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Give me value for money please

Nowadays getting more and more review blogs come to the "market"~ Well, this is good for the sellers because they have more channels to promote their products (of course good for the buyers also since they got more places to "lepak" now :p)

However, for those very very new review blogs, can you please improve your web traffic before you call for advert fee? Don't you feel funny to ask me to pay you advert fee but indeed my blogshop hits per day are MUCH higher than yours?

Please spend few months to gain your website traffic (as well as reputation) before you ask us to pay you money. :)


  1. if you dun wanna pay them, don pay la.. why so kecoh2 here?

  2. Author here:
    Just because I'm so kepochi and wish them to know that running a review blog is not that easy ;)
    I'm more than willing to pay if they show me they deserve the money. ^_^

  3. Can you ppl stop giving comment(s) like the one posted by Anon MAY 24, 2010 6:41 PM ??? So bloody annoying.

  4. yes Anon SLAP MAY 24, 2010 6:41 PM !!!

    "of you don wanna read, then don come to SMWDY la... why kecoh2 here?" BACK AT YOUR FACE! sheeeeshhhhh...!!!

  5. Uh, Anon May 24, 2010 6:41 PM... this website is not Hug Me Why Don't You. Bitching is practically compulsory. (I agree with the author by the way!)

  6. to anon MAY 24, 2010 6:41 PM
    "if you dun wanna pay them, don pay la.. why so kecoh2 here?"
    So, ppl can also tell u off "if you dun like the post, don read la.. why so kecoh2 here?"
    it's really no point la. I think usually the people who commented that sort of comments are those who 'terasa'.

  7. yea, im agree with author.
    I also receive some emails from very new blogshop reviewers and asked if im interested to advertise in their blog and they surely can maintain high volume of viewers.
    After that i found out their blog have very low daily hits but the "promotion" price they change us almost same like those famous blogshop reviewer.
    What is the point i pay you that much of money but my daily hits more than yours? Pls put more effort so that we as seller will feel worth to pay for the advertisement in your blog.

  8. i totally agree with the author here, new review blog some more wants to ask us to pay for advert fee. At least give free first or at a very cheap price for being new la and then slowly build up the traffic. So new some more want to charge at a high price!

  9. "Just because I'm so kepochi and wish them to know that running a review blog is not that easy ;) "

    author, i totally agree..some girls think that running a review blog is easy, coz they can earn money from ad space..u need to have commitment la..what's the point in advertising at your blog when you seldom post?

  10. Hey there, that's why even after being around for close to six months we still don't sell ad space. haha.

  11. Anon 6:41 PM You're very annoying.

    I hate comments like yours..

  12. Yes I agree!
    Annoying and thick faced!
    Super brand new review site, probably a week old, sending out emails to sell ad space which is expensive in comparison with many other famous reviewers for a brand new review blog which has way lower hits than any of my blogs!

  13. so far, those ad space doesn work for me, i bought it many times b4 at diff review blog, but the sales doesn make any diff.. =/ instead, updating my blog is even more efficient.. i realize if i'm buyer, i wont click those ad oso, it's just a poster hanging on the wall, reminding me which review blogshop i'm accessing, tat's all..

  14. My Sale Hunter here:
    just my two cents, if you really want to have good business, research your market, take good pictures, reasonable prices and most important, know what your customers want!

    else why many popular shops don't need advertisement also can sell? I personally think they all did well in the photos. If the photos is bad, no matter how many times people review for you also it won't sell one la.