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East & West

I'm so annoyed how some buyers don't know what does EM and WM in postage stands for. Its East Malaysia and West Malaysia duh...

Many clicked the Poslaju RM6 postage(WM) when they are staying in East!!! There is a Poslaju RM8(EM) there hello?!?

I know RM2 isn't a lot of money but what the heck, 85% of my customers click wrong and still got the guts to argue they want a RM6 postage =.=


  1. don't you think they could have purposely clicked WM so they can get cheaper postage? haha.

  2. i agree with first anon, i think they r trying to trick u. but u cud still check thru their address right? if they r in the east, just add rm2 and email them saying so so so..if they r stil arguing, then dont send out their item.

  3. yea i guess they were trying to trick me. some are nice when i say that they are staying in east so i have to charge RM8. some were frantic giving me their own total as in e.g dress RM45 + RM6 = RM50???? already they reduce their own postage, then reduce their own price. really funny buyers these days.

  4. haha i know what you mean. Almost 40% of my customers are east malaysians. 80% will genuinely admit that they need to pay extra postage while the other 20% will inquire without full order form and when you provide payment details, they'll quickly make payment and then provide you the mailing details. And there you have it, east malaysia. These people deliberately avoid the question when i ask them to provide details if you'd like to confirm your purchase. They'll insist for payment details before providing mailing details, fishy i know but some said they'd like to inquire some details before confirming with particulars. After payment is made, they'll just ask if you can waive the extra postal charges as its inconvenient to run to the bank again.

  5. Better to just spell it all out - EAST MALAYSIA and WEST MALAYSIA rather than EM and WM.

    That way, buyers can't contest and complain about the extra postage when you ask them for the extra RM2 since it's so clearly written.

  6. Sometimes some people do not even know where is East and West. I've encountered some buyers like that.

  7. And I've encountered sellers themselves who don't know how to differentiate between these two too. Example: 'Since you're from the west, your postage should be RM9 for poslaju, tq =)'- this coming from a seller based in Shah Alam. I'm from Sabah, and I always pay the sum that is asked for, I cannot fathom why people want to online shop if they cannot pay for the postage anyway.

  8. Agree with Anon April 9, 2010 9:36 PM. The postage is already clearly stated in most blogshops, if I don't agree with the postage, I won't even make an order at the first place.