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Prayer for Thailand

This post is in no way meant to be political. I'm sure many of you online sellers out there are badly affected by the unsettled issues in Thailand. Blood has been shed. Lives has been turned upside down.

No one knows how long will this last or how many more lives will be lost. We can only hope for the best.

Collectively, let's all say a little prayer for the people of Thailand. Our hearts go out to you. May peace be reached swiftly and soon.

This badge was made by a Thai friend. It says "Peaceful Thailand". Let's spread that message.


  1. End the war! Peace to Thailand!

  2. Hopefully can back to PEACEFUL soon.. I'm seller and still waiting for the right timing to go Thailand for restock :(

  3. Peace No War. Hopefully Thailand will be peaceful again. :)

  4. i hope it can be resolved fast too :(

    im a hopefully-to-be tourist come july. If all is well by then. especially with the tickets bought already :/

  5. sorry,not to sound like an alien but I rarely watch the tv nowadays...since im working 24-7...but what happened?

  6. yeah, what happened?

  7. omg..r u guys for real?
    u have time to read stories here on SMDWY and have no time to read the papers..
    and u have time to leave a comment here asking what's going on, but no time to do a simple google search on the matter..
    I'm just flabbergasted