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Her friend with no ability to shop on her own

I USED to have a customer who bought item from my preloved blog shop. I will say she is a one of the good buyer who pays the money on time or as promised she would even though it will take her 1-2weeks.I don't mind as long as there is no other buyer. But what I hate the most when encountering with this buyer is she is very fussy! and when she wanted to buy something from me, she would say 'my friend wanted to buy this' or 'my friend want to cancel this'.

her query about one item will take so long sometimes to 2 weeks time!

she will goes like :

saturday :i want to reserve this, this and this. will pay on monday.

and the next monday : owh MY FRIEND don't want this, she wants this instead. will pay tonight

tonight : owh will the shoes fit me? can u please measure for me? (ok will do)

next day : ooh.. i don't think it will fit me. ok. will make payment.

that night : is the top i reserved will fit me? im afraid it will be a bit tight. (sigh)

and it will go on and on and on..

and every time she want to ask me about anything like what;s the size of shoes, or will the top fit size s, she will say 'My friend ask' or 'my friend wants to know'
hello 'my friend', can't you just email me for yourself instead?? i just dont get it!

please slap her for me PLEAZZZZZEEEE!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm definitely slapping the fickle buyer.

    If I may offer just a tiny suggestion, perhaps in the future it would be helpful to list down the measurement of each garment and shoes you're selling so that she can just refer to the measurement before making the purchase. Which could save you both a lot of time.

    But yes I don't see why her "friend" couldn't just ask for herself. Maybe the friend is from out of space and only speak in alien languages he he just kidding.