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Hey dearies, just a reminder... for those greedy people out there who are greedy and likes cheap stuff online, do not get fooled by cheap 'i phone's. Was in a scam recently. :( hurts so much my money gone like that and police cannot do anything about it.

Fella on e-bay selling i-phone for RM1400. i know its ridiculously cheap la but i had friends who got their i-phones online as well. So no biggy right? So anyways, this seller, stated there to mail him for more inquiries. So i did la. Then we talked on the phone regarding the payment and so forth. Attached is his e-mail.


Before we go further, let me explain on the item. Actually this item is an underwater (Customs/Kastam) item. Which means this item has been seized due to tax problems. There is no middle man involved, therfore you are getting it direct, this is why it is cheap. I have a few units to be sold, therefore, you do not have to Bid. You could purchase direct from me without having to Bid. Due to limited stock, i base on first come first serve basis. Who makes the payment first, gets it.

Regarding the Warranty, Full Warranty for 1 Year will be provided by Principal in Hong Kong. This is because item came in from Hong Kong. Not only that, from my side, i will offer 3 months Full warranty. Which means, if there is any problem or you are not satisfied with the condition, you can ask for a replacement (1 to 1 Switch) or full refund will be given. This item is 100% Brand new and Original. Not an imitation, recond or 2nd hand unit.

For your information, since this is our first deal, COD or COC could not be done. This is for the safety of both parties. I only do COD with my previously ready buyers. Perhaps on the second deal we could already COD. Payment can be made through Bank transfer. Once payment being made, item will be ship to you via courier on the same day via poslaju. Shipping charges will be covered by me. Unless you require it to be sent by other courier companies like Citylink, GD Express, etc.. then you have to add the differences. Once Shipping had been done, i will sms to you the tracking number. Im sure you will wonder, how if you already made the payment and the item did not arrive? Do contact me and i will explain in detail how this deal could be secured.

Anyway, my contact number is 012-932 9614 En Amran. Do contact me if you want to know more about the transaction or the security of this transaction.


I sms him la and fuh-yo 15 mins later reply ask whether i wanna talk on the phone. So i did la. Since it was a bid on ebay, i sort of buy it now so that i can get it by yesterday (Friday). However when i emailed/sms/call whether payment received, no reply or anything. So my worse fear came, i googled the shit ass account and IC number and what do you expect, i found the guy... AND CONFIRMED IT WAS A SCAM! F***.

It was an expensive lesson learnt. I tried calling CIMB bank and what do you know... even their customer online service was not working. ZZZ... people lodged reports against him since march. AND... NO RESULTS. POLICE DID NOTHING! and all his account everything still valid. I mean if he is being reported for something like this, his account should be freezed right? Curse the system.

Anyways, to warn others out there, here goes:

These are his details as i JUST REALISED MANY others were scammed as well:

Mohd Amran Bin Amat (details given by another buyer who was scammed)
CIMB no: 1414-0001127-209
Hp: 012-9350629
IC: 830521-12-5507

details given to me:
Amran Ali Bin Amat
CIMB acc same
HP: 012-9329614
IC same

read from forum, his details searched by people who were scammed.

Kad Pengenalan 830521125507
Tarikh Lahir 21 May 1983
Jantina LELAKI
Lokaliti 190 / 56 / 05 / 001 - KG TITINGAN
Daerah Mengundi 190 / 56 / 05 - TITINGAN
DUN 190 / 56 - APAS
Parlimen 190 - TAWAU
Negeri SABAH

other links about his scam:





  1. Oh my :( That's lots of money. Never thought this scam is still going on. And still no action from the police.

  2. wow, i bought iphone online too, also from ebay. but a reasonable price of 600 aud, locked phone. everything went fine, luckily.

    i had a similar experience with u too, i bought playstation 3 slim for a super low price from ebay and the seller kept asking me to bank in to his account and not by checking out through ebay. i reported that person and he activity (selling ps3 page) was taken off. ebay responded and said not to entertain that fella, but that fella kept sending me emails to pay for it. it went on for a month and that fella finally stopped emailing me to pay (and his form of payment is to bank in to his account) is the scammer's email, and i'm still keeping his emails for future references.

