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Geographical Doofus

I'm closet clearing (and broke) so i was selling off everything unworn and brand new i cud dig up.. there is this pair of shoes, new, unworn , sparkling. I even snapped a pic of the bottom just to prove its new. Fine.

Then i get a email from this girl in Johor who wants the shoes. As i love shoes , i hate it wen i get a pair and they dont fit. So i exchanged few emails wit her reminding her its size 6, measurements, if ur a vincci 6 shud be alrite blah blah blah just to be sure and also to avoid headache.

She said "YES im vincci 6 , sure 100& can wear !"
So i was like *phew, that was easy


So i emailed her my banking details and told her i need to use poslaju coz im sending her the shoes in the pos laju would be RM6 which i think is ok considering the box is big and usually cost around RM8 for big parcels.. then all hell broke loose..

Buyer: OMG , poslaju soo exp ! there is no point i buy prelove shoes but the price so exp

Me: i'm sorry but its fixed by the pos office , not me. Besides the shoes i'm selling for exactly half price as when i bought it..hope you understand

Buyer : ok fine ! in that case i wan COD , wen can u meet me ? this weekend...

Me : (checks her address) ummmm , ur in in KL.. i dont think thats gonna happen.. sorry to say but the only way to send u the shoes is by postage..


Buyer : so ? okla, watever ya...since u need help clearing your closet, i will still buy the shoes, also with postage... i will bank in RMxx + RM4 for the postage..pls use pos ekspress...its cheaper and i dun wan to waste money on postage..not worth it..

Buyer banks in the amount as she stated into my bank account..

Me: Sorry but can u pls explain to me how am i gonna fit SHOES into a POS EKSPRESS envelope.. ? its not flats, its high heels ! anyways, jus to make ur life and my life easier, i have sent the parcel wit poslaju to the address u gave n u should be receiving it tomorrow or day after if all goes well.. thanks

(wats another RM2 la)

Buyer: Pls make sure correct address ya, the Johor one.

Me: *ignores*

Dood ! COD in Johor when i'm in KL ! hilarious bollocks !
I hope she doesnt visit the blog again , headache sial !
Some ppl are just sooooooooo stupid its crazy ?
JOHOR & KL is over 300KM's away doofus
and shoes in pos ekspress, thats new !


  1. she Fat Hao la..some more damn gao kiam.
    sorry but the buyer super sohai.
    trying to act innocent yet kebodohan terserlah..

    i would have told her, im sorry i've refunded your money as i find it really unpractical selling anything to you. **wuahahahaha.. ya then terus kena blacklist. :P

    wei SMWDY, anymore stories! im super bored at work now.. :D

  2. the fact that she ask you to courier her shoes by pos express is what got me laughing so hard LOL

  3. hahaha me too.bored at one replying comments to make it hotter :P

    this seller, must be the type yang malas layan karenah but secretly post it out here. :D

    but yeah.if i were u, i would have asked her another 2 rgt or let her do cod in KL

  4. people like this still exist ya?
    want to shopping on9,
    but very cheapskate!

    ergh.boleh rugi laaaa..........

  5. sure fail geography in school one this one here
    but then also true la
    u sell prelove because short of cash or need to clear space
    but because of people like this if you dont sell u rugi so better to rugi RM2 than at all

    i hope that girl go back to school and look at the map of malaysia

  6. Ya I was once approached by a pre-loved blogshop. She wants to buy a dress which is already on 50% exclusive postage. She told me she dun mind driving how far to COD. I told her, drive to PG la.

    Then I suggested most practical n cheapest is use pos ekspress.She then question me on my postal charges blablabla (and complained its pricy) and finally she said she dun wanna buy coz she has to fork out rm5 extra for pos ekpress.

    If she cud drive anywhere in KL (take consideration of toll & petrol, cant she pay RM5 for postage?) Real wtf b*t*h.

  7. Photostat the shoes and send her the FLAT copy via pos ekspress...

  8. hahaha! lol at the anon's comment above me...funny meh! ;D

  9. actually, i don quite understand this story la..seller said she already posted the shoes via poslaju, so why got COD issue some more?

    y is she questioning the buyer's address then, since she already posted the parcel? i thot when she posted it, means no COD anymore..

  10. Wow, Anonymous April 21, 2010 9:33 PM. Are you the buyer in question?

  11. anon April 21, 2010 9:33 PM, gosh i don't know what to say. just read the story once again, and i'm sure it's not that hard to understand :)

  12. its people like them who make selling and buyin stuff online sooooo kindy !
    something sooo easy, n yet dun get it

  13. To the 3 smart anons above : No, I'm not the fucking buyer, juz an onlooker..

    "Me : (checks her address) ummmm , ur in in KL.. i dont think thats gonna happen.. sorry to say but the only way to send u the shoes is by postage.. "

    "Seller : ....anyways, jus to make ur life and my life easier, i have sent the parcel wit poslaju to the address u gave n u should be receiving it tomorrow or day after if all goes well.. thanks"

    From what i understand, COD means no postage fee required, buyer n seller must meet up, exchange goods with money n done with transaction oredi..

    But if no COD, that's y la ppl opt for postage fee rite?..i'm juz curious la..

    I'm not on anyone's side here, I just want some explanation..if the 3 anons above me are smart enuf to explain to me, pls do so..i don need you to mock me whatsoever.thankx ya. ;)

  14. the discussion about the COD was before she sent the shoes, my dear anonymous April 22, 2010 3:07PM.

    here's the order of things:
    1. buyer thought pos laju was expensive, so wanted COD
    2. Seller say cannot COD cos buyer in Johor seller in KL, so seller suggest pos laju
    3. buyer not happy with pos laju rate so asked to send using pos ekspress (which the shoes can't fit in) and banked in money for pos ekspress rate without confirming with seller.
    4. seller is frustrated so just sends using pos laju and bears the additional pos laju costs.

    So hard to understand meh?

  15. the dumb and dumber list:

    1)BUYER --> BODOH
    2)ANON (APRIL 21, 2010 9:33 PM) -->DOUBLE BODOH
    3)ANON (APRIL 22, 2010 3:07 PM) -->CANT YOU READ, YOU TRIPLE BODOH???

    what is WRONG with people these days???????

  16. Anon at APRIL 22, 2010 3:07 PM

    Not the buyer then not the buyer la. Swear for what? You think you look very cool is it? Please la. Read properly before you post ok? Don't earn yourself 'triple bodoh' award.

  17. annabelle : i DO read properly what, i'm confused with the story, i'm juz annoyed at anon below me for being sarcastic to me. so...technically i don swear to U, rite, ms annabelle? so y U got all flustered up?"

    ok. thanx, anon at 4.11 pm. ;)