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Where's my moolah?

*its a happy ending*

I'm an avid shopper on lowyat forum
and I found these sandals that I've been looking all over the place,
I immediately ordered a pair from the forumer since it was a preorder and began to wait 3 weeks for the shoes to arrive,
a week has passed and it's normal to check in on the shoes status,
so I sent her a PM and asked how they were,
and apparently she has NOT placed order for them at all and  doesnt plan to quite soon since she is busy in her retail business,
I said ok, but can you give me a refund?
she said alright and I gave her my bank account details.
After that convo,
she disappeared for over a week and suddenly reappeared one fine dawn morning, (you can check the latest time the forumer has appeared online through their profile)
I sent her another pm about the refund
and till this day she has disappeared AGAIN
why won't she refund me?
and why is she disappearing into the mists?
RM 50 may be little to her,
but to me it's considered alot!
I will reveal her forumer name if people ask for it to ask whether she's a trustworthy seller or not! just leave your email add here
what do I do now?


  1. I had some bad experience shopping in Lowyat and JBtalk too. Horrible! Most of them are cheatersss...!! Irresponsible!! And their stuff are terrible!!

  2. Oh dear, wonder who this seller might be. I hope its not that JB girl again. The one that has been talked about here in 2 different post! Coincidently she's from JB, hmmm

  3. this jb girl is very famous huh?

  4. Oh yeah, kinda familiar this girl. I wonder if you can further investigate to get her phone number or something so you can bug. Google is a God's given tool since you know her name and all that.

  5. You can post a thread on her in the dispute section in Low Yat. That'll teach her a lesson.

  6. Anon #5: It is useless! The moderators don't care!

    Buyer: Agree with Anon #1. It is common to have this kind of sellers in lowyat. Just buy a lesson!

  7. hi writer here,
    I don't know if it is the JB girl,
    who is the JB girl anyway?
    let me know at

  8. omg i shop in LYN very often. please let me know this seller and the one in JB also

  9. i stalk LYN every friggin day. please email me this seller name so i could avoid bumping her in the fture. thanks

  10. since i'm a lowyat shopper too..

  11. I'm a shopper in LYN too
    pls tell me who, so I can avoid
    email me at

    thanks =)

  12. Let me know too..thx

  13. me too :)

  14. i wana know too plz..i just bought a shoes from Lowyat..OMG!

  15. I shop at forums too! Please let me know :) thanks!

  16. errrr what is LYN?

  17. writer here,
    and another update!
    I just checked her profile
    and her last log in was LAST NIGHT!
    I've sent her a few messages about my refund and still no response,
    apa la,
    what do I do now?
    I feel like hunting her down

  18. i think i know this seller, i'm waiting for her response as well but i haven't paid her anything. she keeps saying she's really busy with her retail biz and dunno when can she make a new order. been waiting for almost 2 months. lol. if only i could find other sellers for those oxford heels.. :(

  19. to anon at APRIL 9, 2010 11:07 AM
    LYN is lowyat forum,
    it's like a tradezone where people buy and sell stuff :)



  21. mail me the seller please :)

  22. make a complain in her original thread topic, and then post a new topic in the dispute section. then PM her letting her know you've posted a dispute on her.

    hopefully you'll get some sort of response soon.

    btw mail me her lyn id please:

  23. hi there,
    thanks to pinkpony84 and book. click who suggested making topics about her and to make some chaos for her,
    it actually worked!
    I spammed all her threads *and feel pretty guilty now* but HEY it at least caught her attention right?
    and she immediately responded
    defending herself with a long long long reply all in CAPS LOCK giving the excuse she was busy with her retail and she can only deal with all the PMs in one night,
    what I dont get is,
    that as far as I know, transfering funds online takes a few seconds, why is she giving me that excuse? are a few mere seconds too much to ask from her?
    anyway she claims she will transfer the funds tmrw night,
    so we'll have to see what happens...
    thanks guys for the great advice again!

  24. please let me know her blogshop/lyn name, can blacklist her in future.

  25. mail me too please!

  26. interested in knowing the seller please!=)
    mail me at

  27. Please let me know cuz I ordered pre order shoes too! saffawatiATgmail

  28. email me too please!;)

  29. hey im a shopper in LYN and i encountered a similar seller too. she kept telling me she's busy with her retail biz, cant come online often, batch delay, havent close batch, yada yada. finally i got her hp number and bombarded her with SMS. in the end she replied and refunded ;D

    pls tell me who's this seller. wanna see if it's the same person. :)

  30. hi,
    problem solved!
    thanks to spamming her thread
    it caught her attention
    she's finally given a refund!
    tips and advice for future buyers who deserve a refund:
    spam the seller's threads and blogshops!
    they'll give in eventually if they want to continue their business!
    thanks to everyone here for their advice :)

  31. im anon from APRIL 8, 2010 2:21 PM, the JB girl i dealt with as a buyer is the one in SMWDY's entry: i blacklist u back in march