  3. hey dearies,

    the reason why i did not mind getting the phone online at that unbelievable price is because i have a friend who got it from another buyer selling it for RM1500. i enquired but that seller said he hasn't got any stock left already. And i thought was a scam but apparently my friend got his item. And its the original iphone and everything. Haiz... just my luck eh babes.

    The police has not done anything since march. I guess they just trying to say "Serve us right".

    yea when i complained yesterday, today all his links from ebay all gone! haih

    this is his email:

    i believe he has various emails out there used to scam the previous buyers as well.

    and since CIMB customer service was down, i had to call Maybank up to ask about the procedure if its a scam. And they said as a bank they cannot simply suspend a customer's account unless they have approval from the customer themselves or the police stepped in. SO APPARENTLY THE POLICE DID NOT! how frustrating.


  4. omg. this guy is a "Wanted con-man" in forum people. he's very famous there for it. and the email he sent to author above is the very same mail he sent to everyone whom he conned before. i'll try to find the link bout him in and post it here.

  5. damn damn damn, kesian u!!!!

  6. sorry to hear this case =(

    thanks for the information.

  7. This teaches all of us a lesson. Always google up the seller before paying.

  8. you should have smelled something fishy when he said no COD.

    Oh well, lesson learnt.

  9. Hello,
    u also can find him based on the ip address ryte ?
    Because, when u send an email to them,
    it would state the ip address too :)

  10. he said COD was allowed in KL but apparently i'm not from West Malaysia. so i opted postage

    anyways lesson learnt already la.

    his hometown is from Sabah. He resides in KL. This is because the CIMB account he uses is registered in KL.

  11. Hey author, do you know that you can actually sue the scammer? Since you have all the details and even evidence, it would make things easier. Have you ever thought of that?

  12. there is one buyer who reported the case to the police already but till now police never bother to get back to her. That happened back in March. If i were to report to police/ sue by lawyer also it won't make much difference.

    I've already consulted a lawyer but he says there are pros and cons about the whole issue. There are more cons than pros in fact. So i did not bother to sue.

  13. Author here

    Although i would really love to sue the guy and report him to the authorities, i have my reasons not to. I am really angry at the person, but more angry at the police force for not resolving the issue 2 months ago. It would be of no use even if i were to report the fella. That is why i just asked SMWDY to post this up here for avid online shoppers so that they won't fall victim to this person again.

    Hope they google this up if they were to buy any gadgets online. Don't be a an impulsive and foolish shopper like me grabbing cheap branded goods online. It is not worth the risk unless it is from well-known online and legal shops.

    PS. I see he scammed someone by selling camera parts as well.

    So buyers please beware ok?


  14. the scammer still free out there.yeah,it is too hard to handle case like this n even the policeman seems like dont wanna bother bout this matter.i hv heard bout this case a lot.btw,poor u.and thanks because let us know bout this scammer.

  15. Dear author,

    What I suggest is, to gather all the police reports from all the victim (they can make the police reports at their respective states) and then you head to the police station with all the copies of reports and report numbers to show that a lot of people have been cheated by this Con-Man. Only then they would be prompted to act on the matter. Seriously.

  16. good idea from anon MAY 8, 2010 8:44 PM

  17. since when the police in msia have done anything good for our country. dealing wid d police every single day, i have the locus standi to say this. most of them are a bunch of useless people. sorry. most yea..not all..

  18. Thank you for the post so that everyone will be aware about it. I'm not sure is it Pos Malaysia hv the restriction that we cannot send handphone to receiver thru Pos Ekspress or Pos Laju. I think i saw the notice somewhere in pos office.

