to me.

Action to be taken on my part:
1) Will take note of these blogshops and will NOT review the blogshop UNLESS clarification is given.
2) If you think that's too harsh, will put a tiny note in the review that the blogshop has unsettled comments as highlighted in SMYDY. :)

And if I have the time:
1) Will personally e-mail these blogshops regarding the complaints to clear up matters.
- If the blogshop owners DO reply, will update SMYDY.
- If they continue to be MIA, I *might* create a blogger roll for these blacklisted blog shops. But do note that these are only for SERIOUS cases of scamming money--does not include customer service, loose change, etc. This step may be too controversial though, so feedback much appreciated!

Thank you. :)
Love always, Xash.


  1. this wud be very helpful! :)

  2. This would be a great move! :D
    There is actually such a list already on a forum (I forgot which) but it consists of mostly china-based websites.
    I say we should follow suit and stop our fellow online shopping pals from getting conned!

  3. This would definitely be helpful. Thanks Xash.

  4. yes pls do it...sometimes after reading all the scams, i think twice before buying from a new would be very helpful pls;)

  5. way to go Xash! *yay*

  6. It looks like some reviewers take the published stories seriously! I remembered that was a poll and its' result showed that most of us find this website entertaining, who cares whether they are true or fake? SMWDY, still remember?

    Hey Xash, do you ever wonder some stories here are the fake one? Or some just want to gang up and attack certain blogshops because the sellers refused to give way? Some buyers are really "wan-kat" (Mean lebih-lebih!)! Please think twice before you start a blog to blacklisted the blogshops!

  7. Blogshop Owners,
    why why, you sound rather anxious there don't you?
    were you one of the blogshops that has been posted about by some buyers here in SMWDY? :)

  8. Anonymous @ April 11, 2010 2:46 PM :

    Never thought of this is what you (& the readers) will think when I posted this... :(

    Sad... :x

    If supporting Xash can show I am not a part of those bad blogshops! Then go ahead Xash...

  9. You are given a chance to stand up if the accusation is why so worried? Not like Xash buta buta take all the stories without investigating...

  10. IMHO, I think this should be considered very carefully. Will Xash have the time to investigate filed complaints, fairly?

    And even if she does, should she be the one to judge who was right or wrong? (No offence, Xash) But what if the case is really sticky (ie, buyer and seller both have valid points) (which I'm sure is the case most of the time)?

    I know that you said you will "put a tiny note in the review that the blogshop has unsettled comments as highlighted in SMYDY", but remember even a tiny note like that can put buyers off and potentially affect the sales of said blogshops.

    I am a buyer, NOT a blogshop owner (before people start unfairly accusing blogshop owners of being scared). And I, of course, would LOVE to know the names of blacklisted blogshops, but I think this has to be handled carefully as we are talking about potentially ruining people's business here.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  11. its so obvious this BLOGSHOP OWNER(s?) is being defensive. ha!

  12. Xash also stated that the blog is going to be dealing with "only for SERIOUS cases of scamming money" from blogshops.

    so, how can there be any fairness where both buyer and seller have valid points in "serious cases of scamming MONEY"? it doesn't even make sense that any buyer would just say "keep the money, don't mail me my item". i say, no way.

    so i think this refers to blogs that don't mail the item purchased, mailed them but gave a tracking number that doesn't exist even after checking with the post office after some time, or just go missing after buyers made payment, and etc etc. and more importantly, more than ONE buyer has been in the same situation also helps with the investigation. more scammed buyers, more validations on the blacklisted-to-be blog.

  13. first off, i'm a buyer, NOT a blogshop owner.

    but i agree with Blogshop Owner and Joey. i think what Xash's doing is a good idea, but hopefully she can handle it fairly..

    of course there would be no fairness where both buyer and seller have valid points in "serious cases of scamming money", but maybe it's just a big understanding that makes the buyers think it's a scam..

    n really, who's the one to judge, when both sides have their own valid points? every story always have two sides, it's just one side's been told here so far..

  14. Wow... Everyone here are slapping each other.

    Xash! So, did you start doing something? Or just talk only?

    Please update us!

  15. i support u Xash..there should be a list of blacklisted blogshop for scamming money. it wont take much of your time investing and what not cause u can always ask the complainant to give u evidence. then only u blacklist the shop. Do it! Do it!