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What would you do if your friends want to buy some of the clothes you're selling but then ask you to keep it for them till the next time you guys meet up but when that time comes they say they're not interested anymore?

Back out buyers are one thing, but back out friends are so much harder to deal with.


  1. ya, u know what they say, "frenz r frenz, but business is business" ;)

  2. Wow..lucky my friends have never backed out on me before. But if they do, I think I would lecture them on the ethics of online shopping. Not.

    You're right. It's damn hard when the back out buyer is a friend.

  3. omg yeah it's hard to deal with friends who back out. kesian you..

    but i think if i were to buy from my friends, i would seriously feel guilty for backing out. that's why i've ever backed out of any orders before :)

  4. aiyo.
    pity you to have that kind of friends.
    when i first started my business, 1st few orders was helped by my friends to meet the quota.

    next time(if) they ask to reserve the items again get 50% deposit first.
    i think true friends won't just get angry if you ask for it.

    hope that you can sell off the item asap. =)

  5. This has happened to me before. Friend wanted an item, reserved it for two weeks, came over, tried it on, it didn't fit so she didn't want to pay for it.

    As previous commenter said, friends are friends, business is business. So now "first come, first served" also applies to friends.

  6. but what should we say to the 'friend' if she decided not to buy it anymore?

  7. babe, i've experienced this a lot..

    if your friend(s) ask you to reserve for them again, if you guys live nearby, tell her you wanna hang out and let her try on the clothes..if she wants it, you can pass the clothes to her and tell her she can pay you within a time period..

    if your friend live quite far, organize a "yam cha" session, then next round at a friend's house to try the clothes..if not, let her see the clothes she's interested during "yam cha" will make her decide then and there whether she wanna buy or not..if she wanna buy, you can ask her when she can pay, or give her a time period..

    you shouldn't feel scared to talk about payment and money because, they as friends should understand that this is a business, whether big or small..if you buy something from her, she would expect you to pay as well..

    hope i help

  8. ya, and this is where we could also test, whether they're our true frenz or not...huhu~

  9. I've experience the same thing before, an old friend text me one day and said she'd like to reserve an item i was selling (which was quite a fast selling item then)I had only a handful of it so i tried to arrange a meet up with her. I tried to explain to her about no reservations and first come first to get but she doesn't get it. She is not an online shopper so prior payment upfront and no back out policy doesn't exist to her.
    She thinks i'm like a moving retail shop she can window shop at anytime but get priority viewing because she knows me personally. She ended up not buying at last and i lost a few sales in the process of her deciding. Thinking that it was just once off, i just let it be.
    Mana tau after a few weeks, she started texting me again and wanted to reserve some other new items i just updated, and arrange meet up at her convenience like before. I just told her sorry, not free. Bla... after all, don't wanna be stuck in that same situation again. I seriously think if she buys it will likely be only 1 out of the 6 items she reserved and that also i have to give like 50% discount. Because we're friends mar. Nevermind.