  19. I think this is quite a wellknown scam and it's been going on for more than 2 years already. Whenever one buy something, please do a google background check first no matter one is that famous or unknown. Then it will be up to you whether u would go ahead with the purchase or not. Though it's like finding needle in haystack. But you'll be surprised with the power of google.

  20. to Anon 8:44 pm and 10:03 pm - it's not that i do not want to report to the police, but it is the fact that police do not entertain scams so much. there is this syndicate going around cheating old folks around my area also no action done.

    to anon 11:15 pm - i'd have to agree with that. :(

    to anon 11:19 pm - my friend received his phone using poslaju on Monday. handphones can be send but not recommendable only. they will stick the fragile sticker there to be handled properly

    to annabelle - yea apparently for impulsive shoppers, nobody would googled it if its a great deal :( who wouldn't want to miss out on it? haih

  21. hey, i think it's a very good idea to gather all the scammed reports and receipts or emails of some sort and go to the police station. and if you or any one of those who were conned have anyone in your or their family who is a lawyer, a judge or someone well known or respected, that helps too.

  22. Police may not do anything at all with just police reports. But if the media comes in, then only will they take action. IF SMWDY can somehow forward these scams that come to her attention to the media people and get it published, I believe the police will spring into action in no time

  23. author, i think you have to report this to media.berita harian, star or whatever. and state there that police didnt take any action on it. still this case is a crime meh. police have to solve it lah.

  24. to be on the safe side you should report to police. if i were you i'd try to contact some of the people that got scammed and collectively go and make a police report..and also make a lot of ruckus. it might scare the police into action, who knows?

    so kesian lah. hope this problem gets solved. :(

  25. i've talked to two of the person who got scammed from this same guy. One reported, one has not. I have not either. Asking professional advice, this issue cannot be resolved in a manner in which i'd preferred it to.

    Report to police... pay fees, investigation bla bla costs more than amount lost, police sit back and do nothing.

    People who got scammed, from all over Malaysia. Can't go to a police station and caused ruckus.

    Getting the media involved, we have our privacy and our own value time. We do not want our faces and details publish as well.

    Getting a politician, not everyone has such contacts.

    this is to warn others out there not to fall victim to this scam. He is out there somewhere. Just be careful about it. And one more thing, any custom raids goods, do not ever believe it.

  26. to author..
    yuo got all his info..this scam should let go like dat aje..u can try to fail a report to suruhanjaya komunikasi dan multimedia because this is under their power..or can try to report to sumthing like aduan rakyat..mean LIKE aduan rakyat..sumthing more real tat i mean...i already contact with this person,luckly i dont fall into his trap..thanks for your info here..

  27. What the hell!!! I hope this person die in a very bad car crash where his brains all spill out on the tar road!!! Stupid Jack ass!!! If me I would cursed him night and day!

  28. OMG! i think i did email this guy before asking for the iphone. luckily i was a bit reluctant on buying expensive stuff online which is above rm1k. i did received the same exact email. so i thought with the long explaination, this guy must be for real. huh... guess luck was on my side.

  29. yea this guy has been scamming people online for months d but still no action taken. wanda, lucky you :(

  30. I think report to police oso useless. My sis got scammed too once for buying a hp thru lelong.The stupid guy send her an empty box with no hp inside! She made a police report but no action taken till now. Already 1year++ ler. Sumore u know what the police said when she lodged the report? Cant do anything coz you are the one who is willing to bank in money to him. WTF! Sumore this guy scam alot other ppl as well, got report police etc no action taken also. And i wonder why do we stil need police in msia.. ==""



  32. OMG curse u si jalang! i hate scammers!!! >[

  33. honestly, you should somehow make him see that he is in thin ice. Make him see all this and publish the report and submit a report to the site that you ordered from.

    I got conned the same way too i wanted to buy bb 8520 and paid and never got the bb for a month. So i lodged a police report and told the seller if he doesnt pay up, hes going to go to jail. The police will only layan u if u have other ppl yg 'kena' from him too. gather ur troops honey!

    Good luck. btw, i got my refund the 3rd day after the report :) it worked.