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Abbreviation FAIL

Came across this blog that stated:

"Currently purple & green color are under rsvp!!! Will update everyone if on the stock replenish!!!"

Hahaha... As far as I can remember, RSVP ≠ reservation. And what's with people who thinks that BTW = between?


  1. You might have done a great favour if the seller reads this and realised the mistakes :)

  2. hahaha..funny..BTW (by the way), the abbreviation "d" is for what?? I only found it in the comments here in SMWDY. is it dear? or then, or don't???

  3. d usually means 'already' i guess.

  4. Hahahah...isn't it obvious "d" is "adi" or "oledi" or "already".. hahaha..whatever it is la:), bunch of jargons and slangs but it's cute:)..

    i really dont understand how ppl's english can be so poor at times.. imagine, if you are not sure of the word, just google it up at / wiki, or better yet, don't use it man. Else, it's just gonna end up being a big joke to other ppl who actually "understand" the real meaning behind it.

    "RSVP" is direct abbreviation from French Phrase. Normally used in invitation cards which stands for "Répondez s'il vous plaît", meaning "respond please"..

    So in this case, the seller had abruptly made a fool of herself by saying "Currently purple & green color are under (respond please)"!