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Hello Competitor!

I happen to have a customer on my list who sells the same thing as me. At least a few of the same things as me. This makes her a competitor but it's okay, she has the right to sell something similar as me. Competition is healthy right?

I put plenty of effort into photographing my things so that it looks attractive to the customers. This particular customer comes enquiring to me, "Hi! I'm also selling xxx. Can I please use your photos as they are very nice?"

I was in a good mood so I said, "If you help me to promote my product, of course you can. But if you are not and are also selling the same things, I don't think it's fine. Hope you understand."

I have been in far worse moods and can come up with meaner retorts. I am very mean one, slap me lah. But it's bad enough that you're selling the same products as me. Which is not a crime, nothing bad at all. But to have the cheek to ask if you can use my pictures?! Seriously?!?

I cannot stand stupid questions. *grows a white hair*

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