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Drop Dead Gorgeous

I've been selling online for many years, but this is my favourite ever question. Ever.

"Has this been worn by a dead person?"


  1. but yes, i think i've come across a pre loved shop selling vintage dresses worn my her late aunts :/

    creepy much?!

  2. really r? creepy loh.. ;(

  3. well, if her aunt was still alive when she wore the dresses, i think it's ok. after all, we all will die someday n then what should be done to our clothes? burnt? what a waste. giving them to charity is one way to handle it. selling it, is also another way..

  4. Agreed with Carly. After all, vintage is just what it is, VINTAGE.

  5. Yes, if you're fussy, I'd recommend high street clothes made by the bloodied hands of underpaid Filipino child workers.

  6. chill la, anon no 5..