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What about your bad service?

Before i started selling pieces online i shopped online. Who didnt?

So there was once i emailed a seller of a relatively well known shop, a piece that i was interested in and she didnt reply! Smsed her. No reply either.

I'm not one to make a fuss.especially because the next time i went to view her site the item was sold out so no point spamming her asking her why she didnt reply because even if she did reply. The piece would still be gone and she cant really do anything.

So a year down the road i get an email from her -lets call her missowner- enquiring about a piece at the same time someone else was.

The other person confirmed and paid first but my internet was down that day so i only read said email.

My line was down but i had notified everyone that it was. So i only checked my emails 2 days later and apologized for the late replies and i tell missowner that the piece is sold out already.

Missowners comes along complaining that i have bad service, i only care about money and that she will no longer shop at my estore ever again. Yes she was pretty dramatic and sent me a few emails concerning it.

Omg woman! You're such a hypocrite.

Bytheway, if you're wondering, i recognize her by her name. She puts her fullname on her site along with the phone number and she doesnt have a shop email ad but uses her personal one.

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